Apple iPhone 6 Troubleshooting

Welcome to our Apple iPhone 6 Troubleshooting page! Every problem, error, glitch, tutorial, how to, solution and troubleshooting guide will be added here each week. So, if you own an iPhone 6, I suggest you bookmark this page to make it easier to find in case you would encounter problems with your device in the future.






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14 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Troubleshooting”

  1. Distance measurements are not logged automatically in app application “Health”. Moreover, I stated walking from 01-07-2017 and seen reading up to 09-07-2017 but it is not logging with effect from 10-07-2017.

    Similarly, another app application named “Compass” not working. Needles do not move when we change direction of mobile.

  2. dear Sir,

    I have I phone 6 and when the mobile opened, the application open automatically without choosing anything and after that the screen stuck and not respond to any command.

    could you please support me to solve this problem.


  3. Hi,

    I have made the latest update 10.3.3 on my iPhone 6 plus and since then my phone dosen’t connect to the wifi (it is inactive ) and the bluetooth. I have done everything it is recommended and noting worked.

    What should I do? Before the update my phone was working perfectly

  4. Sound for all alerts will not work and only vibrates. Restarting iPhone 6s will fix for a short time but always goes back to vibrate only. The ringer works no matter. Also, it keeps randomly disconnecting my Bluetooth headset and I have to manually connect it again.

  5. Accidentally deleted utilities file with calculator and clock
    Can I reset without loosing other apps and such I have on my home

  6. My iphone 6 had twice the same problem that is, black out and unable to restart after many attempts to press buttons many times or recharged. After leaving it for 2 or 3 days, i try to power on again then it appears a sign of weak battery with a red line only.. i let it being charged for sometimes and it come to normal again…what is the problem????

  7. Update and now my battery drains in less than an hour Apple said I need to service my battery but I need to remove the update. Please help

  8. My iPhone 6s would suddenly shut down by itself and I had to restart it. This happened a couple of times. But now it doesn’t restart. I get the apple logo and I try to force restart but get the black screen with suggestion to go to iTunes. Went to iTunes and did as suggested but it still doesn’t reboot

  9. I have just had to have my iphone 6 completely reset because I kept getting a dark screen. All apps and safari fine after using backup from the mac. But yahoo mail claims it cannot find a wifi connection.

  10. My iPhone 6s battery 100%but not using six hourly going to 0%. 2)If phone on screen show Touch ID no working.Finger print no working.

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