iPhone 6 Microphone Is Not Working Issue

Sometimes when using your #iphone6 in making calls the you are unable to hear the other . This could be due to a number of factors. Usually, you will want to hang up the call in this case and dial again since the problem could be network related. You will also want to check on the signal strength of the network. The greater the number of bars your phone has the better the call quality will be. For this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle one particular problem which one of our readers has sent us and that is the iPhone 6 microphone not working issue.

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iPhone 6 Microphone Is Not Working

Problem: The phone’s microphone will not work.  While in calls, the speaker nor the sound works.  The phone only works as a phone when I have it on  wireless bluetooth. If I am listening to voicemail, the speaker works.  In a call though, the speaker does not work either. There is no fuzz, interference, etc.  It is completely silent. But if I am on a wireless bluetooth device, it works just fine. The phone also plays speaker if I’m listening to music;however, when a headset is connected to the phone, the phone does not recognize it and it does not work either (no sound).  The only way the phone works as a phone is if I have wireless bluetooth. I’ve restored it, we have cleaned the input hole…any other ideas?

Solution: You have already performed the best possible troubleshooting steps that needs to be done for this type of issue. Additional steps that you can do are as follow.

  • Update the phone software to the latest version.
  • Try to turn off noise cancellation. Launch Settings – Tap on General – Tap on Accessibility – Toggle Noise Cancellation ON.
  • Does your phone have a case or cover installed? Try removing it.

If the problem still persists then have your phone checked at an authorized service center.

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  1. My iPhone 6+ sometimes has a problem with the microphone not working when I make a phone call. the call connects with the other party, but they can’t hear me. Usually I can hangup and call back and it will work (occasionally it takes a third call). I cannot identify anything else related to the problem, and it is intermittent and not predictable. Any suggestions?

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