iPhone 6 Screen Not Working After Phone Dropped

One of the worst things that can happen to a phone is when you accidentally drop it. The #Apple #iphone6 for example can survive a drop from a certain height without any damages. If the phone is in a protective case such as Otterbox then there’s a bigger chance that it will survive a couple of drops. Most of the time though phone owners will not have any case installed in their phone which increases the chance of the device being damaged once it is dropped.

iPhone 6 Screen Not Working

In this latest installment of our troubleshooting we will tackle the iPhone 6 screen not working after phone dropped issue. One of our readers has sent us this particular problem which we will be addressing today.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Screen Not Working After Phone Dropped

Problem: I was using my phone and it was fine but i dropped it and when i picked it up i was relieved to find no new cracks but when i went to turn it on i got no response. my first thought was that my phone was dead but i held down the power button to try and turn it on again and after about a solid minute of holding i still didn’t get the battery symbol telling me it was dead. afterwards my phone vibrated like a relieved a text and i even managed to use siri using the home button. i could still use the screen as i managed to open my phone by guessing the location of the button in my password and managed to open geometry dash but the screen showed nothing. i had previously dropped my phone from approx 6 ft and severely cracked the screen and popped it off of, but i just pushed it back in and everything worked fine, that was about a month ago.

Solution: This recent drop suffered by your phone most likely has damaged the display assembly of your device. The good news is that the other components of the phone seem to work fine since Siri is still working and most likely the device will still be getting notifications. The best way to deal with this is to have the display assembly replaced at a service center.

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  1. my grand daughter dropped her phone 3 days ago, it was working fine, until today (Sunday) even though her screen was cracked. It just went dead and won’t come on. I tried holding the power and home key down, but nothing happens. please advise. I am using my phone to send this message

  2. My iPhone 6 dropped down from my hand and the screen stopped working for a couple of seconds, please guide me what is the reason?

  3. I dropped my iPhone 6 about 4ft. The screen is not cracked. However, the iPhone won’t respond to touch. It still turns on, Siri still works , I can recieve calls , but It can’t respond because my iPhone won’t work when I touch its screen. Please help. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it especially because I’ve already taken it to go get it fixed and they gave me all different responses.

  4. While in school i dropped my phone from about 5 feet. At first it shown faint purple lines going up and down. Overtime it started to show a bright white and then the lines started to slowly go down in brightness till they were no longer visible. About halfway through the day I dropped the phone (October 10th) was when i noticed that siri and the ringer still were active and could be heard. Near 2:00 i tried to do a complete reset by holding the off and home button after about 10 seconds i try to turn it on again but it just stay black and now siri and the ringer are silent. Please help me with this dilemma

  5. My iPhone 6 dropped down from my hand and then phone stopped working & also not show charge icon on screen ,please guide me what is the reason?

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