Trick To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life: Disable Background App Refresh

There’s one setting that can really extend your iPhone battery life and that’s the ‘Background App Refresh.’ Most of the apps on your device are still working even if you’re not actually using them. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have to use this service to fetch new data while being idle. That’s the reason

How to fix an iPhone XS Max that cannot make phone calls in iOS 13

So you just got the iOS 13 installed on your iPhone XS Max but for some reason, you cannot make any more phone calls. Find out what’s halting your iPhone from making a phone call in iOS 13. Usual factors that could affect phone call services would include but are not limited to a weak

7 Best Car Chargers For iPhone XR In 2019

Chargers at home are excellent because, hook your iPhone XR up to it, and you can get a fast charge from dead to full after just a little bit on the wire. However, chargers in the car are notoriously worse, giving you only a couple of percent every hour, if that. Not only that, but

7 Best Armband Phone Holder Case For iPhone XR

Working out, running, and jogging can do some serious damage to your smartphone if you don’t have the right protection in place. Traditional phone cases just won’t do here. as they’re often too slim, and they don’t stay securely in one spot. When running or jogging, it isn’t unheard of — and it’s actually fairly

T-Mobile Now Offering 3% Cashback on Select Purchases with Apple Card

Apple Pay

Apple Card has long offered 3% cashback on purchases made using apps like Uber and Uber Eats. American carrier T-Mobile has now joined the list, offering the same 3% cashback when purchasing something in T-Mobile stores using your Apple Card with Apple Pay. This feature isn’t available for online purchases at this point since T-Mobile

7 Best Popsockets For iPhone In 2019

Have you ever considered putting a Popsocket on your phone? They can be super handy, giving you a better way to watch media, snap pictures, and even get a better overall grip on your iPhone. They work as a great earbud management system as well, and can even double as something to play with when

7 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone XR In 2019

Apple made some impressive moves in getting rid of the 32GB options in their iPhone models. Now, the iPhone comes with a default 64GB of internal storage. That should be plenty of space for your favorite photos and videos, but sometimes it’s not. That’s why you might want to expand your storage with a microSD

7 Best Screen Protectors For Apple Watch Series 4

So you picked yourself up a fancy new Apple Watch Series 4. Great! It’s an excellent smartwatch with some cutting edge features inside. Not only that, but Apple got rid of the bezel on this one to give you more screen real estate. The glass is pretty resilient and protective; however, much like any screen

7 Best Toronto Subway Map App For iPhone

Toronto, like many major metro areas, is an insanely busy metropolitan area. It’s densely populated, and tourists, workers, and commuters all visit the area on the regular, whether to enjoy all of the excellent entertainment that the city has to offer, conduct business, or work within one of the many offices or large companies. As

How to fix iPhone XS quick battery drain in iOS 13, iPhone battery dies so fast

Quick battery drain is one of the common issues plaguing many iPhone owners after installing a new iOS update. This problem is often associated with other power-related issues like overheating. Among the usual culprits are some rogue apps, un-optimized display settings, malware and software bugs. Addressed in this post is a similar issue on the

7 Best Bluetooth Headset For iPhone In 2019

The iPhone is great in a lot of areas — in software, battery, hardware, and display, the iPhone excels in all of these areas. However, one thing they’re not that great at — just like many phones on the market — is their sound. They’re not able to produce sound very loudly, nor is it