5 Best Free Video Stabilization Software For Mac In 2019

There was a point and time where creating videos, documentaries, and your own movies took at least some sort of professional experience. A degree was a must, and you definitely had to have at least some sort of experience not only in filming video but in using various video editor and stabilization software programs to

How To Backup iPhone Without iTunes

Are you having trouble backing up your iPhone on iTunes? Maybe you’re running into errors, or iTunes is simply taking way too long to backup your iPhone. You might also simply want to skip some of the steps for syncing content to your iPhone because, once again, it just takes a really long time to

5 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone In 2019

Are you in search of some good tower defense games you can play on the go? Finding some quality choices can be difficult, but that’s why we crafted this list — to show you the best tower defense games out there. These games are super fun, addicting, and will keep anyone entertained for hours on

5 Best Offline Zombie Games For iPhone In 2019

Looking for a fun hack-and-slash style zombie game full of exciting post apocalyptic entertainment? Well we have found just the few things on the iPhone to satisfy your zombie slashing appetite today. After some research and looking around, we have collected five different zombie games we believe, to be the best on the iOS App

5 Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone in 2019

If you own a vehicle, you know they can have issues at times. Whether you have a car from the 1950’s, or a brand new one from this year, I think we can all agree on one thing: cars have their quirks. Some are able to be fixed, and with others, you may just need

5 Best Cooking Games In 2019

There are a ton of food games available on the App Store, so it may be hard to narrow down which are the best ones. Whether you’re looking to hone your own digital chef skills, or looking for an app suitable for your kids, today we’re sharing with you our top 5 cooking game picks

How to fix iPhone XS Max that won’t connect to App Store

The App Store is where you download and update apps for your iOS device. This platform is primarily designed for Apple users to have a one-stop-apps-shop like the Play Store on Android devices. For the App Store to work as intended on your iOS device, a stable Internet connection is required. Hence, fixing internet problems

How to fix Apple iPad Air 3 iMessage that’s not working

Apple’s built-in messaging service called iMessage allows you to send messages with photos, videos, audio files, and location. To use this service, iMessage has to be activated on your iPad Air beforehand. Your iPad Air must also be connected to the Internet either through Wi-Fi or cellular data. To avoid incurring huge charges though, better

How to fix iPad Air 3 Gmail app that keeps crashing

Gmail is one of the sturdiest and most reliable email platforms used on both Android and iOS devices to-date. But even so, the app could still give into random flaws. If you’re here because you can’t get Gmail to load or work properly on your new iPad Air 2019 slate, then this post may be

How to fix Apple iPad Air 3 that won’t connect to WiFi

Most apps and features of the new Apple iPad Air 3 slate or any other Apple devices for that matter do require Internet access to function. Thus, Wi-Fi is among the first key features that need to be activated and configured during the initial setup process. But the fact that network-related problems are inevitable makes

What to do if your iPhone is getting hot with battery draining issue

The normal operating temperature for iPhones is between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit or 0° and 35° Celsius. Thus it’s expected for an iPhone to get too hot if you are using it in a place that’s warmer than 95° Fahrenheit or 35° Celsius. When the iPhone gets very hot, the battery life is temporarily shortened

9 Best 360 Camera for iPhone in 2019

360-degree cameras are one of the hottest kinds of iPhone accessories this year. These cameras wirelessly connect with your phone, allowing you to take spherical panorama images and record spherical videos. The level of immersion you can achieve with 360-degree cameras goes far beyond what the built-in iPhone camera is capable of. Add a pair

What to do if your Apple iPhone is stuck on verifying update

Normally, your device will prompt an update notification if a new software update is available. And if that happens, you have an option to update your iPhone wirelessly. Installing an iOS update via over-the-air (wirelessly) is supposed to be done with a few taps. But things can go wrong and so you will just realize