Trick To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life: Disable Background App Refresh

There’s one setting that can really extend your iPhone battery life and that’s the ‘Background App Refresh.’ Most of the apps on your device are still working even if you’re not actually using them. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have to use this service to fetch new data while being idle. That’s the reason

How To Use The Voice Control Feature With macOS Catalina

How To Use The Voice Control Feature With macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina is finally here. It was released by Apple last October 07, 2019. It has new overwhelming features and app improvements. One of the key features with the new macOS Catalina is the Voice Control. The introduction of Voice Control in macOS Catalina is designed by Apple to help individuals who may

What’s New In Photo App With The New Update macOS Catalina

What’s New In Photo App With The New Update macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina comes with various new updates and app improvements. These improvements are highly helpful for those desktop programs we’re all used to. Though most of these updates and improvements are not only limited to macOS, if you’ve already update your Apple iPhone Os and iPad OS you can also enjoy most of

How to fix incoming call delays on iPhone XS iOS 13 [Troubleshooting Guide] 

Call-connectivity errors are mainly caused by network problems but faulty software updates could also trigger the same issue. This is usually due to certain bugs that came from the software update and eventually affecting your phone’s call processing system. Among the transpiring symptoms is on random incoming call delays. Read on to find out what

How to fix iPhone 11 Messenger app that keeps crashing, not loading up steady

Messenger is a popular online messaging platform. This app has already earned a reputation among the leading audio/video messaging platforms ever since it was still embedded into its mother app, Facebook. And now that it’s already a standalone application, a lot of new and advanced features were added to ensure app’s security and stability. But

Apple Remains the Most Valuable Brand in the World for the 7th Consecutive Year

Global branding consultancy firm, Interbrand, has posted its list of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world, and Apple has unsurprisingly managed to top the list. Interestingly, this is the 7th consecutive year that Apple is retaining the top spot. The list also includes other brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and so