How to fix iPhone 15 can’t hear callers

Are you facing a frustrating issue with your brand new iPhone 15 Pro? You can hear callers just fine, but they can’t hear you. It’s a puzzling problem that affects incoming calls, leaving you scratching your head for solutions. Even after trying hard resets and troubleshooting steps, the issue persists. What could be causing this surprising glitch in such a cutting-edge device?

Discover the reasons behind the iPhone 15 Pro can’t hear callers problem and how you can fix it. Don’t let this annoyance get in the way of your phone conversations. Read on to find out the user reports, workarounds, and essential steps to resolve this issue.

User Reports and Workarounds for iPhone 15 Can’t Hear Callers Issue

Several users have recently reported encountering the iPhone 15 Pro can’t hear callers problem. Despite their frustration, they have taken the initiative to share their experiences and strategies to address the issue. Let’s explore some of the workarounds they have discovered:

Workarounds for iPhone 15 Can’t Hear Callers

Hard ResetHold the power button during a hard reset to potentially resolve the issue.
Mute ToggleToggle the mute button on and off to reset the iPhone’s audio settings.
Network Settings ResetReset the network settings to eliminate any potential connectivity problems.
Forget AirPodsIf using AirPods, try forgetting them and reconnecting to see if it resolves the issue.
Software UpdateMake sure your iPhone’s software is up to date, as updates may include bug fixes for this specific issue.

Some users have noted that the problem exclusively occurs during Apple phone calls, rather than other communication platforms like Voice Memos or Teams calls. This observation raises questions about the root cause of the problem and its potential connection to specific features or settings.

One user shared the suggestion that the issue could be related to the new mute feature on AirPods. They advised manually cycling the mute button during a call to potentially restore audio functionality. However, the exact cause of the problem remains uncertain.

Another user mentioned success with an app called Check My Device, indicating its potential as a temporary solution. While the circumstances under which this app resolves the issue are unclear, it offers a glimmer of hope for affected users.

Despite these reported workarounds, users continue to express their frustration with the recurring nature of the problem and the temporary effectiveness of these solutions.

iPhone 15 Can't Hear Callers Workarounds

Contact Apple Support for Further Assistance

If the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps do not resolve the iPhone 15 Pro can’t hear callers issue, it is time to reach out to Apple Support for further assistance. The dedicated support team will be able to provide guidance and potential solutions to help resolve the problem.

We recommend verifying if there are any known outages or issues with your carrier. Sometimes, service interruptions can affect call quality. Additionally, discussing the situation with Apple Support will allow you to explore available service options specific to your device and carrier.

Apple is aware of the problem and has acknowledged that a software update may be necessary to fix this issue. The frustration expressed by users due to the lack of a permanent solution and the inconvenience of unreliable calls is understandable. By contacting Apple Support, you can stay informed about any updates or workarounds that may become available.

Don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support for further assistance. They are well-equipped to address your concerns and help you resolve the iPhone 15 Pro can’t hear callers issue.

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