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13 Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Speaker in 2019

There are plenty of speakers in the market today, but the list gets significantly smaller when we narrow down our choices to Bluetooth speakers. There are major manufacturers like JBL, Ultimate Ears, Amazon, etc. who have excellent Bluetooth speakers to their name. But we decided to dive deeper and have a closer look at what

14 Best Black and White Printer in 2019

When it comes to printers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Keeping this in mind, it can be slightly difficult to pick the best one given the number of choices available out there. This is more so the case with monochrome or black and white printers. There are so many black and white

7 Best Fast Charging Wall Charger For iPhone 11 Pro

USB Wall Chargers for iPhone

The Snapdragon chipsets over on Android are well known for their quick charging abilities, but most iPhone models aren’t known for their fast charging. That’s because the classic charging brick just wasn’t able to output enough power to juice your iPhone up quick enough. That’s why the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an all-new wall

9 Best Wireless Keyboard for Mac

With accessories and peripherals going wireless over the past few years, there are quite a few options when it comes to wireless keyboards. However, not every wireless keyboard you come across will be worth your time. This is why we’ve decided to talk about some of the best wireless keyboards available for the Mac in

9 Best Laser Printer for Mac in 2019

Laser printers are currently one of the most sought after printers out there. This is because these printers are capable of printing in high-precision while also handling large paper quantities. Further, customers can also choose to save a ton on printing costs, especially on ink, which is a recurring expense for every printer. Keeping this

11 Best Router for Verizon Fios in 2019


Internet service providers like Verizon Fios offer a standard router to their customers and charge a monthly rental fee as well. However, it makes a great deal of sense to ditch the rented router by canceling it and getting your own. Not only does a new router offer you better speeds, but it will also

9 Best Wireless Mouse for Mac

If you’re looking to connect your MacBook onto the big screen, you will know the importance of a dedicated mouse to scroll through content on your display. While iMac users get the new Magic Mouse 2 by default, MacBook users have to continue looking elsewhere for a decent mouse. This is why we decided to

11 Best Tablet Under $300 in 2019

Tablets are growing exponentially, both in size and market share. However, there’s a separate segment of tablets that are sold at a reasonable price while not compromising on hardware performance. While Android tablets dominate this segment, there are a few iPads that are also worth considering, although they’re not necessarily the most recent models. We’re

5 Best Game Controllers For iPhone XS Max

Most people still prefer consoles and PC gaming over gaming on mobile; however, mobile gaming has come a long way since its inception when some of the first smartphones launched a little over 10 years ago. Still, one frustrating that hasn’t been able to be addressed with software are the controls — it’s very difficult

5 Best Game Controllers For iPhone XS

Gaming on mobile can be a lot of fun, especially in 2018. Now, we have graphic-intensive games and games with a little more complexity to them. When mobile phones first came out, this wasn’t possible; however, it has brought with it some cons. The major con to gaming on iOS with the iPhone XS is

7 Best Caller ID App For iPhone XS

Caller ID applications today are so useful. They can easily identify unknown numbers, giving you a name as well as location data on who is calling. This gives you a better idea on whether or not you should pick up the phone, and it can even keep you from a unwanted conversation from an ex!