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9 Best 7 Inch Tablets in 2020

7-inch HD Android Tablet

There are plenty of tablets in the market today, especially budget ranged offerings that offer great value for the price you pay. But barring the iPad mini, Apple doesn’t have any tablets in the 7 or 8-inch segment. This is why Android budget tablets have dominated the market for quite some time now. Keeping this

How to Hide Your IP Address and unblock blocked websites

We have our own reason why we need to hide our IP address. For my personal experience, I would simply want to unblock websites that are blocked in my area. I always want to access contents that are geoblocked like Netflix. There are certain shows and movies I would want to watch without interruption.  The

How to watch Netflix in China using ExpressVPN

While China has been blocking a lot of websites and services that are accessible via the Internet, Netflix is not one of them. The reason why you cannot watch Netflix in China is because licensing agreements between Netflix and content providers. Included in those agreements are restrictions as to where the contents can be viewed.

6 Best USB C To Lightning Cables For iPhone 11 Pro

Apple seems to be making a push in the direction of USB-C. The trend has been happening for a few years now, with Apple ever so slowly moving over,  first with its MacBook and MacBook Pro with USB-C only ports. Apple started further trending in the way of USB-C to Lightning with the iPad Pro

5 Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Alternatives

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is here, but some people aren’t a huge fan of the new camera setup on the back. We’ll admit, it’s a new and interesting design as far as cameras go, and can be a huge turn-off if it isn’t something you’re used to. The good news is that these days,

5 Best iPhone 11 Alternatives

Smartphones have gotten seriously expensive. An iPhone 11 Pro Max is quite pricey, so naturally, that isn’t cash that everyone is going to want to shell out. The good news — there are tons of flagship-level devices, as well as mid-rangers, that are great alternatives to the iPhone 11. So, you still don’t have to

5 Best iPhone 11 Pro Alternatives

The iPhone 11 Pro is here as the successor of last year’s iPhone XS. That said, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the new phones, aside from the upgraded camera setup. You get three lenses in this one — a telephoto, an ultra-wide, and your regular camera lens. These can take some excellent

9 Best Wireless Mouse for Mac

If you’re looking to connect your MacBook onto the big screen, you will know the importance of a dedicated mouse to scroll through content on your display. While iMac users get the new Magic Mouse 2 by default, MacBook users have to continue looking elsewhere for a decent mouse. This is why we decided to

15 Best Heart Rate Monitor in 2020

Tracking your heart rate is a handy tool to understand your fitness levels better. There are several ways to track your heart rate, including in the form of apps. However, these are deservedly overshadowed by hardware-based heart rate monitors that ensure you get an accurate reading each time. Thanks to the advancement in the field

11 Best Tablet Under $300 in 2020

Tablets are growing exponentially, both in size and market share. However, there’s a separate segment of tablets that are sold at a reasonable price while not compromising on hardware performance. While Android tablets dominate this segment, there are a few iPads that are also worth considering, although they’re not necessarily the most recent models. We’re

8 Best USB C Hub and Dock

USB Wall Chargers for iPhone

USB C hubs are a much-needed product with devices losing their standard USB A ports. This is why third-party manufacturers have come up with multiple attractive USB C compatible hubs and docks that allow you to connect more devices using a single USB C connection. These hubs and docks can also include some additional features