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My iPad Won’t Turn On. Here Are Four Ways To Fix It!

ipad won't turn on

You might not be able to do great things like reading and sending emails, browsing the web, video streaming, listening to your favorite music and many more if your iPad won’t turn on after updating to the latest version of iOS.  This kind of issue has been experienced recently by few iPad users after updating

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse to iPad with iPadOS

connect bluetooth mouse to ipad pairing mode

Apple has added a new feature to iOS and iPadOS and that’s the capability to connect Bluetooth mouse to iPad and iPhone. This is a part of the Accessibility feature that makes it easier for you to interact with your device. If you’re an iPad owner, this feature somehow turns your device into a MacBook

How To Fix iPad Mini 5 Can’t Install Apps: The Easy Way

How To Fix iPad Mini 5 Can’t Install Or Download Apps

Whenever there’s a new and improved app available for download or an available update of an app you’ve already downloaded, we tend to install and download it immediately as we are so eager and excited to try the amazing new features the app has to offer. Ideally, installing an app to your iPad device is

How To Fix iPad Mini 5 Won’t Pair Or Connect To Bluetooth

How To Fix iPad Mini 5 Won’t Pair Or Connect To Bluetooth

If you’re iPad Mini 5 won’t pair or connect to a Bluetooth, not to worry because there are solutions that were reported to have been effective in trying to fix the problem. Bluetooth Connectivity issues is perhaps the most common and most reported problems with iPad. Some of these reported problems by iPad users are

How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock On Your iPad

How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock On Your iPad

What exactly does iCloud Activation Lock means? It is a feature that Apple introduced way back the release of iOS 7 software (To date, iPadOS is already the latest software). The main purpose of this feature is reduction of stealing iOS devices. It practically works on all iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and

Why Is My iPad Running So Slow And How To Fix It

Why Is My iPad Running So Slow And How To Fix It

There have been reports that after upgrading to the latest iPadOS 13, their iPad has been running slower than usual. Other than apps are running slow, it has also been reported that closing the app is slower, it’s as if the app had frozen. Not only that, everything else on the iPad is running in

How To Fix iPad Air Screen Keeps Freezing Quick and Easy Way

iPad Air Screen Keeps On Freezing

Was there a time that you’ve experienced your iPad Air suddenly becomes unresponsive? That no matter how many times you’ve tapped on the screen or your constantly pressing on the buttons and yet the screen keeps on freezing? It can be annoying especially if you’re at work or most of the time in the middle

iPad Pro 10.5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Best Tablet Comparison Review

One of the biggest rivalries in the technology world is the fight between Android and iOS. iPhone and iPad users all over the world shout that iOS is better, but the more technical and hardware enthusiastic crowd has nothing but disdain for Apple’s so called “closed off” and “it just works” system. That said, that

9 Best iPad Pro Pencil In 2020

If you’ve got an iPad Pro, you already know that the Apple Pencil is one of the highlights of this new tablet. It brings a whole lot more functionality to the tablet, allowing you to naturally jot down notes, create graphs, and then use a particular Apple Pencil specific functions. It’s a great way even

5 Best iPad Pro Leather Sleeve In 2020

Everyone is replacing their iPad for the all new iPad Pro. It comes with a nearly all-screen design, removing much of the bezel that the iPad Pro used to have. That said, this has pushed the price of the iPad Pro way up, making the tablet something that users want to hold onto, treasure, and

Difference Between iPad And iPad Air

So you’re looking at picking yourself up a new iPad, and you finally have it narrowed down between the iPad and the iPad Air. But, it’s not clear what the big differences are between the two models, and whether or not one is better than the other. After all, modern iPads have sort of all