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How to fix YouTube that keeps crashing on your iPad Air 3 

When it comes to free online video streaming, YouTube is by far emerging as one of the most popular platforms. In fact, many smartphone owners have YouTube app installed on their respective devices be it Android or iOS. The fact that the app is maintained and backed by the Internet giant makes it more credible

How to fix an iPad Pro (2018) that won’t connect to Wi-Fi network

Wireless connectivity issues in mobile devices are inevitable as they can be triggered by many factors from the network based down to the network equipment in use as well as software and hardware components on the affected device. Among the common symptoms would include slow Internet connection, intermittent connectivity and no Internet connection at all.

9 Best iPad Pro 10.5 Case With Pencil Holder

Looking for a way that you can keep your iPad Pro protected, and for a way that you can easily store your Apple Pencil? Luckily, all sorts of phone accessory makers make cases for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro that not only keeps those tablets protected, but provides you with a way to effectively store

7 Best Free VPN For iPad In 2019

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are talked about substantially, but not everyone knows what they do, nor the importance of a VPN. In the most basic terms, a VPN provides an extra layer of security and encryption over your current network. For example, you might have heard of people’s user information being stolen on public networks.

Apple iPad Air 3 battery is draining so fast after iOS 12.3.1 update

Battery draining problems that occur following an iOS update implement are apparently due to software bugs. Some post-update power draining issues are transpiring as minor symptoms from a glitching app or battery system. This usually happens as some apps ended up glitching or acting up after the recent platform transition. In the worst case scenario,

9 Best iPad Pro 12.9 Case With Pencil Holder

Let’s face it — the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model is a big device. And since it’s a “tablet”, there’s a tendency to carry it around or take it with you more than other devices. And since it’s not always the easiest tablet to grasp onto — again, largely because of it’s size — it’s a whole lot

5 Best iPad Stands For Point of Sale Systems

If you’re a small business or own your own company and need a point of sale system, but don’t want to spend the money on one, you should consider looking at an iPad and an iPad point of sale stand system. They’re relatively cheap to get into, and make it easy for small business owners