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5 Best iPad Pro To HDMI Cables

So you picked up one of Apple’s all-new iPad Pro’s. It’s an excellent device, packing power and screen clarity like never before. Both models feature display sizes that are larger than 10-inches. Not only that, but the displays this time around are almost bezel-less, giving you an excellent amount of screen real estate for watching

5 Best iPad To HDMI Cables

Apple invented the iPad as a bigger version of the iPhone. It’s essentially a portable computer that you can easily take with you everywhere. Need to write down something in a document? No problem — the iPad can handle it. How about checking your email or logging into your office’s digital workspace? These are all

5 Best Antivirus For iPhone and iPad In 2019

Antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Do you need it? There’s a lot of folks who will say that it’s imperative to have antivirus on your mobile devices — after all, you want to make sure that you stay protected against any pieces of malware, viruses, and more! However, when it comes to mobile antivirus, it’s

Apple TV 4K Vs Amazon Fire TV Cube Best Streaming Device 2019

If you’re trying to outfit your home with a new streaming device, you might want to consider what Apple has to offer with the Apple TV 4K and what Amazon has to offer with their all-new Fire TV Cube. These are two of the top streaming devices that you can pick up¬†today, and so, it’s

5 Best Smart Keyboard For 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a really neat accessory available to it. Called the Smart Keyboard, it’s a way for you to get a screen cover and keyboard all in one accessory. These generally connect up to your iPad Pro over magnets — set your tablet on the magnetic tray area, and it automatically connects

5 Best Police Scanner iOS Apps In 2019

If you’re wanting to keep tabs on what’s going on in your community, then you might want to download a police scanner applications to your iPhone and/or iPad. A police scanner apps will use local radio waves or even an audio stream to peg into the local frequency that law enforcement and dispatch is using.

5 Best iPad Pro Screen Protectors In 2019

So, you just got a new iPad Pro or are looking to get a new iPad Pro from Apple, but want to make sure that screen stays protected. It goes without saying, it is a jaw-dropping display that is able to push an enormous amount of detail. It’s also large, which means you get a