Best Resume Apps For iPad in 2024

Finding the best resume apps for iPad may be tricky these days. A lot of apps have been developed to help those people who would want to create their CV. Though options could be everywhere, it will boil down to the app that suits your taste. 

If you’ve been trying to create a resume but you’re having some hard time on how to do it, there are different ways to get help. One of them is through apps that can be downloaded on your iPad. These iPad apps for creating resumes could also help you get the right job for you.

iOS Apps for creating resumes on iPad

As mentioned, there are tons of apps for creating resumes out there. You might have downloaded one but found out that it doesn’t suit what you need. 

Since it is hard to find the certain app that might suit your taste, I’ve narrowed down the list and provided some simple description about each app. Find out the details and see which one will work for you. 

The apps listed below are selected based on their efficacy and efficiency on providing high quality output. Since most of them are free to download, you might want to try each one of them.

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the apps for creating resume on your iPad:

  1. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a popular app for professionals and those who are looking for a job. Similar to Facebook app, LinkedIn also provides feed about news and updates to its users, but it is more on getting recommendations and search for a job that might interest you. Aside from that, it also allows the users to build their resume through the app and create contacts. 

    This app is free to download and is one of the best iPad apps for creating resumes.

    resume apps for ipad

  2. Resume Builder – CV Designer

    This app provides a great feature that will allow you to create multiple resumes, review resume examples, or make changes to the text, style as well as margins in one spot. Though this app will show you some ads, that could be negligible since the cost to download the app is free and you can send your CV to your email as a PDF file.

    cv designer for creating resume on ipad

  3. Pathsource Resume

    Pathsource Resume app is one of the apps that provides convenience to its user. With this app, you won’t have any problem in creating the resume based on your preferences as it offers up to ten high-quality templates. 

    If the predefined templates will not work for you, you can have the option to perform an in-app purchase of the other templates available. Pathsource Resume is free to download but they also offer a 30-day membership for only $7.99.

    pathsource resume app for iOS resume creation

  4. Resume Builder by Nobody

    Aside from adding, editing and rearranging the sections based on your preference, Resume Builder by Nobody will also allow you to send, save or share your CV as a PDF file. It also supports cloud storage so you can edit your resume on your other iPad or your iPhone. 

    It is free to download but you have the option to get the Pro version at $14.99.

    ipad apps for creating resume

  5. Resume Star Pro CV Maker

    Creating a quick yet fantastic CV can be possible by using the Resume Star Pro CV Maker app. This app also uses high-quality resume templates which provides a neat and professional looking result. Just fill up your information and the app will format it correctly. It will be on a PDF file which you can email, print or post online. 

    It is absolutely free to download and you’ll have the option to do a standard purchase of $5.99.

    resume apps for ipad pro maker

  • iOS 13.3
  • iPad

Other Apps for creating resumes in iPad

Aside from the listed apps above, other iPad resume apps that you can have as an option are Resume Builder + Professional, Resume Creator, Quick Resume and a lot more. 

Those are the apps that I find interesting and easy to use. You can always search for other apps that may work with your preferences. It may also be notable to look for an app with high-quality templates, PDF file support and those apps that provide tips or prompts while using it. 

I hope that this article helped you in deciding which app to use to create that impressive resume. If you find this amusing and helpful, don’t forget to share it. Thank you.

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