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Apple Watch vs Garmin Forerunner 645 Best Smartwatch 2019

Fitness trackers took a huge hit when the Apple Watch first came out. The Apple Watch was designed to be a smartwatch and a fitness tracker all-in-one, and at a similar cost. So, where does that leave fitness trackers like the Garmin Forerunner 645? The Apple Watch is certainly eating up their market, but there’s

5 Best Apple Watch Bands For Men

So you got a new Apple Watch, and you’re not too happy with the neutral Apple Watch band that the smartwatch came with. That said, you might want something that fits your style a little bit more as a man, something more professional, or something that you can use better on a day to day

5 Best Apple Watch Bands For Working Out

There are some excellent bands available for the Apple Watch, but many of them are easily ruined during workouts or jogs. Many of the bands available for the Apple Watch aren’t sweat resistant, and therefore, get destroyed quite quickly. That’s why there are so many third-party bands available for the Apple Watch — when you

9 Best Apple Watch Bands For Women

Apple Watch Target

One of the beautiful things about the Apple Watch is just how many different bands there are for the device, both third-party and made by Apple themselves. Unfortunately for women, many of these bands are gender-neutral or geared towards men, not giving you a whole lot options as far as vibrant and girl-like styles go.

7 Best Screen Protectors For Apple Watch Series 4

So you picked yourself up a fancy new Apple Watch Series 4. Great! It’s an excellent smartwatch with some cutting edge features inside. Not only that, but Apple got rid of the bezel on this one to give you more screen real estate. The glass is pretty resilient and protective; however, much like any screen

Difference Between Apple Watch 3 And 4

The Apple Watch has caught on like wildfire, becoming a significant success very quickly. The first two models were fairly basic in their capabilities; however, Apple stepped it up a notch with the Series 3 and most definitely with the Series 4. There are some frustrations with the Series 4 model — primarily that it’s

Where To Buy Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might be the hottest piece of wristwear on the market right now, and unlike the traditional timepiece, it’s a whole lot easier to get your hands on. Apple Watches are at stores all over the world, not just at shops dedicated to timepieces. You could likely walk into your local store of

5 Best GPS Watch For Hiking

Hiking is such a fun activity. Not only do you get some excellent exercise out of it, but it’s a great way to explore and feel the great outdoors. Depending on where you go, you can see mountains, beautiful environments, and even get a glimpse at lakes and oceans from a view you wouldn’t get

How To Fix Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Life Issue

How To Fix Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Life Issues

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is finally here. It comes with new features and improvements from the previous model Series 4. It’s features include a built-in compass, and a new look. One of the highlights with Apple Watch Series 5 is the Always-ON display feature, the newest feature added to the new model, which

5 Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands For 40mm

You’ve been waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep for a couple of weeks now, but it’s finally here: a brand new Apple Watch Series 4 in size 40mm. It’s a beautiful looking watch, but you’ve noticed that the default watch band that it comes with really doesn’t make the watch stand out as

5 Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands For 44mm

So you picked yourself up a new Apple Watch Series 4, and while it’s an excellent smartwatch, the stock band that it ships with just isn’t cutting it for you. That said, you might want to consider picking up a new watch band for your Apple Watch Series 4. But with hundreds of options out