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5 Best Luxury Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch

So you picked yourself up a new Apple Watch, but for what you’re using the watch for, the stock band it comes with just isn’t professional or luxury enough for you. That said, you’re going to want to shop around for a luxury Apple Watch band that can replace your stock one easily. The band

5 Best Apple Watch Bands For Women

Apple Watch Target

One of the beautiful things about the Apple Watch is just how many different bands there are for the device, both third-party and made by Apple themselves. Unfortunately for women, many of these bands are gender neutral or geared towards men, not giving you a whole lot options as far as vibrant and girl-like styles

How to change Apple Watch 4 band

We always want our devices to match our lifestyle that’s why many people put custom cases on their phones and for those that wear the Apple Watch, a new band will always make a statement. In this post, I will walk you through in changing the band of your Apple Watch 4 or any Apple

5 Best Screen Protectors For Apple Watch Series 4

So you picked yourself up a fancy new Apple Watch Series 4. Great! It’s an excellent smartwatch with some cutting edge features inside. Not only that, but Apple got rid of the bezel on this one to give you more screen real estate. The glass is pretty resilient and protective; however, much like any screen

How to unlock Mac with Apple Watch

Did you know that you can automatically unlock your Mac without typing your password if you’re wearing the Apple Watch? This is one of the perks if you own Apple devices as you can connect them to each other and enjoy certain features you cannot get from others. In this post, I will guide you

How to turn off Apple Watch 4

It is important that you know how to properly turn your Apple Watch 4 off as this will help in making it work perfectly again. This device doesn’t have a ‘Restart’ option so if you want to do that, you have to turn it off completely and power it back on. There is a forced

How to remove Apple Watch 4 band

Removing the Apple Watch 4 band is pretty easy. Apple made it that way so that users won’t have a difficult time changing bands. Well, it’s actually another stream of income for the company as it knows there would always be users who will be buying bands they like and change the OEM strap that

How to update Apple Watch 4

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch 4 also have their own operating systems or firmware and in the case of the Apple’s wearable, the firmware is called WatchOS 5. The company rolls out updates every now and then which patch some issues and fix problems reported by users. I cannot stress enough how important firmware updates

5 Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

If you do a lot of running, jogging, or spend time at the gym, then you know how important or how nice it is to have a fitness track with heart rate monitor on your wrist. This will better help you watch your heart rate during intense workout sessions, and also help you stay around

How to connect Apple Watch 4 to WiFi

You would be able to connect your Apple Watch 4 to WiFi if your iPhone isn’t nearby. But unlike smartphones, it doesn’t have the luxury to connect to any frequency but 2.4 GHz. So, even if there are available networks in the area, you may not still be able to connect to them due to

How to restart Apple Watch 4

There are times when you need to restart your Apple Watch 4 and one of the best examples is when it’s running slow or glitching every now and then. A reboot is also necessary when it has some issues with its connection with your iPhone. A restart can fix any software-related issues and it’s advisable