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How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that’s stuck on black screen

When your Apple Watch is stuck on black screen, it could mean that it has completely ran out of battery and therefore has powered down or it could still be up but just couldn’t get past the black screen. In short, battery issues and software-related errors that caused the watch to become unresponsive are generally

How to fix slow performance problem on your Apple Watch 4, working very slow

Performance problems in smart devices are usually due to memory issues like when the memory space is running low. Software bugs, bad apps, faulty updates and in worst case scenarios, hardware damage are among the underlying causes. This post is aimed at addressing slow performance problem on the Apple Watch 4. Read on to find

Apple Watch Series 5: Rumors, Release Date, and News

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 did a lot for the Apple Watch’s popularity, completely revolutionizing the appearance of the device. Still a smartwatch, Apple was able to turn its Series 4 into one of the most attractive and fancy digital watches yet. This is due in large part due to not only the larger watch

7 Best Leather Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch

So you’ve picked yourself up Apple’s new Watch Series 4, and now you’re looking for some alternative stylish, leather bands for the watch. There’s a lot out there, and in all different types of brands, materials, and styles. That said, there’s a wide variety in budget range for these leather bands as well, which can

How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that can’t download apps

Can’t download or install new apps on your Apple Watch 4? If that’s so, then there must be something wrong on the Apple Watch or its paired iPhone that must be rectified. Read on and get some help. Apps are among the most vital components of a smart device including Apple watches. Although each of

5 Best Triathlon Watches In 2019

So you’re getting ready to go on your first triathlon, and you want to figure out how you can record the multipart race — steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, route taken, etc. Luckily, it’s really easy to accomplish those goals here in 2018 — all you need is any smartwatch released in the last

How to reset Apple Watch

There are 3 types of reset you can use on your Apple Watch if it malfunctions and you may use one depending on how serious a problem is. Like iPhones, Apple Watch runs with a firmware. It’s not called iOS but watchOS and it’s not open to public so you cannot find any other smartwatches

5 Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, just like any device with a screen, easily picks up scratches and nicks from everyday life. You could seemingly do nothing, and your Apple Watch would still pick up scratches for almost no reason. These are generally light, surface scratches that are just plain annoying — they can get in the way

7 Best Luxury Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch

So you picked yourself up a new Apple Watch, but for what you’re using the watch for, the stock band it comes with just isn’t professional or luxury enough for you. That said, you’re going to want to shop around for a luxury Apple Watch band that can replace your stock one easily. The band

How to restart your Apple Watch 4 [2 ways to refresh your watch]

There are times when you need to restart your Apple Watch 4 and one of the best examples is when it’s running slow or glitching every now and then. A reboot is also necessary when it has some issues with its connection with your iPhone. A restart can fix any software-related issues and it’s advisable