How To Turn off Location On Life360 Without Anyone Knowing


Life360 is a popular location-sharing app that helps people stay connected with their family members and friends. This app provides real-time location information, group messaging, and even emergency alerts for its users. While the primary purpose of Life360 is to ensure the safety and well-being of loved ones, some users may feel the need for privacy and want to disable their location sharing without anyone knowing. In this article, we will explore different methods to turn off your location on Life360 without anyone knowing.

What is Life360?

Life360 is a GPS tracking app designed for families and small groups to share their location in real-time. Users can create “circles” which consist of family members or friends who are allowed to see each other’s locations on a private map. The app also offers features like geofencing, which sends notifications when circle members enter or leave specific areas, driving reports and crash detection for added security. Despite its usefulness, some people might find it intrusive and would prefer turning off their location sharing. But how can you do that without anyone knowing? Let’s find out!

Methods to Turn off Location on Life360 Without Anyone Knowing

Method 1: Disable Circle’s Location Sharing

Every user in Life360 has the option to stop sharing their location details with circle members. You can choose to disconnect from a specific circle or disable location sharing only.

Steps to disable location sharing in a circle

  1. Open the Life360 app and tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom right corner.
  2. Select the circle from which you want to stop sharing your location.
  3. Tap on ‘Location Sharing’.
  4. Toggle the slider to turn off location sharing.
  5. Your map will display “Location Sharing Paused.”

Keep in mind that turning off your location sharing will notify other members in the circle.

Method 2: Disable GPS Service on Your Device

Disabling the GPS location service on your device will stop Life360 from sharing your location with others in the circle. Follow these steps to turn off the GPS feature on iOS and Android devices.

Steps to disable GPS feature on iOS

  1. Launch ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  2. Go to ‘Privacy’.
  3. Select ‘Location Services’.
  4. Toggle off ‘Location Services’ to disable GPS.

Steps to disable GPS feature on Android

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Privacy’.
  3. Find the option for ‘Location.’
  4. Turn it off to disable location tracking for apps.

Please note that this will affect all apps that rely on location services, not just Life360.

Method 3: Turn On Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode is a quick way to stop your device from sharing location information with Life360. When enabled, airplane mode disables your phone’s internet connection and GPS signal, preventing any updates regarding your location from being sent.

To turn on airplane mode:

On iOS devices, open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen, then tap the airplane icon.

On Android devices, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the airplane icon or navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Network & internet,’ find the Airplane mode option and toggle it on.

Remember that this method also disables calling, messaging, and data services while active.

Method 4: Use Burner Phone

You can use a burner phone to deceive Life360 into showing a fake location without notifying other circle members. A burner phone is a secondary device which you won’t use for daily purposes but can serve as a decoy in this situation.

Here’s how you can use a burner phone for Life360:

  1. Download the Life360 app on the burner phone and log in with the same account you use on your primary device.
  2. Make sure the burner phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  3. Leave the burner phone at a location you want others to believe you’re at.
  4. Logout or uninstall the Life360 app from your primary device.

This way, circle members will see the location of your burner phone instead of your actual location.

Method 5: Delete Life360 Account

Although deleting your Life360 account is a drastic step to ensure privacy, doing so will permanently erase your location history and disconnect you from all circles. Before deleting your account, make sure you cancel any active subscription.

Follow these steps to delete your Life360 account:

  1. Open the Life360 app on your primary device.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’.
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Account.’
  4. Select ‘Delete Account’ and follow the prompts to complete the process.

After deleting your account, you can uninstall the Life360 app and opt for alternative methods of staying connected with family and friends.

Method 6: Turn Off Precise Location (for iPhone users)

iPhone users have an additional option to disable precise location sharing for specific apps, including Life360. By turning off precise location, circle members will only see an approximate location instead of your exact whereabouts.

Steps to turn off precise location on iPhone

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  2. Tap ‘Privacy’.
  3. Select ‘Location Services.
  4. Find ‘Life360’ in the list of apps and tap it.
  5. Toggle off the switch next to ‘Precise Location.’

Please note that this method may still reveal a general area without providing an accurate pinpoint of your location.

Additional Information & Tips

Notifications and privacy in Life360 circles

Be aware that some actions, such as disabling location sharing or pausing location updates, might send notifications to other members in your Life360 circle. This could alert them that you’ve intentionally made changes to hide or modify your location.

Can someone check your location without you knowing?

No, they cannot check your location without you knowing unless you’ve given them access to your location through the Life360 app or other similar services. If you allow someone to track you within the Life360 app, they can check your live location as many times as they want without notifying you. To restrict their access to your current location updates, toggle off location sharing within the app.

In conclusion, while Life360 provides an excellent platform for staying connected and ensuring the safety of loved ones, it is understandable that some users may desire more privacy at times. The methods mentioned above provide different options for turning off your location on the Life360 app without anyone knowing. Remember to consider how these changes might impact the overall user experience and communication with family and friends.

While our article primarily addresses How to View Password On iPhone, you might want to know how you can modify hinge location. We offer practical solutions, ensuring a well-rounded guide to optimizing both the security and multimedia features of your device.


  1. Can I completely turn off location tracking on Life360 without my circle members knowing?

    While you can try several methods to disable or hide your location on Life360, it’s important to note that some methods may still send notifications to your circle members. For instance, when you pause location sharing, your circle members will get notified with the “Location Sharing Paused” message. Using a third-party app to fake your location may help you conceal your actions from your circle members.

  2. How effective is turning on Airplane mode to stop location sharing on Life360?

    Turning on Airplane mode is an effective way of stopping location sharing temporarily, as it disconnects your device from internet and GPS connection. However, this method also restricts all other online activities requiring internet access, like browsing or messaging.

  3. Is deleting the Life360 account the only permanent solution to stop location tracking?

    No, deleting the Life360 account is not the only permanent solution to stop location tracking. You can also use apps to fake your location consistently, giving you privacy without needing to delete your account.

  4. Will turning off the GPS service on my device make me invisible on Life360?

    Turning off GPS service on your device will indeed stop sending your real-time location updates to Life360. However, keep in mind that this step also disables location services for all other apps and navigation services that rely on GPS.

  5. Can I selectively disable location sharing for certain circle members while keeping it enabled for others?

    Unfortunately, you cannot selectively disable location sharing for specific circle members in Life360. When you disable location sharing, it applies to the entire circle you’ve chosen to disconnect. To share your location with specific individuals, you would have to create a separate circle just for them and enable location sharing for that circle while disabling it for the rest.

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