Why Jailbreaking Your iPhone 6 Is Cool

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There are two sides to iPhone users in general–the satisfied and the dissatisfied. If you are on the latter’s side, then read on.

While the majority of iPhone 6 users find their stock phone pretty cool in its own right, some users obviously think more could have been done to improve the firmware side. And understandably so.

Apple’s iOS is a closed, restricted system compared to Android. There is little to nothing average users can do to customize their phone just like what their Android counterparts can do on their devices. And just like in the real world, restriction almost always spawns dissatisfaction. It’s not surprising that iOS jailbreakers have steadily grew in numbers over the years.

But what exactly is jailbreaking? To jailbreak your phone means removing the default restrictions including the feature that prevents your device to install apps from third party application store beside Apple’s App Store. Most jailbroken phones can also download files directly from the Internet without using iTunes. Jailbreaking should not be confused with unlocking. The latter only covers lifting the network restriction on the phone to let it become compatible with another carrier’s network. Unlocking usually comes with a contract from a particular carrier. Unlocking does not change the device’s operating system like what jailbreak does.

For the uninitiated, the combination of the words “jail” and “break” don’t exactly sound legal. In some respects, especially on Apple’s side, it is not. However, jailbreaking has been ruled by the United States as legal though other countries may find it the opposite. Try to do a little research if your country favors jailbreaking or not before attempting it.

To be fair with Apple, jailbreaking may expose your iPhone to certain risks besides the potential compromising your information if you happen to stumble upon a malicious app. A jailbroken phone may become unstable afterwards though this rarely happens. As long as there’s no on-going hardware or software issue on the device before an attempt, jailbreaking enjoys an almost 100% success rate. If you are having second thoughts on whether to jailbreak your device or not,  check the list of reasons below that should help you jailbreak your phone in no time.

Delimit yourself from getting apps anywhere and not just from the App Store.

Due to the restrictive nature or iOS, many cool apps cannot make it through Apple’s overly strict filtering system. Although Apple declares this is advantageous for iOS users to prevent malware from breaching a device’s security system, many find the limitations capricious and unnecessary. Another huge reason for implementing restrictions is to weed out rivals. It’s not a secret that Apple is notoriously fierce in protecting its turf. It’s in this context that many harmless apps don’t make it to the App Store. Thanks to a few jailbreak genius, these banned apps can now be installed via Cydia, the App Store equivalent for jailbroken devices.

Change your default apps from a wide range of alternatives.

Even a newbie iPhone user knows that you cannot set default apps aside from the ones developed by, you guess it, Apple. So every time you click on an email link in an article you are reading you can always expect that your Mail app will pop up first to help you with it. The same is true with Safari; no other browser can override the setting to replace it as the default app when browsing.

Jailbreaking your iPhone on the other hand reverses that. For example, you can install third party apps like Firefox or Sparrow and set any of them as your default browser and it should effectively ignore Safari as the first pick.

Personalize your iPhone’s Lock Screen Look.

The lock screen of a jailbroken iPhone 6 is way cooler than a stock one. You can do additional tweaks on your phone’s lock screen that were not previously available, making it more functional and useful. While an original iPhone 6’s lock screen only gives you date and time, a jailbroken one can give you multiple lock screen features if you want. There are a handful of beautiful lock screen apps for jailbroken iPhones out there but we recommend that you start with  Convergance app.


Modifying your iPhone’s lock screen to suit your personality is one of the best thing that can happen to jailbreaking so don’t inhibit yourself from enjoying the fun it offers.

Tether your Mac directly to your iPhone without using Mobile Hotspot feature.

Bypassing the often expensive mobile hotspot feature from your network can save you some bucks.

Make use of more Control Center options.

If you are the tinkering type, jailbreaking also gives you the delight of tweaking Control Center options by installing a handful of intriguing apps like CCHide, FlipControlCenter, among others. Some of these apps gives you the freedom of switching around connectivity toggles and adding more shortcuts to your Control Center.

Fortify your phone with more Touch ID Tweaks functionalities.

Even before your iPhone 6 was launched, there had been many Touch ID tweaks designed for the iPhone 5 so you it’s no wonder that these apps are multiplying like crazy over the last few years. While some tweaks specialize in making individual apps more secure, others have evolved into allowing users to log-in to websites by simply using their fingerprint.

Some of the best Touch ID tweaks that we know include BioLockdown, Virtual Home, BioProtect, and Activator.

Improved Anti-Theft System in place.

If you tend to forget things, you can greatly improve your chance of recovering your iPhone if you have a more robust Anti-Theft feature. While Find My iPhone works decently, this feature can easily become useless if Airplane Mode is enabled. Jailbreaking your phone gives you more apps to choose from to address your Anti-Theft need. Some of the effective apps in this category include Gotcha Pro Alarm System, Alarm Security ALL-IN-1, Motion Alarm, and Immobilizer for iPhone.

If you truly want to enjoy a $500 smartphone, jailbreaking it is the best way to go. You’ll discover more ways to customize your device in ways you thought were not possible before. And we hope that our post today have shown why jailbreaking your iPhone 6 is cool.

How do you jailbreak your iPhone 6?

We are yet to create a special post on how to jailbreak iOS 8.x devices at this time. In the meantime, try look for many of the online resources on how to jailbreak your iPhone 6.

Keep watching for more posts in our blog on ways to make your device a surprising source of pleasure.



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