Must Have Jailbreak Apps For iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

If you are new to jailbreaking community, you may still be wondering what apps to install in your iPhone. Although the jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2 has been with us for a while now, we know that a lot of folks out there are probably still trying to decide on what apps to get out of tons of available tweaks in Cydia. If you have just jailbroken your iPhone or perhaps still looking for more reasons to do so at this time, these top tweaks can serve as excellent starting point.

Must Have Jailbreak Apps For iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

1. UntetheredHeySiri

Siri is cool, sure. It works right out of the box, needs little training on your part, and can do a decent job as a digital personal assistant. As another form of voice recognition technology Siri has relatively excelled in its class. But unlike other apps, Siri drains your iPhone’s battery power fast if left unattended. So, Apple devised a plan to control it–by allowing it to run only when the phone is tethered to a power source. That means you can’t use Siri consistently when you’re on the road. That’s not really convenient, right?

Thanks to UntetheredHeySiri from Cydia, this limitation can now be easily overlooked. Installing UntetheredHeySiri will not only empower Siri, this tweak will also automatically integrate with the built-in Siri configuration under Settings app, allowing you to interface directly with your phone’s Home screen. It’s a free app created by Hamza Sood.

2. Aeternum

Based on first-hand experience, we say Aeternum is by far the finest Apple Watch UI theme on iPhones right now. It’s reliable, easy to use, and neat-looking that it’s almost a sin not to install it.

Aeternum iPhone 6

It has received mostly solid reviews from users since it was first made available for iPhones. Among its outstanding features include a clean-cut Apple Watch Springboard UI, detailed and flawless animations, re-arrangeable icons, and smooth Dock and Spotlight integration, to mention just a few.

3. Almpoum

This terrific app packs options to handle your screenshot utility needs. Installing Almpoum means you now have the ability to upload your screenshots to Imgur easiliy, share them through AidDrop, or save them to a custom album in your phone’s storage device.

Almpoum iPhone 6

Developed by Elijah and Andrew, Almpoum can be downloaded via BigBoss repo.

4. LittleBrother

While not free, LittleBrother is definitely one of the tweaks most jailbreakers install on their phone. And for good reason.

LittleBrother iPhone 6

After installing the app, you get some of the amazing features you can only dream of using a stock iPhone. These features include a two-column email, settings page, and messages. It also allows you to lock the phone in landscape mode just like in iPads. In other words, your iPhone 6 now has scaling options so apps can automatically adjust themselves to the available screen space.

5. iTouchSecure

If you are looking for a faster way to log in to your oft-visited sites, you must install iTouchSecure. This app utilizes your iPhone’s Touch ID technology to convert your registered fingerprint into passwords for your favorite websites, apps, etc. It’s an innovative and secure way to access stuff.

iTouchSecure iPhone 6

First made available for the iPhone 5, iTouchSecure has eventually been ported to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3.

Developed by SpiritOfLogic, iTouchSecure is not cheap for an app at $4.99 but if you are looking at the time you can save by skipping typing those annoying passwords,  it’s nothing.

6. Tage

If you have used a jailbroken iPhone before, you must be familiar with Zephyr, the popular app for early iPhones that offers a myriad of multitasking gestures. For some reason, Zephyr was left un-updated for both iOS 7 and 8. Fortunately, an awesome developer named Ma Jun created a clone of Zephyr that has now become popular as well. Welcome to the age of Tage!

Tage iphone 6

Installing Tage gives you multitasking features like a handful of different gesture actions. This allows you to swipe from the bottom left, right, or middle of the screen to enable Quick Switcher. You can also close any open app using the same gesture. On top of that, Tage gives you the option to assign an area on the screen to a particular gesture action via the app’s preference pane.

Another example of its gesture action is by swiping down the Springboard card in the App Switcher to do one of the following items:

  • Power Off
  • Reboot
  • Respring
  • Go to Safe Mode
  • Lock
  • Quit all apps
  • Quit background apps

These are just some of the things that Tage can do, making it a deserving alternative to its predecessor, Zephyr.

7. LockGlyph

Available for free, LockGlyph is the tweak you don’t want to pass up. Conceived as an app to make the mundane unlocking of  your iPhone to something fun, LockGlyph is indeed a fancy way of using Apple Pay confirmation animation and sound to secure your device.

LockGlyph iphone 6

Combined with its great looks, unlocking your phone using LockGlyph is simply timeless.

8. Aria

Your iPhone’s stock Music app is inadequate. That’s the point Aria developers is driving at. For only $1.99, you can install Aria and use a more stable and diverse music app without the limitation of being unable to queue a song into the current playlist when a song is already playing. With Aria, you now have the options “Play Next” and “Play Last”.

Aria iphone 6

Aria also offers a new grid interface which is a welcome enhancement for iPhones. The grid-based views can be found in the album and artist view panels under preferences. Here you can turn on or off grid views if you like.

9. Slices

If you have been wanting to log-in to multiple accounts for the same app in your iPhone, Slices is the answer.

Slices iPhone 6

With Slices, you can now run multiple instances of the same app or game in your iPhone without logging out any one of them. It’s an undeniably smart tweak that circumvents app restriction of not supporting multiple users on the same device. Slices can be downloaded via BigBoss repo for $1.99.


Patterned after the popular Barrel app, Cylinder is an excellent application that brings to the table more Home screen icon animations. While most apps come with pre-packaged features and functions, Cylinder chooses to give its users more free rein on what to do by allowing them to create their own animations using Lua scripts.

Cylinder iPhone 6

This is made possible by layering animations on one another to produce a surprising and delightful combination.

Well, that’s it. Those are the only must have jailbreak apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus we think you should get first.