iPhone 6 Not Turning On After iOS 9.3.2 Update

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we help our readers who own the #Apple #iphone 6 fix the issues that they have with their device. Today we will tackle one particular issue that we got from one of our readers and that is the iPhone 6 not turning on after iOS 9.3.2 update. While updating this phone is usually a smooth process sometimes issues such as this can occur. Let’s take a look at the particulars of this problem and how to resolve it.

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iPhone 6 Not Turning On After iOS 9.3.2 Update

Problem: Updated phone iPhone 6 after iOS 9.3.2 Update, and it won’t even turn on to get to home page to make call or even get messages, can’t take incoming calls…nothing. When I turn it on, it has a picture of plug going into Itunes. Why do I have to do that?  Especially when at work with no mac in sight. Can anything be done?  or do I need to plug into a mac when i get a chance somewhere somehow with no ID or Password that I can remember for Itunes….this is going to be a long process….and can assure you i will never update again. Any resolution you have would be helpful and hope I was as detailed as possible.

Solution: The plug going into iTunes image means that your phone is in the recovery mode screen. To resolve this issue you need to plug the phone to a computer with the latest iTunes installed and running then press power + home button for around 8 seconds, then release the power button but hold the home button until the device is recognised by iTunes.

When the phone is recognized by iTunes you will get a message to either update or restore the phone. Choose to update your device. Your data won’t be erased in this process.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved after following the steps listed above.

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