Fix iPhone 6 Digitizer Stopped Working After Screen Replacement, Ghosting issue

A broken screen is often one of the commonly encountered issues by a lot of smartphone users. In this post today, we bring briefly discuss some scenarios of #iPhone6 screen problems and their solutions. Hopefully you’ll find something helpful in this one.

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Fix iPhone 6 Digitizer Stopped Working After Screen Replacement, Ghosting issue

Problem 1: iPhone 6S screen ghosting issue, keeps freezing

Good morning. My problem is with an iPhone 6 S plus which belongs to a work mate. He’d broken his screen so i ordered a new LCD and touch screen for him. i put it in for him. He went away happy, but he has just told me the screen is freezing up and i think you guys call it ghosting. So the phone seems to do its own I think. Could you please let me know any fixes that may be possible? Many thanks. — Steve

Solution: Hi Steve. Ghosting, also known as burn-in or image burn-in, refers to a seeming duplicate image in the screen or discoloration whether you’re browsing pictures, using an app, or even when in the Home page doing nothing. The main reason for this screen phenomenon is due to uneven usage of phosphorous compounds which emit light that creates the image you see on the screen. In an ideal situation, these phosphorous compounds should be producing the same amount of light in order to display an image properly. If that’s not happening, the screen will show image shadow, discoloration, or uneven shades in some parts.

Unfortunately, ghosting can only be prevented. Once it has manifested, it’s permanent and the only way to fix it is by replacing the screen.

We don’t know if you really have a ghosting problem or a freezing iPhone issue (the two are distinct). If it’s the latter, there’s a chance that the freezing problem may be a side effect of the repair you’ve done, or the direct result of a malfunctioning motherboard that also caused the initial screen to go bad in the first place. If freezing problem won’t go away after replacing the current screen, you should have a more serious hardware issue at hand. This means that it may be practical to simply get a new phone than consider getting the motherboard replaced.

Problem 2: iPhone 6 screen has lines, won’t turn on, after water damage

Hello. I have an iPhone 6 that got dropped into water. No damage other than getting wet. The screen had lines in it before not working at all. I got a new screen and installed it but It has vertical black/gray/white lines and it does not respond to touching. The touch ID is not working to unlock it and the touch pad is not working to put my code in to unlock it. I have reconnected things and gently brushed the connections 2-3 times but nothing helps.

I bought the Apple screen off eBay. I am frustrated and don’t know what to do. can I get some advice please? — BIll W

Solution: Hi BIll W. Water damage is almost always a death sentence for any electronic device, even for those with water-resistance protection like the iPhone 7. Unlike the iPhone 7 though, your device is not water protected at all so if it was submerged in water even for just a second, water or moisture must have find their way into the main board or in other areas. Replacing the screen won’t fix the other broken hardware components. In an ideal world, you’re supposed to do the following right away to minimize the damage:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Dismantle the device by opening it.
  3. Remove the battery (this is very important; letting a battery stay connected to a wet motherboard can short other components permanently damaging them).
  4. Disconnecting every assembly and motherboard.
  5. Soak everything in a special alcohol solution, especially if the phone was submerged into salt water or muddy water. Make sure that you rinse the device and its dismantled parts thoroughly to remove any remaining water.
  6. Dry everything by putting them in a bag of rice for days, placing it a sealed bag with silica gel inside or by using a some professional drying products usually found in shops that deal with wet gadgets. Drying the device using rice or silica gel can take several days so if you want to speed up the process, you must use professional tools.

The steps above are only the basic rescue steps that you should have done right away. Not doing them at this time put the device at greater risks for permanent damage. Unfortunately, once hardware has been damaged, you will only be able to fix it by either replacing the particular component, or simply replacing the entire phone with a new one.

If you want to know how extensive the damage is, let a professional do it for you.

Problem 3: iPhone 6 digitizer stopped working after screen replacement

Digitizer quit working on factory screen. I ordered new screen and replaced it. Now I have had to completely retire phone to factory settings. But screen still does not recognize touch. I’ve cleaned the screen. I’ve removed pink plastic wrap from inside new screen LCD. I have done basically everything I’ve read to do but still no response. It actually worked when I forgot to put plate on that covers LCD digitizer harnesses. But when I realized I forgot to put that part on i opened it, applied plate and closed it. Restore it again with still to no avail. — Paul Price

Solution: Hi Paul. Loss of touch sensitivity or total absence of touchscreen function after a repair is usually caused by a damaged flex cable. There are three major parts in a screen assembly — the LCD, digitizer, and flex cable. Sometimes, inexperienced technicians or users damage the one of the digitizer or flex cables during LCD or digitizer installation so we suggest that you take your phone apart again and make sure that you check the said cables. Every flex cable is important and ripping one can lead to a serious hardware malfunction. You want to ensure that every flex cable connector is properly plugged in. if the issue continues after that, then the digitizer you bought may be defective, or there’s something wrong with one of the digitizer flex cables.

Problem 4: iPhone 6 reboots randomly, won’t charge after screen replacement

Hi. I have an iPhone 6. It recently got repaired since the screen came off. After a couple of months, about a week ago, whenever my phone goes low on charge about 20%, my screen keeps flashing and turning off, doesn’t load up. it’s started to change colours and go all dull with different colours. Sometimes it doesn’t wake up and I have to press the lock button and him button like 10times and I really don’t know what to do. Please help me! — Dan

Solution: Hi Dan. Like water damage, the unnecessary shock from an accidental drop or impact can lead to all sorts of problems. In some cases, the problem will become apparent right away while other devices may not display anything at all. And then there are those that appear to work normally after some time but then suddenly fail for no apparent reason.

Since you obviously did damage the phone physically one way or another, we don’t think doing any software troubleshooting will help. But in order to be on the safe side, you can try to wipe the phone clean to restore it to its default settings and see what happens from there. Make sure that you back everything up in iTunes or iCloud before resetting the device to its factory settings (if it can still be done at this time). In order to factory reset your iPhone 6, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. If prompted, enter your passcode.
  6. Tap Erase iPhone.

Now that your phone has been wiped, everything should be back to normal if the main reason is software-related. If your problem remains, let a more experienced technician check the status of the hardware.

Problem 5: iPhone 6 screen showing lines and discoloration

The screen started to come off you can see white light coming from it in a dark room, I taped it until I am able to get it fixed then I dropped it and now the screen is flickering but when the screen flickers there are horizontal lines and whatever is on the screen is half way down the screen flickering as well as the image being on the screen. Could this be the LCD or something else? Thank you. — Seren

Solution: Hi Seren. Yes, it’s definitely an LCD problem, and possibly a few screen assembly-related issues. Screen discolorations and running lines are the most obvious signs of a bad screen assembly. If you think you can manage, visit Youtube and watch some videos on how to replace an iPhone 6’s screen assembly. Otherwise, let someone who does repair for a living do it for you.