iPhone 6 Touchscreen Stopped Working Issue

The only convenient way to interact with a smartphone is by the use of its touchscreen. When #Apple released the first #iPhone model that utilized a touchscreen the world was still using phones with keypads. Fast forward to today most of the phones available in the market, such as the #iphone 6 are using touchscreens.  What makes a touchscreen great to use is because it acts as an input and output device at the same time. There are however instances when problems can arise when using this touchscreen, such as the iPhone touch screen not working issue or an touchscreen stopped working problem which we will tackle today.

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Touchscreen Stopped Working

Problem:  My iphone 6 touchscreen stopped working a couple of days ago. It would randomly work for a few seconds after hard reset and then just stopped completely. Phone appears to be working fine (receives calls text etc) but I can’t swipe to unlock. Took the phone to Apple where they tried to replace the screen and it still didn’t work as well as telling me the touchpad now would no longer take my thumbprint. They put the old screen back on and the touchscreen worked again…for like the next 30 minutes…then didn’t work…then worked for a few minutes…then didn’t work. I then did a factory reset and restored from my iCloud acct and the screen was working again for a day and then stopped working. I would totally be okay with having to purchase a new phone if the phone wasn’t working at all but everything on the phone is fine except the touchscreen!!!! I shouldn’t have to purchase a new phone entirely just because the touchscreen isn’t working! I’ve called around to some phone repair places who just flat out said if replacing the touchscreen doesn’t work then they don’t know what else to do. Really? Isn’t there some hardware inside this phone that connects to the screen that can be repaired/replaced in lieu of chucking the phone completely? Help!!!! Please!!!!

Solution: The iPhone 6 screen and digitizer assembly connects directly to the logic board of the phone via the front panel assembly cable. Several other connectors available for the display are the front-facing camera and sensor cable connector, home button cable connector, and the display data cable connector.

The problem could be with the display data cable connector which may be loose or have some wires that are partially cut. There’s also the possibility that the logic board of your phone has a problem. It is possible to replace the logic board of the phone itself ( costs around $300 for a used OEM part ) however if you factor in the cost of such a procedure I think getting a new device is the better option.

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