iPhone 6 Resetting Randomly Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we help our readers who own the #Apple #iPhone 6 fix the issues that they are experiencing with the device. Today we will tackle the iPhone 6 resetting randomly issue & other related problems. One of our readers is having this problem where the phone is glitchy and laggy rendering the phone unusable sometimes. We will take a look at why this is happening and also tackle other issues sent our way.

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iPhone 6 Resetting Randomly

Problem: Hello, For the past week or so I’ve been having issues with my Iphone 6 (128GB). It has been glitchy/laggy and had been resetting on me a lot lately which because of this I never got the chance to back up my phone. The few times it reset on me randomly, the camera roll had trouble restoring itself back after multiple attempts. The data wasn’t lost because it showed it was still there in storage settings. When the phone was plugged into the computer, Itunes recognized my camera roll as “Other” data. This making me even more anxious to have backed it up even If I could of. These issues stemmed from low storage then lead to more after. I had free’d up 20GB of data on my phone just to see if that would help restore my camera roll back which it helped it try for a longer period of time but still ended up crashing after multiple attempts. Now, my phone randomly reset/shut off on me for good. The first or second time this happened I was able to get it out of the boot loop using a software that I purchased for $45 online to repair it out of recovery mode. Now, nothing not even that software will get it to turn on anymore. I’ve tried many times and i’m hopeless. All I wanted was to safely obtain the data off the phone before I lose it all. I really don’t want to restore without a back up. Is there any softwares you think may help me access the data on my phone without it being powered on? Or any good data recovery softwares if I had to restore the phone? Would appreciate it, thanks.

Solution: The safest software that I can recommend that you use is iTunes since this is designed to work properly with your phone. Try connecting your phone  to a computer running on the latest version of iTunes then check if your phone can be detected. If it can then you will be able to make a backup copy of your phone data. If this fails to work then you should bring the phone to an authorized service center as they will have the proper tools to fix this problem.

iPhone 6 Freezes

Problem: Hello! I recently replaced my sister’s iPhone 6 screen. This was not my first screen but I encountered a problem I have never seen before. I restarted the phone and it seemed to work great. my sister turned it on and off a couple of times. Then when she turned it on again, instead of turning on it went to a dark blue screen. After pressing the power button it went back to the sleep screen. The next time it turned on like normal. Every couple of times it would do this. It would also do it sometimes in-app. She went to safari and the screen froze on the blue screen and stayed like that until the power button was pressed again. Then it powered up again. That happened in a couple of apps. I opened it up again and reconnected all the parts. What should I do? Could it be a problem with the physical screen?

Solution: What you should do first in this case is to check if the problem is caused by some software glitch. The quickest way to do this is to backup your phone data then restore your phone software and set it up as a new device. Once this is done do not install anything in your phone just yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then the problem could be caused by the phone display.

iPhone 6 Flickering Screen

Problem: My phone is a iphone 6. Got it from a friend. The phone is a little scratched up but otherwise in near perfect working condition. My bf and I were laying down and he grabbed my phone at the same time I did, trying to get it out of my hand (we were roughhousing and playing around), then all of a sudden the screen went schizo and starting flickering, as if there’s a glitch. was like this for about 10 mins or less then randomly it came back on to the original home screen like never ever happened. A few hours later my bf tossed me my phone and it fell on the end table then did the same flickering spazzing and hasn’t returned to the way it was before, at all. Thinking it’s just a loose connection for the display now that it’s had pressure put on the screen and dropped from literally 2.5 feet high (if that). I don’t have the money to go and get the screen replaced or the entire phone replaced, so please help me in telling me what I can do to fix it? Taking it apart and fixing the inside of the phone is the solution I’m hoping is most logical. Help?!

Solution: You should try resetting the phone first by pressing and holding the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. If this doesn’t work then some component inside the phone possible the display assembly or its ribbon connector to the motherboard has been affected by the drop. Since this requires the phone to be opened and examined I recommend that you have this done at a service center.

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