iPhone 6 shuts down while using Snapchat

We’ve already published a lot of #iPhone6 articles in the past but not one mentioned that the cause was due to an official app like Snapchat before. Regardless of circumstances though, troubleshooting steps remain the same if you find yourself with an iPhone that won’t turn on. In the particular case below, we don’t think there’s anymore that the user can do on her end so she’ll most likely end up sending it in.

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Problem: iPhone 6 shuts down while using Snapchat, won’t turn back on ever since

I have an iphone 6.. while on Snapchat tonight my phone shut off completely.. it had 40 percent battery, I put it on the charger for an hour straight and nothing still a black screen… I have tried the power button and home button and didn’t work… I have hooked it up to the computer and it didn’t recognize it… This phone is only 3 months old.. please help. — Nikki Spires

Solution: Hi Nikki. Does your iPhone still shows signs of life such as making sounds for incoming messages, or vibrates when there’s a new notification? If it does, then the problem is most probably screen-related. To fix it, let a professional replace it for you.

We discourage you to replace the screen yourself if you haven’t done it before. Unless you are okay to accept any consequence following a botched repair, just allow someone who does things like these for a living do it for you. Sure there are a lot Youtube videos that you can follow but a lot do-it-yourself repair cases we encounter end up with disappointed users and more issues to diagnose. Also, keep in mind that saving some dollars for a technician fee may not be very practical given the fact that a DIY repair still requires that you buy your own repair kits and replacement parts. Of course, because DIY repair is not done expertly, there’s also no guarantee at all that it will go as planned.

If your iPhone is totally dead and not showing any signs of life at all, that’s most probably due to a hardware failure like a bad battery. Try to charge your phone using another set of lightning cable and adapter. If it won’t charge and power on after that, send it in for repair.


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