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Easy Way On How to Fix Apple Maps Not Working on iOS 13

Apple Maps Not Working on iOS 13

Finding where you are and finding where you want, with Apple Map app installed and running on the latest iOS on your iPhone couldn’t be easier. It uses GPS or Global Positioning System that is used to locate the ground position of a subject. With iOS13, Apple maps also has its own upgrades such as

How To Fix An iPhone Won’t Download Apps: The Easy Way

How To Fix An iPhone Won’t Download Apps

With more than a million apps available to download in App Store, it can be very frustrating to experience when iPhone won’t download apps when you are so eager to try them. Well basically, the Apps is what makes the iPhone so great aside from the features it offers. There have been reports of Apple

How To Fix iPhone Camera Will Not Focus: Quick And Easy Way

How To Fix iPhone Camera Will Not Focus

Apple is known to have the best camera of any mobile devices in the market nowadays but despite of it, there are also instances wherein some glitches or mild problems interferes with how the camera functions. One of the common problems with iPhone camera is that it won’t focus when you’re trying to take a

How To Fix Airdrop Not Working On Your Apple Device

How To Fix Airdrop Not Working On Your Apple Device

Have you ever experiencing sending a file via Airdrop and you can’t do so because your airdrop is not working? Perhaps there are changes in the settings of your airdrop that needs to be checked. Getting Airdrop to work again on your iPhone can be easy and requires a few checks and steps on how

How To Access Airdrop: Everything You Need To Know

How To Access Airdrop

Airdrop is Apple’s best-kept secret feature on their iPhone. It is used to easily transfer files such as photos and documents wirelessly between Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iMac that uses Bluetooth to discover and broadcast in order to transfer the data,Best-kept secret in a way that the feature is somehow ‘hidden’ in the

Tips & Tricks: How To Save Your iPhone Battery Life

How To Save iPhone Battery Life

Smartphones are now a part of our day to day activities. We need our phones to be always with us at all times. We need it to make calls, send text messages, to capture photos and videos as well as to play games and many other things that iPhones can do. With all the things

How To Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing In Other iOS Devices

How To Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing In Other iOS Devices

With the advent of technology, almost all individuals specifically businessmen uses their iPhone calendar on a daily basis. It is where they plot their daily schedule, meetings and other events that needs to keep in mind. It is considered to be the most convenient way of organizing your schedules in such a way that you

How To Fix Music Not Showing On iPhone After Update To iOS 13

How To Fix Music Not Showing On iPhone After Update To iOS 13

Normally, when you purchased music from the iTunes store, it would automatically appear every time you launch Apple music app or even music not purchased. However, there have been quite a few reports from Apple users experiencing on their iPhone wherein after they updated to the latest iOS 13 Music not showing up. Not only

My iPhone is stuck on ‘Disconnecting’ while using ExpressVPN

One of the best VPN services out there is ExpressVPN. It’s fast and secure and you don’t have to worry about your IP address when you’re using it. It also has a very clean and straightforward interface across all platforms. But recently after the iOS 13.2 update, some iPhone owners have complained that they are

What to do if ExpressVPN keeps crashing on an iPhone

Shortly after Apple rolled out the iOS 13.2 update for newer iPhones, some owners who use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix complained about the app that keeps crashing. As a result, they could no longer hide their IP addresses or unblock geoblocked contents because ExpressVPN is no longer working the way it should.  App crashes are

How to Hide Your IP Address and unblock blocked websites

We have our own reason why we need to hide our IP address. For my personal experience, I would simply want to unblock websites that are blocked in my area. I always want to access contents that are geoblocked like Netflix. There are certain shows and movies I would want to watch without interruption.  The