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5 Best iPhone To HDMI Cables

You’re trying to watch a movie at home on your iPhone, but you wish you had a bigger screen that you could play the content on. Whether you’re watching YouTube, local media, or streaming Netflix or Hulu from your phone, the screen can just be so small for watching entertainment. Luckily, there’s a way that

How to enable restrictions or parental controls in iOS 12

Restrictions or Parental Controls lets you manage contents, applications and features you want your kids to access. In iOS 11, Restrictions can be found immediately under General settings but when iOS 12 arrived, the option was gone. Many users thought it as a bug but in reality, it’s transferred to another menu. Continue reading as

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac

There are several ways to sync contacts from your iPhone to your Mac. But we don’t need to go through each of them. In this video, I will show you how to backup your contacts using the most practical and easiest methods. Continue reading as I will walk you through in syncing your contacts from

5 Best Antivirus For iPhone and iPad In 2019

Antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Do you need it? There’s a lot of folks who will say that it’s imperative to have antivirus on your mobile devices — after all, you want to make sure that you stay protected against any pieces of malware, viruses, and more! However, when it comes to mobile antivirus, it’s

5 Best iPhone Case Brands

Got a new iPhone? Then you already know how insanely expensive they are! The line line of iPhones can cost you $1000 or more, depending on the storage size you go with. And then if you pick up an iPhone XS Max, you’re looking at around $1500 for the top storage size. It’s not an

How to fix iPhone X wifi issue: wifi keeps disconnecting

Hello iPhone fans! Welcome to today’s #iPhoneX troubleshooting article. This post covers three common issues for the iPhone X. If you are an iPhone X owner, try browsing the cases to get an idea what to do if you encounter any of the cases mentioned below. Before we proceed let us remind you that you

How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone

You might have thought of just how useful it would be to be able to record a phone call. Maybe you’ve gotten a call from Mom with a grocery list to pick up for a holiday, but forgot what that list was. Or maybe some called you with some important information that you just had

How To Block Text Messages On iPhone X

Are you wondering how you can block unwanted text messages? Maybe you’re having trouble stopping a significant other from blowing your phone up with messages, or you’re getting unwanted spam messages from who knows where. While you can’t always stop the spam messages, as they always seem to come from a different number, you can

5 Best iPhone XS Max Alternative In 2019

One of the best things about the Apple event last week was the announcement of a third iPhone for this year: the iPhone XS Max. One of the frustrations with the original iPhone X was that it was actually smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. But now, this year, we have a larger iPhone X