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How to fix iPhone 8 Plus wifi issues: internet only works when VPN is enabled

Today’s troubleshooting article will try to answer some questions regarding the #iPhone8 device. We chose three similar cases that were reported for the last few days Before we proceed let us remind you that you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of this page.¬†When describing your issue, please be as

5 Best Offline GPS Apps For iPhone XS

Wondering how you can continue to use turn-by-turn GPS directions, even when you lose your data connection or run into a poor signal? Luckily, many of the GPS apps that you’re already using have the capabilities to download areas and even entire maps to your iPhone XS for offline use. Lose your signal, and your

How to turn off Find My iPhone without using password

Find My iPhone is one of the most important features of an iPhone and other Apple devices. With this feature enabled, you can track, lock, erase, and remotely access your iOS device whenever it’s lost or stolen. To keep your Apple device protected, it is highly recommended to keep Find My iPhone enabled on it.

Do AirPods Work With Android?

So you’ve tried a ton of different wireless headphones with your Android device, but you’re just not finding one that works the way you want it too. Or, maybe you’re just not finding the sound quality that you want out of a pair of headphones. Suffice to say, you’ve heard that Apple’s AirPods are actually

4 Best Washington DC Subway Map App For iPhone

The Washington DC area is known for its ridiculous traffic. With many commuting in for work in surrounding states, it isn’t unheard of that a commute could take two to three hours, or more depending on some different variables. That said, many folks have opted to use Washington DC’s rapid transit system instead, offering a

5 Best Tokyo Subway Map App For iPhone

Tokyo is an extremely busy city — after all, it’s the capital of Japan! Driving around by car is not something for the faint of heart, especially at rush hour times when you can expect to sit in traffic for hours on end. That’s part of the reason why Tokyo has their own rapid transit

5 Best iPhone XR Alternatives In 2019

As you no doubt know already, Apple recently announced its new lineup for the iPhone — the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. This is an exciting release for Apple because they’re officially moving forward with the iPhone X-style smartphone, leaving the traditional iPhone 8 style in the past — that does mean

5 Best Game Controllers For iPhone XR

If you do a lot of gaming on iOS, then you no doubt want to consider picking up one of the best game controllers for iPhone XR. Gaming on mobile can be a lot of fun — we’re able to achieve graphics and gameplay in mobile devices that we’ve never seen before; however, gaming can

How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text

Group texts are a great way for multiple people to communicate with each other around a specific subject or topic. If you were inviting multiple friends to head off for a Friday night dinner, a group text would be the best way to organize and structure information around the event. It makes it easier to

5 Best Seoul Subway Map App For iPhone

Seoul is a hustling and bustling city. Tourists, workers, and commuters all visit Seoul on the regular, whether to enjoy all of the excellent entertainment that the capital of South Korea has to offer, conduct business, or work within one of the many offices or large companies. It’s a very dense city, which makes driving

5 Best Toronto Subway Map App For iPhone

Toronto, like many major metro areas, is an insanely busy metropolitan area. It’s densely populated, and tourists, workers, and commuters all visit the area on the regular, whether to enjoy all of the excellent entertainment that the city has to offer, conduct business, or work within one of the many offices or large companies. As