iPhone 6 Flickering Black Screen Issue

One reason a lot of people love the iPhone is that it has a beautiful display. The #iPhone 6 for instance has a 4.7 inch Retina display that has a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. This makes images and videos appear lifelike and vivid on the phone screen.


Sometimes though there are problems that occur concerning the phone screen. One of this problem is the iPhone 6 flickering black screen issue. This is characterized by the display flickering then turning black. In some cases the phone appears off while in most there seems to be an activity but nothing can be seen on the screen.

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iPhone 6 Flickering Black Screen

Problem: Ok so i want to start from the beginning just in case something is related to my problems. i have my iphone 6 since september 23 and it is november 7 now. it was not a brand new phone. it was working seamlessly great until november 4th. a round halloween and around november 1st it fell on the floor, from around my knees to the floors,  i am a short person. after both falls the phone had no problems whatsoever, it’s like it never fell, the phone was working perfectly fine until a couple of days later. one night (the night before november 4th) i was watching a show on my iphone 6 and i fell asleep. i woke up in the middle of the night put my phone on the table next to my bed. i didn’t touch it or anything i just went back to sleep. in the morning (november 4th) i took my phone and it showed me the screen you have when you have to charge the phone, like the plug to power screen. i plugged it into power and when it opened the screen was weird. the screen was flickering. i started to panick. i restarted my phone and everything, but it was still flickering. the phone was still working tho, like i had notifications working, i was able to text, to call, to receive calls, basically everything was working except my screen was flickering. And i also realized that after like 2 minutes that i used my phone every time, the flickering got a little worse and the screen would just go black on me, not the black like a closed phone but the black screen where the phone is still on, but i still heard everything working. so every time this would happen i had to press the lock button and press it again to have my screen on again. this went on the whole morning. i even tried to reset my phone like 3 times but that didn’t work at all, i also tried the hard reset but still nothing. i spent the day like that. on the late night, i was still able to use my phone but the black screen would occur more often. i went to sleep and i woke up until like 4 in the morning (november 5th) when i woke up the screen was still flickering. around the afternoon,the phone just went on a blackout, like the closed phone blackout, but i still heard everything. so i tried this thing when you  press the home button while you connect your phone to your itunes. on my itunes it said if i wanted to restore my phone. ( btw ever since my iphone started flickering out of nowhere, my itunes recognized my phone, it’s like my phone didn’t have a problem. ) anyways i said yes to the restore (phone was in recovery mode i think) and i tried to restore but of course where i live the wifi is bad, so the restore process never ended. and on my computer it kept saying error 9006, i dont think thats related to my phone tho. anyways, i lost patience and cancelled the process. unplugged my phone and plugged it again, the itunes recognized it without any problems, it’s like it was a normal working phone. even tho now it was an empty phone because i reseted it lol. Obviously the phone is a working phone because the itunes recognizes it without any problems. but i realized that ever since the screen went blackout on me, when i plug it to power (computer or wall) it does the charging sound every 5-6 seconds. i don’t know if that’s been happening ever since the screen blacked out or ever since i reseted the phone i’m not sure. also that the phone was slightly warmer (i don’t know either if that always happen when charging a phone or is that just my paranoid self right now) when i charge it. i don’t recall having water or oil or anything on my phone, just two little falls, and note that the phone after the falls was  still working perfectly fine.please help me, i’m panicking right now. i dont know whats wrong with my phone, i don’t know if the thing inside my phone got loose after the falls and just completely disconnected after a while or if its a software glitch or something, i just don’t know. ps; my iphone 6 has the latest running ios, the 9.1 one. i tried to restore but i aborted because of error 9006. and even after 4 days now the phone is still recognized by itunes like it had no problem whatsoever and still does the charging sound every 5-6 seconds ( not sure if it’s because of the screen or just because it is a reseted phone idk) and obviously  my screen is still in a blacked out state, like it was a closed phone) please help.

Solution: You should definitely attempt to restore your phone software and set it up as a new device using iTunes. Since you are getting the error 9006 I suggest you check the security software your computer is using. This error message is displayed if the security software is interfering with your phone or with the Apple update server. Try to temporarily disable or remove your computer security software and see if this resolves the issue. You should also take a look at your computer time and date and make sure that it is correct.

If the issue persists then try using a different USB cord when connecting your phone to the computer and try using different USB ports.

Once you have restored your phone and the problem still persists then this may already be caused by a faulty hardware. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

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