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How to delete frequently visited sites on your iPhone 11 Safari app

This quick guide will help you configure your iOS 13 or iPhone 11 Safari browser settings to delete the list of frequently visited sites. Feel free to utilize this context when needed. The sites you visit most often are saved on a dedicated folder on your browser app. In iOS Safari, frequently visited sites are

How to fix Personal Hotspot not working on Apple iPhone 11

Like its predecessor iPhones, the new iPhone 11 also supports Personal Hotspot or internet sharing feature. With this feature enabled, you can use your iPhone to act as a wireless router or internet source and then share internet connection with your other devices. This feature is handy when there’s no Wi-Fi router or modem available.

How to fix software update failed error on Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Installing new updates on an iPhone wirelessly is supposed to be a straightforward process. But due to several factors, the simple updating process could also become intricate to the point that it could not be completed. If by any chance you’re reading this post while searching for some input on what to do when bumping

How to deal with poor Wi-Fi reception, weak Wi-Fi signal on an iPhone 11 Pro

A smartphone that’s getting poor Wi-Fi reception or weak Wi-Fi signal is more prone to experience intermittent connection or Wi-Fi drops. It’s definitely an annoying issue and therefore requires prompt solution. Any device can succumb to such problem unexpectedly. And even the new powerful devices like the recently rolled out Apple iPhone 11 series are

What to do if you cannot update apps on your iPhone 11

The App Store is one of the most important system components of any Apple devices. Through this platform, you can add new apps you’d like to use on your iPhone either via one-time purchase or free downloads. It is also where you get updates for your third-party applications. That said, you wouldn’t be able to

How to fix an iPhone 11 Pro Max that keeps restarting on its own

Apple devices are known to be sturdy — in both hardware and software aspects. Nonetheless, it isn’t a guarantee that these devices wouldn’t succumb to some random flaws. In fact, you have heard a lot of iPhone owners complaining about various types of problems even after a few days, weeks of months of usage. And

How to fix an iPhone 11 that’s not recognized in iTunes

Data transfer, iOS updates and major iOS repair are usually done through iTunes on a computer. iTunes is Apple’s very own data management or iOS device management utility that serves various purposes from content downloads to system repairs. To use this tool, your device must be attached to the computer where iTunes is installed. The

How to fix No service error on an iPhone 11, calls and SMS not working

A no service error denotes that your iPhone is not getting service from the network. As a result, relevant services such as calling and texting aren’t working on your phone. While some people wouldn’t mind getting this error for as long as they’re able to connect to Wi-Fi internet, this is definitely a downer to

How to fix an iPhone 11 that keeps lagging and freezing

New Apple devices rarely show adverse system behaviors. However, it doesn’t denote that these devices are totally free of flaws. Even the newest powerful iPhones are no exception. Among the dreaded issues any iPhone owner could bump into is on random to frequent lags and freezes. These symptoms are often seen in early devices with