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How to fix battery draining problem on your iPhone 5, battery drains so fast

Power issues including battery draining problem on an iPhone are usually transpiring among other symptoms of wear-and-tear. Nonetheless, these problems may also occur earlier due to system errors and rogue apps. Addressed in this post is a similar issue on the iPhone 5 battery that’s draining so quickly. Read on to find out how to

How to fix No service error on your iPhone 5s, network signal not available

When your iPhone shows No service error, it’s telling you that it’s not acquiring network signal and thus network services aren’t available. As a result, you won’t be able to use the basic yet key functions like making and receiving phone calls and text messages. There are many reasons as to why network errors like

How to fix delayed touchscreen response problem on your iPhone 5s

Delayed touchscreen response or sluggishness is usually listed among the symptoms of performance problems in mobile devices. These symptoms are often tied to insufficient memory, data corruption, system crashes, bad updates, malware and stubborn bugs. In worse cases, a sluggish performance can also be an indication of hardware damage on the phone. Even so, it

How to fix Facebook app that won’t open, doesn’t work on your iPhone 5

Facebook is a popular social media platform available on both Android and iOS devices. Many people utilize the platform for personal and business purposes, particularly for marketing. The fact that billions of people are using Facebook worldwide is good enough reason for the Facebook app developers to do any means to make the platform always

How to fix an iPhone 5c that keeps losing Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi drops

Wireless signal issues are emerging among the most common dilemmas of smartphone owners. Temporary outages, technical network difficulties, network settings errors, and bad updates are usually the underlying causes. In worst cases, frequent Wi-Fi signal drops are attributed to hardware damage like when the network equipment or the phone itself (modem or router) has obtained

How to fix YouTube that keeps crashing on your iPad Air 3 

When it comes to free online video streaming, YouTube is by far emerging as one of the most popular platforms. In fact, many smartphone owners have YouTube app installed on their respective devices be it Android or iOS. The fact that the app is maintained and backed by the Internet giant makes it more credible

How to fix an iPad Pro (2018) that won’t connect to Wi-Fi network

Wireless connectivity issues in mobile devices are inevitable as they can be triggered by many factors from the network based down to the network equipment in use as well as software and hardware components on the affected device. Among the common symptoms would include slow Internet connection, intermittent connectivity and no Internet connection at all.

How to fix an iPhone 5c that’s stuck on black screen of death (BSOD)

Black screen of death is one of the most dreaded problems any smartphone owner could encounter. It usually occurs among the many symptoms of performance issues tied to low storage, data corruption, bad updates and worst, hardware damage. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue on the Apple iPhone 5c smartphone that’s stuck on

How to fix an iPhone 5c that’s overheating

You can say that your iPhone is overheating if its temperature goes beyond the normal operating temperature range, which is between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit or  0° and 35° Celsius.  In normal circumstances, the device temperature gets back to normal after you let it cool down for a several minutes or hours. But that won’t