How to Hide IP Address when using iPhone SE 3 (2022) Cellular Data

This post will walk you through activating an iOS 15 feature that will limit IP address tracking on the 3rd generation special edition iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to hide your IP address when using iPhone SE 3 (2022) cellular data.

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Keep getting unsolicited emails containing ads or other online offers when using the internet with your iPhone SE 3? You can limit this by activating an inbuilt feature to hide IP address. Read on for more detailed instructions.

iOS 15 Cellular Data Options

Every device that goes online is assigned with a unique address that serves as the device’s identifier on the internet or a local area network. This unique address is called IP (Internet Protocol) address.

An IP address allows sending and receiving of information between devices on a network, making devices accessible for communication. The IP address can also be used to track specific online devices for marketing (ad campaigns) and other tracing purposes. That said, anyone can trace your location or send ads based on your interests and online activities whenever you browse the web.

To ensure privacy and security among iPhone owners, modern Apple devices are already entrenched with a dedicated feature to limit IP address tracking when using inbuilt apps like Safari and Mail online. This feature is disabled by default. To make use of this feature, you will need to enable it on your iPhone settings beforehand.

If you’re new to iOS and wondering how to activate this privacy feature on your new iPhone SE 3 device, the following steps will walk you through the entire process.

Steps to Hide IP address when using iPhone SE (2022) cellular data

The following steps are also applicable when limiting IP address tracking when using cellular data on your other iPhone. Just be sure to keep your iPhone software updated to ensure all key features and menu options are present.

Note that actual screens and menu options vary between device models and carriers so expect some slight differences on individual device’s user interface.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure your iPhone’s cellular data settings. 

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen to launch the iOS settings app.
limit ip address tracking iPhone SE 3 cellular data SETTINGS
Step 2: While in the main settings menu, tap Cellular.
limit ip address tracking iPhone SE 3 cellular data CELLULAR
Step 3: On the succeeding window, tap the switch to enable Cellular Data. If Cellular Data is already turned on, skip to the next step.
limit ip address tracking iPhone SE 3 cellular data CD ON
Step 4: Tap Cellular Data Options to proceed. Another menu opens with relevant options and data features.
limit ip address tracking iPhone SE 3 cellular data CDO
Step 5: Turn on Limit IP Address Tracking switch to activate the iOS data IP address hiding feature on your phone.
limit ip address tracking iPhone SE 3 cellular data SWITCHON

How does Limit IP Address Tracking work on your iPhone?

In most instances, websites do not directly gather your data but there are some services used by other websites that do collect IP address from smartphone users.

In fact, there are a variety of trackers that are enforced in numerous modern websites to help them analyze data on the recorded website visits. The main purpose of this data collection is to help website administrators come up with better means to improve user experience on their website.

But then again, you can always choose not to reveal or your IP address with a website.

When enabled, this intelligent tracking prevention feature will hide your IP address from known trackers in Mail and Safari browser and thereby limits IP address tracking.

Keeping this setting enabled will prevent websites or email services from getting indirect location information about you based on your online activities, particularly when using the iOS Safari and Mail applications.

Apple has also released its very own Mail Privacy Protection technology that uses proxying to prevent IP address tracking through images or other media files embedded in an email message. 

You can activate any of these features if you don’t want anyone to trace your device’s location and gather data based on online interests.

And that’s how you limit IP address tracking or hide IP address from trackers when using cellular data internet connection on your new iPhone SE 3 smartphone.

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