How Enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

This post will walk you through activating the iOS 15 feature that will turn your new 3rd generation special edition iPhone into a wireless modem/router. Here’s a quick guide to enable Personal Hotspot on the iPhone SE 3 (2022).

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Need to go online but no available Wi-Fi network? If you’ve got your iPhone with sufficient data credits or data subscription, you can activate the inbuilt iOS Hotspot feature to share your iPhone’s cellular data connection to your other mobile devices. All you have to do is enable and set up a secure portable hotspot connection on your iPhone. Read on for more detailed instructions on how to get this done on the new 3rd generation special edition iPhone.

iOS 15 Personal Hotspot

Modern smartphones are already equipped with more advanced features that allow them to perform newfangled tasks. Among these is the ability to work as a portable router for mobile internet sharing. Such a feature is called mobile hotspot or personal hotspot in iOS devices.

With Personal Hotspot enabled, you can share your iPhone’s data connection with other nearby Wi-Fi enabled devices by tapping into a cellular network. So it’s like carrying around your own Wi-Fi base station in your pocket. 

When 4G networks arrived, mobile/personal hotspots became more popular with the improved network speeds that made them more efficient.

Connection to an iPhone Personal Hotspot can be done through a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connection. Devices that are connected to a Personal Hotspot will remain connected even when the screen is locked. 

All your other devices that are signed into your iCloud account will have internet access to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot without the need to enter the password.

And if you have Family Sharing enabled, you can also share your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot with other members.

Feel free to refer to the outlined steps below in case you need some input on how to use and manage Personal Hotspot connection on your new special edition iPhone.

Steps to Enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

Aside from data credit/subscription, sufficient power is also required to use a personal hotspot on your device. That said, your iPhone must be sufficiently charged. 

Also ensure that your iPhone has strong and stable network reception or cellular signal. This is a requisite to getting a good quality hotspot internet connection.

Once you’ve got everything set, follow these steps to activate and set up your iPhone’s personal hotspot connection.

Step 1: To get started, turn on Cellular Data on your iPhone by heading to Settings-> Cellular menu and then turn the Cellular Data switch ON.
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 DATA on
Step 2: After activating Cellular Data, go back to the Home screen and tap Settings then tap Personal Hotspot.
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Step 3: On the succeeding menu, tap to turn on the switch next Allow Others to Join. 
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 AOTJ
Step 4:  If prompted, select your preferred internet-sharing option. You may opt to set the connection to Wi-Fi and USB Only or Turn on Bluetooth if you’d like to share your iPhone’s data connection to your other devices over a Bluetooth connection..
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 EBT
Step 5: To make your portable hotspot secure, setting a password is recommended. To do so, tap Wi-Fi Password.
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 PW
Step 6: On the Password menu, delete the preset password, then type in the new password and tap Done to apply changes.
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 NEWPW

Connecting to iPhone SE 3 Hotspot

At this point, you should be all set to connect your other devices to the internet using your iPhone SE 3’s hotspot connection.

To connect to your iPhone’s Wi Fi hotspot via Wi-Fi, just select your iPhone’s name from the list of Wi-Fi networks from your other device’s Wi-Fi settings and then enter the Wi-Fi password when asked. Your iPhone’s name should appear among other available Wi Fi networks on your other device.
To connect via Bluetooth, just pair your iPhone with your other device(s). If prompted, enter the Bluetooth passcode then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to finish pairing your devices.
To connect via USB connection, just plug your device to your iPhone using a compatible USB cable and then select your iPhone from the list of network services in your other device’s settings.

Don’t forget to disable personal hotspot when you’re done using it to avoid incurring extra charges for exceeding your maximum data usage. 

To disable the feature, just head back to your iPhone Settings-> Personal Hotspot menu and then toggle to turn the switch next to Allow Others to Join.

Also don’t forget to turn off Cellular Data by heading to Settings-> Cellular menu and then toggle the Cellular Data switch OFF.

Alternatively, you can turn Personal Hotspot on or off straight from the control center of your iPhone SE 3.
enable personal hotspot iphone se3 CC

Just swipe your two fingers down from any Home screen to launch the control center and then tap on the Personal Hotspot icon on or off.

When the Personal Hotspot icon turns green, it means that the feature is enabled and hotspot connection is on. Otherwise, the icon appears in gray color.

And that’s how to set up and use Personal Hotspot on the Apple iPhone SE 3 (2022) device.

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