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How To Block A Number On iPhone X

Are you tired of receiving unwanted phone calls? You could have a friend or family member that you’re tired of calling you. Something could’ve happened between the two of you, but for some reason, they keep calling you, making your life miserable. Or, your phone number has been given to a bevy of marketers who

How To Screenshot On Mac

4K iMac

Taking screenshots can be a great way to show someone what you have been working on, get work done, or even showcases a particularly well-designed home page layout. Screenshots can also be valuable resources when it comes to instructions – as some prefer screenshots to full-on video instructions or more involved slideshows. If you want

Easy steps to free up storage space on your iPhone [tutorial]

Is your iPhone running low on storage space? Are you getting that annoying Storage almost full message? Now must be the right time to seriously consider clearing up some space. If you’re wondering where to start, this brief tutorial should help you do it. Before we proceed let us remind you that you can contact

Ten easy steps to prevent excessive iOS 11 battery drain [tutorial]

If there’s one smartphone woe that transcends brands and models, it’s battery drain issue. The problem is present in Android and iOS devices so today’s post addresses this problem. Specifically, we want to educated iOS users who may be having problems with their devices after installing iOS 11. Frankly, most of the reasons why battery