How to Uninstall/Delete an App on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through completely uninstalling an app and all its relevant information and data from an iPhone running on the latest iOS version. Here’s a quick guide to uninstall or delete an app on the iPhone 14 series.

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Time Needed : 4 minutes

There are two ways to delete an app from an iPhone. You can delete apps from the iPhone storage menu or straight from the Home screen using the quick in-app menu.

Depicted below is the actual process of carrying out both app deletion methods on the new iPhone 14 device. 
Feel free to refer to this guide whenever you need help deleting/uninstalling an app through the iOS settings.

  1. 1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app. Just navigate to the Home screen of your iPhone then tap on the Settings icon to launch the app.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 1

    You can also access the Settings app shortcut from the App library. It’s represented by the same gear-shaped icon as the one you see on the Home screen.

  2. 2. While in the main settings menu, scroll to find then tap General.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 2

    All inbuilt settings for general system management will load up on the next screen.

  3. 3. Tap iPhone Storage to proceed.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 3

    More details about the iPhone’s storage usage will then appear. Beneath the storage details is a list of all apps with their accumulated storage consumption.

  4. 4. Find then select the app that you’d like to uninstall or delete from your iPhone.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 4

    Just on the app’s name to access the App Info screen.

  5. 5. On the App Info screen, you’ll see two main commands namely Offload App and Delete App.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 5

    Tap Delete App to proceed with app deletion.

  6. 6. A pop-up message will appear beneath the display. Read the warning message to learn what happens when you trigger the Delete app command. Then, tap the Delete App button to confirm.

    uninstall delete app iphone14 6

    The selected app will then be deleted from the system including all of its documents and data. This action cannot be undone.

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Alternative Shortcut Method to Uninstall/Delete iPhone Apps

A shorter and quicker way to delete an app from an iPhone is to long-press (touch and hold) on the app’s icon from the Home screen. Performing this gesture will load up a quick menu that contains three main options including Remove App, Share App and Edit Home Screen. 

uninstall delete app iphone14 7
  • From the quick menu options, tap Remove App to continue. Another pop-up window will appear.
  • Read the pop-up message to learn what happens when you remove the app. If  you want to proceed, tap Delete App. A final warning will appear.
  • Review the warning prompt then tap Delete to confirm. The selected app will then be deleted and the app’s shortcut icon disappears from the Home screen. All relevant data and documents for that app will also be obliterated from the system and there’s no way to retrieve them.

In order to use the app and all its associated information again, you will need to redownload it from the App Store. Install the app on your iPhone then use it like it’s the first time.

Deleting and reinstalling an app is typically recommended when dealing with complex in-app errors that could not be remedied by an app refresh and iPhone restart.

Performance-related issues attributed to a corrupted app installation or software update can also be rectified by uninstalling and reinstalling problematic applications.

And that’s how you permanently delete or uninstall an app from an iPhone 14.

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