How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through limiting disturbances from unwanted calls and messages on the newest iPhone 14 smartphone. Here’s a quick guide to enable Do Not Disturb mode on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Activating the iOS Do Not Disturb Focus typically comes in handy whenever you don’t want to be disturbed at a certain time or day. All you have to do is set a schedule and adjust other Do Not Disturb options according to your needs.Depicted below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to access and manage the iPhone 14 Do Not Disturb Focus and configure the settings to make your device work or behave the way you wanted to at a certain time or day.Feel free to refer to these steps whenever you need help adjusting these settings on your new iPhone.

  1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings menu by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen or App library.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 1jpgThe settings icon is represented by a gear-shaped figure.

  2. While in the settings menu, scroll to find then tap Focus.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 2On the next screen, you will see different types of Focus added on your phone.

  3. Tap Do Not Disturb to continue.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 3The Do Not Disturb menu opens with different options and settings you can manage.

  4. Navigate to the Turn On Automatically section.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 4There, you will see Smart Activation as well as the previously added schedule.

  5. To automatically enable Do Not Disturb Focus at relevant times through the day based on your app usage, location and other signals, tap Smart Activation.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 5On the succeeding window, turn on the Smart Activation switch to enable the feature.

  6. To use a new schedule, tap Add Schedule then follow the next set of instructions to add a new schedule.

    enable do not disturb iphone14 6You can set your iPhone to automatically enable Do Not Disturb at a certain time, location or when using certain applications. Don’t forget to tap Done to apply and save all your recent changes.

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Do Not Disturb Focus Filters

You can also apply some filters to your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb focus. To do this, head back to the Do Not Disturb main menu then tap the option to Add Filter under Focus Filters.

On the Focus Filters screen, you can apply app filters to customize apps while on Do Not Disturb mode or use system filters to customize system settings including the system interface appearance and low power mode.

You can also customize screens like choose a lock screen or Home screen page to activate in order to limit distractions while Do Not Disturb is enabled.

Do Not Disturb notifications can also be reconfigured accordingly. You can silence or allow notifications from certain apps and incoming phone calls from selected contacts.

You may also opt to Allow Repeated Calls whenever a second call is made from the same person within three minutes. To do this, just turn on the switch next to Allow Repeated Calls under the Do Not Disturb Notifications menu.

Setting exceptions to allow calls from your favorite contacts is also possible. Just navigate to the Phone Calls section then tap Allow Calls From. On the pop-up window, choose which contacts to allow.

Other Notification Options that you can use for Do Not Disturb Focus include Show On Lock Screen to show silenced notifications on the lock screen instead of in Notification Center, Dim Lock Screen to darken the lock screen when DND Focus is on, and Hide Notification Badges to hide notification badges of silenced apps on your Home screen.

And that’s how to activate the iPhone 14 Do Not Disturb mode.

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