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10 Best Mouse for MacBook Pro in 2019

Getting a good mouse for the MacBook Pro is not an easy job. This is primarily because of the multiple design changes that each MacBook Pro iteration has undergone. For example, most new MacBook Pro models have only a few or no standard USB ports, with Apple leaning heavily towards USB C Thunderbolt ports. Fortunately,

9 Best MacBook Air External Hard Drive In 2019

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s cheaper solutions for laptops, and so, it’s base model comes with some pretty low storage space — a whole 128GB. Depending on what you’re doing with the laptop, apps, documents, emails. Photos, professional software, and more can eat that space up rather quickly. If you have a newer

How To Fix Error “Safari Cannot Open The Page” On macOS Catalina

How To Fix Error “Safari Cannot Open The Page” On macOS Catalina

Wayback year 2003,  Safari browser was first released to the public and since then it has become one of the favorite browsers of Apple users to date. With all the other browsers, Safari is also capable of incognito browsings, and opening multiple tabs.  Despite being the most used browser, it also has reports of issues

Why Mac Finder not Responding On macOS Catalina And How To Fix It

Why Mac Finder not Responding On macOS Catalina And How To Fix It

Mac Finder is your-to-go feature for file management and navigation on your Mac. the name speaks for itself, since its called the Finder which means it is used to help Mac users manage and find files that you need. Almost all Mac have Finder feature.  There have been reports of Finder not responding or unresponsive

Potential Solutions On How To Fix macOS Catalina From Overheating

How To Fix macOS Catalina From Overheating

There have been reports from Mac users that their Mac starts to overheat after upgrade to macOS Catalina. The risk of damaging the hardware components of your mac increases when it overheats. It can lead to damages that at times cannot be repaired with that  data losses can occur. Not only can it damage your

How to reconnect iMessage if it’s not working on your Apple Mac

This post tackles an issue affecting iMessage on a Mac computer after installing macOS Mojave update. If you’ve landed into this page while searching for possible solutions to the same problem on your Mac computer, then this post is for you. Highlighted below are suggested tweaks and possible solutions to post-update problems with iMessage. Read

Fix Handoff couldn’t be completed error on Mac running macOS Mojave

This post tackles a problem with Handoff on Mac. Read on to learn how to deal with the “handoff couldn’t be completed” error on your macOS Mojave device. Handoff is one of the key Continuity features of Apple devices. It allows you to send app’s data seamlessly between devices so you can pick it up

How to reset DNS or flush DNS on Apple Mac that runs on macOS Mojave

This short guide will walk you through resetting or flushing DNS settings on Mac with macOS Mojave operating system. This information is useful and can be considered among other possible solutions to Internet connection problems on your Mac, including those associated with slow browsing or intermittent Internet connection. Read on to learn more. What is

How To Fix Problems With Bluetooth On macOS Catalina

How To Fix Problems With Bluetooth On macOS Catalina

When Apple released the new macOS Catalina, most of the Apple users got so excited that they can’t wait to update to the new Catalina. Of course, everyone wants to try the new features and enhancements that macOS Catalina has to offer. There were many positive feedback regarding the new update, however it also had

How to fix battery draining problems on macOS Mojave

Battery draining issues not only affect mobile devices but also transpire among portable computers and underlying cause is either on the software or hardware. In early devices, battery draining is usually due to a depreciating battery performance while in new devices, software-related factors are usually the main culprits. Lined up below are recommended procedures to