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My MacBook Won’t Turn On. Here’s How To Fix It!

macbook won't turn on

Having a Macbook might be costly when compared to other laptop brands but it is also worth the price when you compare the specifications and benefit that you can get with it. But you might get disappointed when errors like a Macbook won’t turn on will show up after acquiring the device. It is really

My MacBook Air Won’t Turn On. Here’s How To Fix It!

macbook air won't turn on fixed

Having Macbook Air won’t turn on problem might be a devastating experience to most users. Every device nowadays like the Macbook Air seems to be not exempted from these kinds of problems. Just imagine if you have an important business or anything that needs your Macbook to fulfill and you won’t be able to do

My Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On. Here’s the Fix!

macbook pro won't turn on black screen

If you have a Macbook Pro won’t turn on issue, you might feel disappointed as it is a powerful device that is expected to provide quality service. But like any other gadgets, the Macbook Pro isn’t protected against random errors that will surface throughout its usage. And this is what happened to other Macbook pro

How to change Apple ID on Macbook [Starters Guide]

changing Apple ID on a Macbook - starters guide

While most usernames aren’t changeable, the Apple ID is. This means you can switch to other email address and set it as your new Apple ID account on your Apple devices. If you’re new to iOS or macOS platform and need some help changing the Apple ID information on your Macbook, I’ve created a simple

How to print screen on a Macbook [Starters Guide]

taking a screenshot on macbook - tutorials for mac starters

Need help taking a screenshot on your Macbook? If so, then this post is for you. Keep reading for more information. Visuals play a vital role in creating a more comprehensive and efficient tutorial. This is why many people would prefer referring from tutorials with screenshots than those delivered in pure texts. Most devices do

macOS Catalina Slow WiFi

macOS Catalina Slow WiFi

The new macOS Catalina offers a new look, new and improved features and performances as well. After updating to macOS Catalina, there have not been any complaints so far aside from experiencing a slow or unreliable Wifi connection. WiFi connection problem is evident in having difficulty connecting or loading browsers or unable to download apps

Easy Way On How To Fix Airpods Not Connecting To Mac

Easy Way On How To Fix Airpods Not Connecting To Mac

Apple Airpods is embedded with a wireless microchip so that you easily and quickly pair it with you iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac that are  linked to your iCloud Account. Aside from that, tiny speakers, batteries, sensors and microphone are also embedded inside that plastic white shell of each Airpods (For Left

10 Best Mouse for MacBook Pro in 2020

Monitor for MacBook Pro

Getting a good mouse for the MacBook Pro is not an easy job. This is primarily because of the multiple design changes that each MacBook Pro iteration has undergone. For example, most new MacBook Pro models have only a few or no standard USB ports, with Apple leaning heavily towards USB C Thunderbolt ports. Fortunately,

9 Best MacBook Air External Hard Drive In 2020

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s cheaper solutions for laptops, and so, it’s base model comes with some pretty low storage space — a whole 128GB. Depending on what you’re doing with the laptop, apps, documents, emails. Photos, professional software, and more can eat that space up rather quickly. If you have a newer

How To Fix Error “Safari Cannot Open The Page” On macOS Catalina

How To Fix Error “Safari Cannot Open The Page” On macOS Catalina

Wayback year 2003,  Safari browser was first released to the public and since then it has become one of the favorite browsers of Apple users to date. With all the other browsers, Safari is also capable of incognito browsings, and opening multiple tabs.  Despite being the most used browser, it also has reports of issues

Why Mac Finder not Responding On macOS Catalina And How To Fix It

Why Mac Finder not Responding On macOS Catalina And How To Fix It

Mac Finder is your-to-go feature for file management and navigation on your Mac. the name speaks for itself, since its called the Finder which means it is used to help Mac users manage and find files that you need. Almost all Mac have Finder feature.  There have been reports of Finder not responding or unresponsive