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How To Use The Voice Control Feature With macOS Catalina

How To Use The Voice Control Feature With macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina is finally here. It was released by Apple last October 07, 2019. It has new overwhelming features and app improvements. One of the key features with the new macOS Catalina is the Voice Control. The introduction of Voice Control in macOS Catalina is designed by Apple to help individuals who may

What’s New In Photo App With The New Update macOS Catalina

What’s New In Photo App With The New Update macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina comes with various new updates and app improvements. These improvements are highly helpful for those desktop programs we’re all used to. Though most of these updates and improvements are not only limited to macOS, if you’ve already update your Apple iPhone Os and iPad OS you can also enjoy most of

Sidecar Feature On macOS Catalina: How To Use iPad As Second Display

How To Use iPad As a Second Display On macOS Catalina

Apple has released the new macOS Catalina for Mac users last October 07,2019. The new macOS Catalina offers a wide variety of new apps and features as well as new improvements. One of the most exciting and interesting new features with macOS Catalina is Sidecar. It enables Mac users to use an iPad as a

How To Use Find My App On Mac With macOS Catalina

How To Use Find My App On Mac With macOS Catalina

Apple has released another breakthrough with the new feature, Find My. Although it’s not really a new feature, it is just a fusion between Find My Phone and Find My Friends. These two apps are merged together to form a single app called Find My. It is also a pre-installed app when updating to macOS

How To Use Screen Time Settings On macOS Catalina

How To Use Screen Time Settings On macOS Catalina

The Screen Time feature was introduced by Apple in iOS 12, and it garnered many positive feedback as its ability to monitor your child’s screen time usage on your device has been very helpful to all parents. Now with the release of macOS Catalina last October 07, 2019, Apple has again decided to offer Screen

Everything You Need To Know: macOS Catalina Music TV and Podcasts

Three All-New Apps With macOS Catalina: Apple Music, Apple TV, And Apple Podcasts

Apple has released a new OS for Mac, the macOS Catalina last October 7, 2019. In every update that Apple has launched and released there has always been quite a few changes and improvements offered for macOS users.  With the new macOS Catalina one of the improvements and changes that we have to look into

Fix Handoff couldn’t be completed error on Mac running macOS Mojave

This post tackles a problem with Handoff on Mac. Read on to learn how to deal with the “handoff couldn’t be completed” error on your macOS Mojave device. Handoff is one of the key Continuity features of Apple devices. It allows you to send app’s data seamlessly between devices so you can pick it up

Best DVD Ripper for Mac

Have you ever wondered how you can download your DVDs to your Mac computer? With a lot of software, it’s difficult to do. Almost any piece of software will let you, but more often than not, there’s a loss on video quality as well as audio clarity. For most people, the option would then be

How to share WiFi password from Mac to iPhone [Tutorials]

When the iOS 11 platform was rolled out by Apple, a new feature called Share Your WiFi was also introduced. This feature allows you to share the password of your WiFi network with another user of iOS 11 or later device as well as macOS High Sierra or later computers. Keep reading to learn how

How to fix battery draining problems on macOS Mojave

Battery draining issues not only affect mobile devices but also transpire among portable computers and underlying cause is either on the software or hardware. In early devices, battery draining is usually due to a depreciating battery performance while in new devices, software-related factors are usually the main culprits. Lined up below are recommended procedures to