How To Fix MacBook Air M1 Low Volume Issue

There are various factors that can cause the MacBook speakers to have a low volume. This could be due to the volume being set to low, or mute. It could also be caused by a system glitch or even a hardware issue. To fix this you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

The MacBook Air is one of the latest Apple products that uses the latest M1 chip. It’s faster than the previous generation model, more powerful, and has a much longer battery life. All this and still retaining its slim and light profile makes this model ideal for people students and professionals who constantly brings a laptop.

How can I make my MacBook Air M1 louder?

How can I make my MacBook Air M1 louder?

The MacBook Air is equipped with two internal speakers that produces a wide stereo sound volume and has support for Dolby Atmos playback. Some owners of this device though are having sound output issues with it. The speaker volume appears to be to low and the sound quality is not that good.

Here’s what you can do to fix the sound issues you are experiencing with your MacBook speakers.

Solution 1: Adjust the volume level

One of the common causes as to why the MacBook volume is low is because the volume slider is set to low. You should try to adjust the output volume slider to its maximum volume then check if this fixes the sound issue.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Adjust speaker sound volume

  1. Click on the Apple logo.

    This can be found on the upper left side of the top menu bar.Click on the Apple logo

  2. Click on System preferences.

    This will open the system preferences window.Click on System preferences

  3. Click Sound.

    This will open the sound settings of your MacBook.Click Sound

  4. Click the Output tab.

    This will allow you to adjust the output volume.Click the Output tab

  5. Make sure the balance slider is set in the middle.

    This will allow a uniform volume level for the left and right speakers.Make sure the balance slider is set in the middle

  6. Make sure the output volume slider is set to max.

    You can do this by dragging the slider all the way to the right which will increase volume.output volume slider is set to max

  7. Make sure that the Mute checkbox is unchecked.

    This will ensure that the sound output is active.Make sure that the Mute checkbox is unchecked

After making these adjustments try to check if the Mac speakers sound volume has improved.

Solution 2: Restart your MacBook Air

There’s a possibility that the problem is caused by a temporary software glitch. In order to fix this you just have to restart the laptop.

Turning off MacBook Air

Click the Apple logo.

Click Shut down,

Click Shut down again to confirm your action.

Once the laptop has fully shut down try turning it on again then check if the issue still occurs.

Solution 3: Check for software update

You should check if there are any available software updates for your MacBook as this will have several new features and bug fixes that could fix this sound problem that you are experiencing.

Updating MacBook Air software

Click the Apple logo.

Click System preferences.

Click Software update.

If a software update is available then I suggest that you download and install it. Once done try checking if the problem still occurs.

Other troubleshooting steps to consider

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can do in case you are experiencing sound issues on your MacBook.

Low volume on external speakers or headset

If you connected external speakers to your Mac and the volume is low then here’s what you can do.

Make sure that the speaker volume slider on your Mac is set to maximum level. You can press the Command key on the keyboard then repeatedly press the F12 key until the maximum volume is reached.

If your external speaker has a volume adjustment knob or button then make sure that it is set to maximum level.

Try connecting the external speaker to another device and check its sound volume.

Low volume on Bluetooth speakers or headset

If you are having a low sound volume when using Bluetooth speakers then here’s what you need to do.

Make sure that the Bluetooth speaker is near the MacBook when you are using it.

Try to forget the Bluetooth speaker on your MacBook then connect to it again.

If your Bluetooth speaker has its own volume control button then make sure to set it to maximum.

Contact Apple support

In case you have already performed all of the troubleshooting steps we have suggested and the issue still persists then this might already be caused by a hardware issue. You need you need to contact Apple support to have the sound issue fixed.

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