Apple iPhone 6 Plus Troubleshooting

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Internet & Network



Operating System


Calls & Texts

  • Cannot Send SMS
  • Cannot Send MMS
  • MMS Not Working
  • Cannot Make Phone Calls




  • Insufficient Memory Error; Unable to Install Update
  • How to View and Manage iPhone Storage
  • Free Up Storage on iPhone




14 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus Troubleshooting”

  1. MY I phone 6 stops talking in the middle of a conversation and I Have to call my party back

  2. MY I phone6 stops talking in the middle of a conversation and I have to call my party back

  3. When I am on a call and need to use numeric response , screen goes blank and am unable to respond. Speaker also will not respond. This just happened. What. An I do?

  4. My iphone 6 plus won’t turn on after charging all night. Instead the apple logo just flashes on the screen. Have tried holding the on/off button and the home button for ten seconds. No change. Not sure what else to do.

  5. My 6plus lost Verizon service yesterday. When the service came back up, my phone said it needed to be activated. I followed the prompts, and it kept going back to the activation screen. After about 4 attempts, I attempted to hard boot it….. my phone is now stuck with the apple logo on the screen. Won’t turn on, off, reboot or anything. When I try to connect to I tunes, it doesn’t recognize my device. What to do?????? I have tried to hold the home button/power button together to see if the recovery prompt comes up, and after 10 minutes holding both, still nothing.

  6. When plugged in to charge (various cables/sources) sometimes my phone will start making not connected sounds and the recharge icon on top right of screen flicks on and off…
    Is my battery going out ????

  7. My iPhone 6plus, suddenly has started flickering screen and asking password. I keep putting the password but the screen blacksout in seconds. Before I would scroll something the screen is gone and after few seconds returns asking for password and again the recurring keeps happening
    Please help,,,,,

  8. My iphone 6plus 128GB is having a problem. When i turn it on and use any apps but suddenly will just shut down automatically then just comes back or turned on right after. I really dont know whats goin on with my iphone. Pls help.

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