iPhone 6 Plus touchscreen not working due to "bendgate"

A couple of years ago, Apple was put on the defensive over the fact that the #iPhone6 can bend relatively easily (compared to the competition) and the issue quickly got a catchy name — Bendgate. While Apple did what it could regarding this issue, it’s really not clear how Apple determines if an iPhone 6 can be replaced after Visual Mechanical Inspection is done to it. Unfortunately, for those devices that failed Visual Mechanical Inspection , their owners will most likely shoulder the repair or replacement fees, just like what one user mentioned in this post will most likely experience.

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Problem: iPhone 6 Plus touchscreen stopped working after device was bent at the bottom

I have an iPhone 6 Plus. I few months ago I realised that sometimes the touch stopped working. However, when I use to restart the phone it used to start working. Now it has completely stopped working and I’m not able to use the phone it comes on. The home page is also there but I can’t put my password in or so anything and the touch does not work. I took it to Apple and they said the phone is bent (bottom right side is bent) and nothing can be done about and i have to get a new phone. Is there no way of fixing the phone. Thank you. — Sana1221

Solution: Hi Sana1221. Since Apple has already examined the phone and found out that chassis itself is out of shape, attempting a repair on your is basically pointless. A bent hardware means that the screen and/or digitizer must have been damaged. The bent part may have caused the screen assembly to stretch beyond tolerable limits of the device causing the digitizer to break.

Replacing the screen yourself may not work as well. Depending on how far the bending of the hardware is, you may or may not be able to properly set the replacement screen in. Yes, a bad digitizer problem like the one you’re having needs screen replacement. If you want to risk spending for parts and repair fee for an unguaranteed result, bring the phone to an independent service center and let them evaluate your chances of getting a fixed device.

We understand you may have heard of Bendgate problems with iPhone 6 devices before. While Apple did acknowledge that there’s a chance your iPhone 6 can bend if enough force is applied to it, their only response to the problem is replacement, as long as the affected device passes a visual inspection of course. If you’ve already consulted them about this and they recommended a new device, then you should do so.

Depending on the circumstances that caused your phone to bend, Apple may or may not replace the device for free. We really don’t have an updated information how Apple handles bent iPhone 6 at the time of this writing. Try calling their customer service hotline and see if you can’t let them replace the phone for free. They’ll most likely still advise you to go to the nearest Apple store so the phone can be physically checked so the outcome may still be the same for you. As far as fixing the damaged digitizer is concerned, you either have to repair the device or have it replaced.

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