iPhone 6+ won’t turn back on after LCD replacement, error 4013 when restoring, other issues

Welcome to another #iPhone6 article. As customary, we are here to bring you some of the reports we received about this device as well ways to fix each of them. Some of the issues here are common for iPhone 6 at this time so we hope that a lot of iOS users will find this material helpful.

Problem 1: iPhone 6 drains battery fast, turns off when opening camera app, overheating

Hey. I filled out one of these forms about a half hour ago saying my phone wouldn’t turn on, but it has turned on so yayyy, but I want to see what you think about these problems I’ve been having with my phone prior to today. I’m having some problems with my iPhone 6s 64gb. The home button is broken (which I was already intending to get fixed), but also I think there might be problems with the battery or something. Occasionally when the phone is below 50% on battery, sometimes even 65%, and I turn on the camera or even just a more complex app, the whole phone will shut off, and will say it’s out of battery if I try to turn it back on. Then I plug it in, and the battery will be around whatever % it was before it shut down.

Also, the phone has been getting hot. Even now it’s just sitting on my lap doing nothing and it’s warmer than my skin. Is this something that might be able to be fixed soonish, or would it be a better idea to just buy a new phone altogether? I will be leaving the country in a little less than two months and I really need to have a dependable phone to take with me. Thank you! — Braelynn

Solution: Hi Braelynn. Assuming your phone was never dropped or exposed to elements (water, heat, cold), the current situation you’re in right now is probably brought about by expected degradation from wear and tear. The broken Home button is not supposed to happen, even years after the iPhone 6 was first released but then again we don’t know about your usage habits. If that physical button does not work as expected, you need to have it replaced if you want to avoid problems related to it.

The battery drain issue, heating up, as well as the erratic battery behavior can be due to malfunctioning hardware or a software glitch. To see if it’s software related, here are the things that you must do:

Recalibrate your iPhone 6 battery

Battery recalibration is a necessary troubleshooting step if you observe unusual battery behavior. This will let you know if such behavior is due to an unknown operating system problem, or if it’s hardware related. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Drain the battery completely to 0%. This is done by using your phone normally, or by letting it run until the battery reaches its empty point. Your iPhone 6 should turn off by itself.
  2. Charge the phone until it reaches 100%. Once it’s fully charged, leave it connected to the charger for 1 more hour. Unplug the device after an hour.
  3. Use the phone as you normally would. This will allow the system to register the discharge rate when the phone is being used. If it takes you over 24 hours to fully drain the battery, then so be it. Again, just use the phone like you’re not troubleshooting. Let the battery reach 0% again, or until the phone turns off by itself.
  4. Do steps number 2 and 3. Be sure to leave the phone charged for at least 1 hour after it reached 100%.
  5. Observe the now recalibrated phone.

The steps above should retrain the operating system in how to detect the true battery levels. If there was an unknown software bug that caused it to lose accurate reading of battery level, it should be addressed by this troubleshooting step. If the problem remains though, proceed to the next step.

Restore your iPhone 6 to its defaults

Should battery recalibration won’t work, resetting your phone to its default settings should be the next logical step for you. This is usually the ultimate step that you can do at your level before sending the phone in to Apple or to any relevant party. Like battery recalibration, this step should fix a software problem is a bug has developed over time somehow. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Create a backup of your files. You can do that in a number of ways but the fastest and most effective way is by using iTunes in your PC or Mac. If you don’t want to create a back at all, you can simply erase everything on the phone by following the steps in this link.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the cable that came with your phone.
  3. We assume you remember your phone’s passcode so simply enter it when you’re prompted for it.
  4. Select your iPhone once iTunes asks you for the specific device.
  5. Once you’re in the Summary panel or screen, select the option that will restore your device (Restore [device]).
  6. Confirm by clicking on Restore button.
  7. Wait for a few moments while iTunes restores your device to its factory settings. It may also take some time if iTunes will need to install an updated operating system version.
  8. After this factory reset, all software settings should be restored to their defaults.

Contact Apple Support

If the issues won’t go away, even after fully restoring the device, the problem must be beyond your ability to fix. There must be a hardware problem behind all these issues so you want to let Apple take care of them. Repair will usually takes weeks to complete so if you think you’ll not get the phone in time before you travel, we recommend that you simply get a replacement phone. An iPhone with these issues can become totally unpredictable so you don’t want to rely on it when you’re on the road.

Problem 2: iPhone 6 keeps showing error 4013, stuck in Apple logo screen

I have an iPhone 6 that had a tiny crack at the bottom of the screen in the corner. It was not causing it to function badly; we were just upgrading my father-in-law’s iPhone 4s to a newer model. I picked the iPhone 6 up from the repair shop, it was still functioning. I plugged it into my vehicle with cord and it even played downloaded music in my car. It was charging as well for the next 20 minutes also. I went to the local AT&T store to get a new SIM for the iPhone 6, as the iPhone 4s is incompatible. The AT&T agent put the new SIM in, restarted the phone to activate new SIM, and attempted to turn it on. From this point on, only repeated Apple sign flash was all we got. I tried to update via iTunes in a restore mode, error 4005. I tried to do a full restore, error 4013. I tried this multiple times, to no avail! — Jessica

Solution: Hi Jessica. If you get error 4013 when trying to do a full restore, these are the steps that you should try:

  1. Prepare a computer and install the latest version of iTunes to it.
  2. Restart your iPhone 6 by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds. Wait until you see the Apple logo appear.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable that came with the device.
  4. Once iTunes prompts you what you want to do, click Update instead of Restore. This will force iTunes to reinstall the operating system.

Sometimes, an iPhone may reboot to Recovery mode and not to normal mode after iOS is updated. If that happens on your phone, you can then try to restore the phone again from a backup. If you haven’t created a backup yet for this device before it started acting up, you should contact Apple for more assistance.

Problem 3: iPhone 6 screen shattered, screen replacement pricing

July 4th, my phone was in my hand while walking in a crowd of people towards the pier. A guy was walking close to me and his hand bumped into my hand which made my phone swing forward out of my hand to the concrete. I picked up my phone. The bottom right side and top left of the screen is shattered but the left side is the only side of the screen that would not respond to touch/swipes but the right side would but yet the left looks less damaged . I’m not able to unlock my phone or call anyone. Is my LCD damaged? If so what is the price range for it to be fixed & am I able to go to any store or Apple is the top suggestion? — Rinastokess

Solution: Hi Rinastokess. An iPhone’s screen assembly is composed of three major components — the monitor/LCD, the digitizer, and flex cable. Since the left part of the screen no longer works as expected, it’s very likely that the digitizer, which is the component responsible for converting analog touch signals into digital signals, is broken. Usually, if the LCD is broken, the screen may show some abnormal colors of lines. We can’t say for sure which of these components are broken but Apple will most likely replace the entire screen assembly instead of a specific component.

As regards the repair pricing, exact cost can vary but this link from Apple may give you an idea.

Problem 4: iPhone 6S won’t power back on

I bought my iPhone 6S 64GB last year and suddenly yesterday it turned off by itself and i remembered that i charged it full before i left the house. At first, i heard some notifications. Then when i wanted to check my phone, the screen was totally black and i tried to press the wake/sleep button at the same time with home button for 20 seconds it won’t turn on. Then i charged for 15-20mins but still won’t turn on. Then i connected it to iTunes in my laptop and my phone didn’t appear on the iTunes and still won’t turn on up until today. Anything you can help before i ask someone to fix it. — Zainab

Solution: Hi Zainab. There’s only so much that you can do if your iPhone won’t turn on at all. Try using another known working iPhone charger and if that will help charge the phone. Sometimes, USB cables can go bad without any obvious reason to an end user so be sure to also try to get a new working USB cable to recharge the device. If you’ll get signs that the phone is charging, you can then try to boot the phone to Recovery mode so you can do further troubleshooting. Here’s how you force your iPhone 6 to restart and enter Recovery mode:

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously.
  2. Keep holding both buttons and do not release when the Apple logo appears.
  3. Wait for the Recovery mode screen to display and then release both buttons. Proceed to the next step.
  4. When you’re prompted with the options to restore or update, select Update to proceed. iTunes will then attempt to re-install the iOS without erasing your data.
  5. Wait for iTunes to finish downloading the software for your phone. This process could take over 15 minutes to complete. Your phone will then exit recovery mode. You may need to repeat a force restart on your iPhone and enter Recovery mode to restore your device via iTunes.

If the problem remains, contact Apple for assistance.

Problem 5: iPhone 6 screen remains black, won’t power on

This iPhone was my mother’s before it was mine, and was well taken care of. It stayed in a life proof case 90% of the time and even then, I can’t think of any instance in which it was exposed to water. About a month ago, an issue began where the screen would suddenly start to flicker black, and often go black entirely. The problem was solvable by pressing the lock button and then submitting my passcode again, then it would return to normal. Some days this would happen several times, others not at all. Recently, while camping, it did the flickering routine, but did not turn back on. no response when I plugged it in to charge, tried a hard reset, etc. put it in rice just in case it was somehow water damaged, but I am very sure it was never exposed to water. — Natasha

Solution: Hi Natasha. Aside from water exposure, accidentally dropping your phone can also result to hardware damage. If your was dropped prior to noticing the problem, it may have suffered damage, particularly the screen assembly. In this case, there’s no need to do any software troubleshooting. You won’t be able to fix a bad hardware with some software modifications anyway.

However, if you’re positive that the phone was never dropped, you may be able to fix it by forcing it to restart to recovery mode, then doing a full restore. Keep in mind that you only want to attempt to boot it to Recovery mode if the phone shows signs that it’s not totally off. Some of the signs that you should watch out should include the following:

  1. LED flashing
  2. vibration
  3. sound notifications
  4. ringing if you try to call your number

If the phone is totally dead and does not show any of the items above, try using another USB cable and charger and charge the phone in for at least 30 minutes. If it stays dead, contact Apple for support. Don’t waste your time looking for any more software tweaks. You can only do software troubleshooting if your phone is turned on in the first place.

Problem 6: iPhone 6+ won’t turn back on after LCD replacement

Hi people. I bought a LCD for my iPhone 6+. After doing all the work, my phone did not start at all and it did not show any light too. I tried my broken LCD. it also did not light or do anything. It seems like I have no battery to start the device so I plugged it over night and I still have the same problem. I also tried press and hold both the Sleep/Wake Button but it did not work. Finally, I opened my iPhone and unplugged and plug the battery cable but I still have the problem. I really hope you can help me. — Moh.alsadder

Hi. After cracking my iPhone 6 screen I decided to replace it myself following an online tutorial. The new screen seems to work fine however I am having issues with turning the phone on and unlocking it. It takes a lot longer to turn on and doesn’t show the Apple logo as the screen stays black. Also, whenever I press the home button or unlock button at the top right hand corner of the phone in order to unlock my phone it doesn’t turn on. I can see that it has responded to the touch as the black screen is somewhat illuminated but i have to press the unlock buttons 4/5 times before the unlock screen appears. I have opened the phone up again to make sure all the connections are in properly. Do you have any idea what I can do to fix this issue? Many thanks. — Shahan

Solution: Hi Moh.alsadder and Shahan. While do-it-yourself repair can sometimes be fun and cost-effective at the same time, it can also potentially worsen the problem if done by less experienced user. You must be aware of the risks involved, including the possibility of bricking your device for good. There’s a long list of things that you must check to isolate the cause of this problem and this article can’t cover all of them. We also don’t know what exactly you did and how you did everything so it’s very challenging to walk your through all the steps. Try to revisit some websites that provide good teardown guides like iFixit and see where you might have failed. If you can not retrace the steps and identify where the possible point of failure might lie right now, we suggest that you seek the help of a more experienced user to check the phone for you.

Problem 7: Can’t recover photos from iPhone 6 that won’t turn on

My phone screen went black this morning while I was using an app. It has occasionally turned back on after a reset. It does not come on every time after a reset. I tried to hook it to my computer to get my pictures off, but it is not being recognized by my computer. It is being recognized by iTunes, but it says I need an update. When I try to run the update it says an error has occurred. I can restore my phone as an option, but I need my pictures off of it first. How do I do that if it is not recognizing my phone?

Also why is my screen black, but occasionally comes on for a short time? I am not positive what operating system I am on, because I can not see my phone. — Renee

Solution: Hi Renee. You can only create a backup of your files to a second device like a computer if iTunes can detect it in the first place. If that doesn’t happen, you’re out of luck.

The black screen issue you’re having can be caused by a number of possible factors. In a lot of cases, bad hardware or an hardware malfunction can cause the screen to behave erratically. At times, a problematic app can also do it. We can’t pinpoint any specific iOS bug that can lead to a black screen issue you’re having but it’s not impossible. iOS is a complicated software and there are millions of things that can go wrong with the code. Knowing the exact cause of a problem like this is not only tricky, but is sometimes even impossible. The general rule in iOS troubleshooting though is this: if the usual dose of software troubleshooting like installing updates and full restore won’t work, then it must be hardware malfunction.

We know you’re in a difficult situation right now but if you want to fix the problem, you really have to do a full restore.

Problem 8: iPhone 6 buttons at the bottom right not working properly after screen repair

Hi. My daughter has an iPhone 6. She dropped it recently and shattered the screen. I paid to get the screen replaced. It worked fine despite not looking flush to the case. Through problem she is having now is she can’t her phone at all typing in her pass code. She can type it in then when it comes to pressing done the phone thinks she is pressing the back button or the m key. All the other keys she presses are correct just not the bottom right corner. Is this possibly a problem with the screen or something else. She has tried switching it off and back on and it’s still the same. Is there anything we could try to get it working properly? Thanks. — Donna        

Solution: Hi Donna. We suggest that you bring the phone back to the shop that fixed it so the repair can be checked. The reassembly may not be done properly, or the replacement screen itself is faulty. A technician must do a thorough check to ensure that the screen is replaced properly. The capacitive buttons at the bottom may also be wrongly placed during reassembly so they too need to be rechecked.

Problem 9: iPhone 6 won’t power on

iPhone 6s with physical damage, screen broken, and slightly bent across back in the area if sim card tray. Replaced screen, with out trouble, still won’t power on or anything. Is there a way to test or see if it’s got logic board damage or what the issue may be to repair? Have tried charging, hooking up to computer, and making sure all connectors a connected with no results of any kind. Any advice or help would be great. — Aftin

Solution: Hi Aftin. iPhone hardware diagnostics is complicated and requires that you do a set of logical troubleshooting in ruling out possible factor one at a time. There’s no official manual for iPhone 6 hardware troubleshooting though so if you want to take it yourself, we recommend that you visit other websites that handle such inquiry. Our blog does not provide hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics. We only provide user-level software troubleshooting like the ones detailed in this page.

Problem 10: iPhone 6 app (Active Portfolio) won’t load, keeps showing it’s stuck in “waiting” page

A variation on the app stuck “waiting.” The app is “Portfolio” or “Active Portfolio.” It appears they may have changed the name from the former to the latter – perhaps that is part of the problem.

Anyway, I have been using this app for over a year. it is has been stuck in ‘waiting’ for a couple of days.  Or sometimes, after a delay, it doesn’t say ‘waiting’ anymore, and shows the app name (Active Portfolio) like normal, except the icon is still grayed out.   I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve found on the web.  I tried rebooting the phone.  I tried deleting the app and redownloading it (it won’t let me delete it) – it asks me if I’m sure, and then does nothing when I click that I am.  I’ve hooked the iPhone  (6+) to my computer via cable, and tried updating it through iTunes.  I signed in and out of iTunes,  I changed my password on iTunes.  I tried on 4 different wifi networks.  I reset my phone and restored it from a backup.  The grayed out (or ‘waiting’) icon is still there.   The other weird thing – is that this app is not present in my list of apps on iTunes (under either its old or new name).  So I don’t know if that is part of the problem. So any suggestions? — Dvmadison

Solution: Hi Dvmadison. The best party that can help you fix these app-specific trouble is the developer itself. We are not familiar with this app nor do we have any knowledge how it’s coded. You must talk to its maker to get first hand, accurate troubleshooting suggestions.

As far as general device troubleshooting is concerned, you’ve already done it so the problem must either due to poor or inefficient coding, or some incompatibility issue with your device. If this app is being monitored by its developer and they’re welcoming of feedback from users, you may be able to get a solution from them relatively easily.