iPhone 6 Plus Screen Very Sensitive After Replacement

Welcome to another part of our #Apple #iPhone6Plus troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve the issues affecting this particular model that some of our readers are experiencing. For today’s guide we will tackle the iPhone 6 Plus screen very sensitive after replacement. One of our readers sent us this problem and is asking for suggestions on how to resolve the issue. We have analyzed the problem and have made our suggestion below.


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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Very Sensitive After Replacement

Problem: I recently replaced the screen/digitizer combo on my iPhone 6 Plus. Initially, we couldn’t get it to power on at all. Second attempt resulted in the speaker not working. Third try produced a bunch of lines in the screen that made it not work at all. Final attempt at reconnecting the 4 ribbon connections & everything seems to be working at first, but the screen is SO hypersensitive. Particularly in the bottom left hand area. Every now & then, the screen goes absolutely crazy & starts opening apps & calling people all on its own. I can also hover my finger over the screen (without making contact) & it’ll activate the buttons nearby. As you can imagine, texting is a nightmare. Any suggestions?

Solution: In this particular case I suggest opening the phone again then rechecking everything that has been done. Then there’s also the possibility that the screen/digitizer combo replacement may not be functioning properly so another one must be tried on your phone to check if this is the case.

What I suggest you should do is to backup your phone data then restore the phone as a new device. Once this is done do not install anything yet or restore the data. Check if the issue still remains.

If the problem still persists then I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked. I suggest you try the Apple Store so that you phone can be professionally repaired.

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