iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID stops working


Wondering why Touch ID function stops working on your #iPhone6, or looking for a solution to fix it? Our post today may point you to the right direction.

This article also addresses two power-related issues on an iPhone 6. below are the topics covered in this post:

  1. iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID stops working after screen was replaced
  2. iPhone 6 unable to go past the Apple logo screen
  3. iPhone 6 does not show correct battery status

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iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID stops working

Problem #1: iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID stops working after screen was replaced

Good Morning! Many months ago, my iPhone 6 Plus fell down, and consequently, the touchscreen was broken. I carried my phone to a local shop, where i was told that the reparation would cost 185 euros (more or less, 210 dollars). Since I did not want a 700 dollars useless phone, i accepted. Well, I received back my iPhone with a new screen, but the problems did not stop there. First, the home button´s Touch ID did not work. Afterwards, i was not able to upgrade the phone. I asked in the shop where I had repaired my phone and I received the answer that it was my fault, or even a Apple´ software´s fault. I asked at a official retailer and I was told that they wouldn´t repair my phone because the screen was not repaired at a official place.

So, I decided to send the phone to another no-official, although more specialized shop. After spending one month trying to fix my phone, the error persisted, and I was told that it was not repairable.

Therefore, I reported the shop where my screen was repaired (since I have read a lot of articles (at your site, for instance : https://www.ikream.com/troubleshooting-error-53-on-the-iphone-6-23300 where it is said that the error is caused by a “the technician may have accidentally damaged the cable”)). I was told by them that Apple says that it is a software error (I could not find that information). So, here comes my request: I will be eternally thanked if you send me a link where it is said that the error is caused by  the technician who repaired the phone (better if it is a Apple´s link) or you write a explanation where it is explained why the error is caused.

I have been two months finding a solution without success. So, please, I wouldn´t know how to thank you for the help.

I look forward your prompt reply. — Eneko (Spanish reader)

P.S.: excuse me for my English level.

Solution: Hi Eneko. First of all, your iPhone’s Touch ID feature is closely tied to the Home button assembly. If the technician replaced the Home button of your phone during repair, this might very well be the sole reason for the failure. Every Touch ID button is a unique component to an iPhone and is associated to certain chip. Making sure that each Touch ID is unique just like every fingerprint is necessary. This is achieved by combining advanced hardware and software technologies. Thus, if a Touch ID sensor fails to work, the issue may either be due to software or hardware.

Messing with or mixing parts like many technicians would like to do results badly for an iPhone. If you want your phone’s Touch ID to work, you have to go back to the technician who replaced the screen and ask him if he can restore the Home button  assembly (including the original Touch ID sensor) to your device. For more information about Apple’s Touch ID technology, you can visit this page.

If you think that the issue may be due to a software or firmware glitch, try to restore your device.

Note: Restoring the default settings of your iPhone will delete your personal data (photos, videos, contacts, etc) so make sure to back them up before proceeding. To restore your iPhone 6 Plus, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Go to and Tap Reset option.
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Tap Erase iPhone.
  • The process may take several minutes. You will know if the restoration is successful once the iOS Setup Assistant is displayed.

If there’s no software issue involved, there’s a chance that the flex cable that connects the Home button assembly to the logic board may have been torn, or not seated properly (assuming that the parts are working of course). Checking if the separate parts involved during the screen replacement process are working is another task that must be done of course.

More specific and detailed information about iPhone parts and the process of replacing them is proprietary so there’s not much online information to give to you. However, this iFixit teardown of an iPhone 6 Plus may give you an idea.

Problem #2: iPhone 6 unable to go past the Apple logo screen

Hi. My iPhone 6 is not charging when I am plugging to charge it. It shows iTunes logo and USB cable icon. After 20-30 min it restarts to Apple logo and again show the same iTunes and USB.

I am using original cable and charger which is working fine with my other Apple device.

When I connect to laptop it detects and try to install software but while restoring software again blink to red low battery and then iTunes logo and USB cable and not allow to factory reset.

Kindly suggest what can be issued recently. I have installed new LCD glass. After that also I was able to charge once. — Gaurav

Solution: Hi Gaurav. An issue like yours can be caused by firmware glitch, or a hardware malfunction. Try to force restart the iPhone. This simple procedure is often helpful on most software cases so it’s worth giving a try. To do it, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds. Once the Apple logo shows up, release the buttons.

If nothing changes after a force restart, the issue may be hardware-related. We really can’t know for sure what the problem is unless we can physically check it but since you had the screen replaced before, something must have gone wrong during the repair. You can either have the device rechecked by that shop that did the repair, or bring it to an Apple store. Since the phone has been tampered with, there’s a chance that Apple may not give you free service for the repair. It still is worth giving a try though.

Problem #3: iPhone 6 does not show correct battery status

Hi there. My issue with my new phone is that the power icon at the top right corner will sometimes not display the correct amount of power.

Eg: The second day I had the phone I was charging it using the iPhone cord I was sent with the phone and it wouldn’t power past 34%.

I tried for ages  until I finally turned it off and on again (husband in IT) and it showed 100% power.

And this morning I had been charging it all night and when I looked at it this morning it was only at 58%. But again when I switched it off and on it came up 100%. I’m just worried I might have a dud. Is this normal?

Also my phone ran out of power yesterday and instead of giving me a warning like my iPhone 5s did it just switched off.

Cheers. — Sally

Solution: Hi Sally. Just like the cases above, the reason for your issue can be software or hardware so your first task is to identify which is which. The best thing that you can do to make sure that there’s no software error involved is by restoring your phone to its original settings. Please follow the steps above on how to do this. Make sure to backup your data before you do it.

If the problems returns after restoration, that’s an indication that the problem is beyond you. While rare, a battery problem can cause an issue you describe here. Unfortunately, unlike Android phones, an iPhone does not have a removable battery so there’s no way for you to check if its functional (by replacing it).

A logic board problem or a failing component (whatever it is) can lead to all sorts of problems that may manifest to the problem you have here. Have the phone checked, or if still possible, replaced by Apple.