How to View Archived Gmail Messages on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

This post will walk you through finding and retrieving all archived (Gmail) emails on the 3rd generation special edition iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to access and view archived Gmail messages on iPhone SE 3 (2022).

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iOS 15.5 Gmail Archive

Organizing your mailbox is the key to easily find, view and respond to important emails on your device. That said, deleting scam/spam emails and moving related emails to a dedicated folder/label is recommended.

One way to declutter your inbox is to put some of the emails in the archive folder.

If you’re using Gmail as the primary mail app for your iPhone email processing, you can archive emails to remove them from your inbox without deleting them permanently. 

Archived emails on Gmail can easily be accessed via Search or All mail filtering.

If you’re new to the iOS platform and need some input on how to get this done on your new iPhone SE 3 (2022) smartphone, this post highlights a step by step walkthrough as follows.

Steps to View Archived Gmail Messages on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

Performing the following steps will take you to the iOS Gmail app settings menu where you can access the option to view all messages that were moved to the Archived folder.

These steps are also applicable when accessing the archive folder in Gmail on other iPhones and iPads that are running on the same iOS version with that of the iPhone SE 3.

Before you begin, verify and ensure that your iPhone is connected to the internet and that the internet connection is stable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to refresh your inbox. Also ensure that the correct Gmail account is set up on the phone.

Once everything is set, you may go ahead and proceed with these steps:

Step 1: To get started, tap the Gmail icon from the Home screen to open the Gmail app. You’ll be routed straight to your Gmail inbox.
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Step 2: While in your inbox, tap on the Menu icon (three short lines on the top-left side of the Inbox screen right before the Search bar. Doing so will launch the side menu containing a list of relevant features and Gmail options.
view archived emails on gmail iphone se3 2022 MENU
Step 3: Scroll to find and then tap All Mail. Tapping on this option will prompt Google’s email system to show all hidden messages including the ones that you’ve previously moved to the Archive folder.
view archived emails on gmail iphone se3 2022 ALL MAIL

Alternatively, you can use the inbuilt search command on the Gmail app to find an archived message.

Just be sure to type in the most relevant keyword, if not the exact subject of the archived email that you’d like to view. You can use the given conditions to filter the messages by date, attachment and/or other categories

view archived emails on gmail iphone se3 2022 SEARCH

By then you should be able to read and respond to any of your archived emails whenever needed.

  • To put all archived emails back to the Archived folder of the iOS Gmail application, just swipe right or left on the email preview that you’d like to move. 

Be sure to set the swipe actions to the default which is Archive beforehand. Otherwise, swiping left or right on the email preview will execute a different action such as Mark as read/unread or Delete, depending on the current swipe action selection.

  • To access and manage the swipe action on your iPhone’s Gmail app, you will need to access the Mail swipe actions from your Gmail account settings and then set the swipe action you’d like to use for left or right swipe.

For more detailed instructions on how to access and manage swipe actions on the iPhone SE 3 Gmail app, you can refer to a separate guide on this site. Just follow this link.

Another way to archive an email is to open the email message and then tap on the Archive icon on the top-right corner.

view archived emails on gmail iphone se3 2022 ARCHIVE ICON

Archived Messages vs Deleted Messages

Archiving is totally different from deleting emails in the sense that archived emails are still retrievable/accessible from your device whenever you wanted while deleted emails, particularly those that have been deleted after 30 days will not. 

Archived emails are just temporarily removed from the Inbox folder (mailbox) and transferred to a different storage called Archive. If you delete archived emails in Gmail, they will be moved straight to the Trash folder.

Deleted emails on the other hand are permanently removed from the Inbox folder and moved straight to trash. These emails will stay in the Trash folder for 30 days.

Deleted emails will then be deleted from the Trash folder permanently when you opted to do so or after the 30-day period. After that time, trashed emails will be permanently deleted from your account and can no longer be recovered.

And that’s all about finding and retrieving all archived Gmail messages on the 3rd generation iPhone SE (2022) device.

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