How to Manage Mail Swipe Options on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through altering the default action for left and right swipe in iOS 16 Mail app. Here’s a quick guide to manage Mail swipe options on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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When you swipe on an email preview from the mailbox, you’ll see different options that you can choose from such as Archive, Mark as read, and others. Any of these actions will be executed by the Mail app depending on your swipe options configuration.

If you’d like to change the default action for your iPhone 14’s Mail swipe options, just refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app menu. Just look for the gear-shaped icon from the Home screen and then tap on it to open the app.

    iphone14 mail swipe options1

    You can also tap on the gear-shaped icon from the App library of your iPhone. Either way will take you straight to the same iOS settings menu with all inbuilt iOS features and services.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find then tap Mail.

    iphone14 mail swipe options2

    Another menu launches with features and options that you can use to manage emails in the iOS Mail app.

  3. Navigate to the Message list section then tap Swipe Options.

    iphone14 mail swipe options3

    On the succeeding window, you will see the existing actions set for Left and Right swipe.

  4. To change the default action for left swipe, tap Swipe Left.

    iphone14 mail swipe options4

    Available actions for left swipe will load up on the next screen including Mark as Read, Flag, Move Message, and Archive.

  5. Tap to select your preferred action.

    iphone14 mail swipe options5

    The selected action will have a checkmark next to it.

  6. To manage the right swipe action, return to the Swipe Options menu then tap Swipe Right.

    iphone14 mail swipe options6

    The same menu opens with a list of all available actions you can choose from.

  7. Select your preferred action. To do so, simply tap on the action to mark it with a check.

    iphone14 mail swipe options7

    All recent changes will immediately take effect in the Mail app’s settings. Thus, your updated swipe options for swipe left and swipe right should now be applied.

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Should you wish to make new changes to either left or swipe action, just repeat the same steps to return to the Mail settings, particularly in the Swipe Options menu to choose your preferred action.

iOS 16 Mail Swipe Options

Swipe options allow you to create a shortcut for you to quickly access features such as Trash, Flag, and Archive when swiping an email preview to the left or right.

There is also an option for you to set where you’d like emails from blocked senders to go. Simply tap Blocked Sender Options under Threading then choose your preferred action. You may opt to Leave emails in the inbox or Move them to trash.

Messages from blocked senders are marked as blocked. Depending on your existing settings for Blocked Sender Options, these messages can remain in your inbox or automatically be moved to the Trash folder.

And that’s how you manage the default swipe options for the Mail app to execute whenever you swipe on an email from your inbox left or right.

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