How to Use Short Names for Contacts on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through assigning short names for the iPhone 14 contacts. Here’s a quick guide to use short names for contacts on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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Short names can be used as an alternative for contact’s full names, particularly those that are long enough to fit on screen.

If you’re new to iOS and wondering how to access and manage this feature on the latest iPhone 14 variants, then you may go ahead and refer to these outlined steps.

  1. First, navigate to your iPhone’s Home screen then tap the Settings icon. Just look for the gear-shaped image labeled with Settings.

    iphone14 short names1

    Alternatively, you can swipe right to the App library then tap on the gear icon to launch the iOS settings app menu.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find then tap Contacts.

    iphone14 short names2

    Doing so will launch the Contacts app menu with relevant inbuilt functions.

  3. Locate Short Name from the given options then tap on it to proceed. On the succeeding window, you will see the short name toggle along with all available short name options.

    iphone14 short names3

    Be sure to turn on the Short Name button if it isn’t. This is necessary so that your iPhone will be prompted to use short names for contacts.

  4. Choose any from the given options including First Name & Last Initial, First Initial & Last Name, First Name Only and Last Name Only. Just tap to mark your selection.

    iphone14 short names4

    The selected short name will then be marked with a check.

  5. If you want, you can also set the Contacts app to always use nicknames when available. To make this happen, simply tap to turn the Prefer Nicknames button on.

    iphone14 short names5

    This setting does not affect Chinese, Japanese and Korean names saved in your iPhone Contacts app menu then select the sorting feature that you’d like to use.

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Other Contacts Sorting Options

Aside from Short Name, you can also use other options to manage your iPhone contacts.  There’s an option for you to choose to sort your contacts like alphabetically by first name or last name. You can also set the app to show contacts’ first names before or after last names. Just repeat the same steps to head back to the Contacts 

The new changes you’ve made to your Contacts short name, display order and sort order will appear in iOS apps like Maile, Messages and Phone.

And that’s how to use short names for contacts on your iPhone 14 smartphone.

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