How to Reset all settings on iPhone SE 3 (2022)

This post highlights a step-by-step walkthrough to reset all settings on iPhone SE (2022). Read on if you need help restoring the default settings on your new special edition iPhone (3rd generation) without deleting any downloaded apps and saved files from the internal storage.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings featured

Need to return the default settings on your new iPhone without erasing your content? You can do this using the iOS 15 reset all settings command. Read on to learn how to get this done on the latest special edition iPhone.

iOS 15 Reset all settings Overview

Every iPhone has different reset options to choose from. Among the built-in system resets include reset network settings, reset all settings, Reset Keyboard Dictionary, Reset Home Screen Layout, Reset Location & Privacy and Factory data reset.

Depicted in this walkthrough is the option to reset all settings on the new iPhone SE 3 (2022).

As the name implies, the reset all settings option works by restoring some of your iPhone settings to factory default without affecting user data like downloaded apps and other information saved in the iPhone storage.

All your email accounts, saved email messages as well as SMS and MMS messages will remain intact.

Among the iPhone information that will be deleted after resetting all settings include all of your preferences for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb mode, general settings, sounds, notifications, wallpaper, privacy and screen brightness to name some.

This denotes the need for you to reconfigure each of the said features so they will work accordingly. 

Re-enabling iOS apps and services that are disabled by default likewise needed for you to use them again on your iPhone. Default apps must also be set like the first time as the previous data protocol settings for downloaded contents are likewise erased.

That said, expect that your iPhone will ask you to choose which from the available apps you’d like to use when opening a certain file type over the internet or other media sources.

Steps to Reset all settings on iPhone SE 3

In iOS 15 and later devices, a new iOS menu called Transfer or Reset iPhone is added. This is where the built-in reset options are placed.

Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to access this menu to trigger the iOS command to restore all system defaults without affecting any user data.

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon to launch the iOS Settings app.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings SETTINGS

Step 2: While in the Settings menu, find and then tap General.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings GENERAL

Step 3: On the succeeding window, scroll down and then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. 

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings TORI

Step 4: Tap Reset on the next screen to continue. A list system reset options will load up on the next display.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings RESET

Step 5: Tap Reset all settings to proceed. If prompted, enter your passcode to authorize reset settings initiation.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings RAS

Step 6: Read the quick details about what the reset does on the next pop-up screen and then tap Reset settings to confirm.

iPhone SE 3 reset all settings CONFIRM

The reset process only takes a few seconds to finish and then followed by an automatic system reboot. Just wait for your iPhone to finish rebooting and once it’s back up, you can start reconfiguring and re-enabling necessary features that you want to use. 

Note that all default options and values (factory settings) are restored so all features that are disabled by default require manual re-enabling.

The above steps are also applicable when restoring iOS default settings via resetting all settings on other iPhone models with the latest iOS version.

However, the actual interface of every device may slightly differ given that screens and menu items vary between device models and service providers.

Keeping the iPhone software updated is therefore recommended to ensure that all key features and menu options are present.

Reset all settings to fix iOS problems

This reset is often used when dealing with random system issues that makes certain iOS services or the iPhone itself dysfunctional. It’s usually recommended before doing a full system reset or factory reset.

Apparently, a factory reset will erase everything from the iPhone system and thus it’s usually considered as the last option when you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting methods to fix the system but to no avail. 

Other ways to erase iPhone and restore phone settings to factory default include a recovery mode and DFU mode restore. Both of these procedures require the use of iTunes to erase iPhone content and settings through a computer.

Among the common issues that are usually resolved by resetting all settings are performance-related issues transpiring from recent settings alterations, software updates and downloads.

And that’s all about restoring the default system settings using the built-in iOS reset all settings command on the latest Apple iPhone SE 3 device.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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