How to Reset All Settings on iPhone 14 Without Deleting Any User Data

Need to reset your new iPhone but don’t want to lose any of your saved information? This post will walk you through restoring default settings on an iPhone 14 without deleting any saved data and downloaded applications from the iPhone storage. Here’s a quick guide to reset all settings on Apple iPhone 14.

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iOS Reset Options

Every iPhone comes with many different features and most of them are designed to be customizable. This allows iPhone owners to make their devices more personalized. Aside from the Home screen, you can also change or adjust other settings on your iPhone including network configurations, location information, default apps and more.

And if by any chance your iPhone suddenly misbehaves after altering default settings, you can always go back to its previous settings using a built-in reset command called Reset All Settings.

When triggered, resetting all settings removes or restores all settings on your iPhone including network settings, location settings, keyboard dictionary, privacy settings and Apple Pay card information to their defaults.

Unlike a factory reset, resetting all settings does not delete any user data or media files that are stored in the iPhone storage.

If you’re new to iOS and need some input on how to access and trigger this reset command on your new iPhone 14, you can refer to these subsequent steps.

Steps to Reset All Settings on iPhone 14 without deleting any user data

Performing these steps will take you to the updated Reset menu on the latest iPhone series running on the latest iOS version and interface. 

If you’ve enabled Screen Time on your iPhone and set a dedicated passcode for it, be ready with that information because you will be asked to enter your Screen Time passcode along with the iPhone passcode later on.

Before you begin, make sure that your iPhone is sufficiently charged with at least 50 percent of battery life.

Once you’ve got everything ready, go ahead and proceed with these steps:

Step 1: To begin, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping on the Gear/Settings icon from the Home screen of your iPhone. You can also access the Settings icon from the Apps Library.
reset all settings on iphone14 settings
Step 2: While in the main settings menu, scroll to find then tap General. Another menu opens with in-built system management features.
reset all settings on iphone14 general
Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the list then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone from the given options.
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Step 4: On the succeeding window, you’ll see two main options beneath namely Reset and Erase all content and settings. Tap Reset to proceed.
reset all settings on iphone14 reset
Step 5: A list of different reset options will load up next. Tap Reset All Settings from the given options.
reset all settings on iphone14 ras
Step 6. If prompted, enter your iPhone passcode and Screen Time passcode (if you’ve set up one on your device).
reset all settings on iphone14 passcode
Step 7. Read the next warning prompt then tap Reset All Settings to continue. Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to finish resetting your iPhone.
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Do not do anything that could interrupt or interfere with the reset process. A failed or unfinished reset may result in some sort of data corruption or worse, system malfunction.

After the reset, default settings are reinstated. This denotes the need for you to reconfigure settings for your network, location, keyboard and privacy settings. Setting a default app to process specific file type or data protocol is also necessary.

You also need to re-enable necessary features that are disabled by default in order to use them again on your iPhone 14.

What if you Forgot your Screen Time Passcode?

You won’t be able to proceed or finish resetting all settings on your iPhone if you’re unable to provide the correct iPhone passcode or Screen Time passcode.

If by any chance you couldn’t remember the passcode you’ve set for screen time, you can reset it on your Mac computer.

To make this happen, you’ll need to secure a Mac computer that’s running on the updated macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later version.

  • To recover/reset Screen Time passcode on your Mac computer, just head over to the Apple menu-> System Preferences then click on Screen Time. On the succeeding menu, click the three-dot (Options) icon then click Change Passcode. Click Forgot Passcode then enter your Apple ID and password that’s used when you set up the Screen Time passcode. 

After entering the required Apple account credentials (Apple ID password), you will be asked to enter a new Screen Time passcode and then re-enter it to confirm.

Now that you’ve successfully reset your passcode, you can repeat the above steps to reset all settings on your iPhone 14. When you reach the screen where the phone asks for the Screen Time passcode, just type in the one that you recently generated on your Mac computer.

Be sure to take note of your Screen Time passcode so you won’t have to go through the above steps to recover or reset it.

Note that the Screen Time passcode is different from the device passcode that’s used to unlock it.

When to Factory Reset the iPhone?

Resetting all settings is often regarded among the potential solutions when dealing with various types of software-related issues affecting the iPhone’s overall performance.

If deleting all custom settings and restoring default iPhone settings fail to fix the problem, restoring to a factory settings reset (factory reset iPhone) can be considered as the last resort. Should you wish to proceed with this reset, be sure to back up all your important files beforehand so that you’d still be able to restore/recover them afterwards. You can back up files to your cloud account (iCloud storage) or to a secure iTunes directory/folder on your computer.

And that’s all about restoring default values, system settings and app preferences without removing any saved user information on the new iPhone 14 smartphone.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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