How to Add Email Attachments on iPhone 13 (iOS 15.2)

This post will walk you through embedding multimedia files and documents to an email message using the iOS 15 Mail app. Read on to learn how to add email attachments on iPhone 13 with the latest iOS version.

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New to iOS devices and need help attaching files to your first email created on the iPhone 13 mail app? More detailed instructions are outlined below.

iOS Email Attachments

Email attachments are basically files that are sent within an email message. These files include images (photos), videos, songs (audio), documents (texts) and zipped (compressed) folders.

The process of attaching files to an email varies between email platforms and devices in use. Nevertheless, the entire process is fairly simple.

The built-in email processing (Mail) app in iOS devices also supports email attachment and therefore lets you insert a photo, video, or document to an email.

These attachments can be viewed and managed on a computer or other smartphones. All you have to do is sign into your email account to access your inbox.

For starters who need some input on how to attach files to their emails created through the iPhone 13 mail app, I’ve mapped out a step-by-step guide as follows.

Easy Steps to Add Email Attachments on iPhone 13

Just like in webmail, attaching emails through the iOS mail app is fairly simple. And here’s how to do it on the iPhone 13 that’s running on the latest iOS version.


The fastest way to attach a file to an email is to touch and hold on the blank space in the message body to launch the quick menu options. Tap the Right arrow to then select the option to Attach file. Browse the desired file to attach, make necessary edits and then tap Send.

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The following steps depict the standard procedure.

Step 1: Open the Mail app to get started.
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Step 2: While on the Mail app screen, tap the Compose icon to create the email where you want to insert the file.
add email attachments iphone13 mail compose
Step 3: After creating the message body, tap the Back key (<) in the format bar above the keyboard.
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Step 5: Above the keyboard, tap the Attach Document File icon. Just look for a blank page/paper icon and then tap on it.
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Step 6: Locate the file that you’d like to attach. To view and access document files, just open the Files app on your iPhone and then browse the folder where the desired document is saved. Select the file to insert it into your email.
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Step 7: To attach a saved photo or video, open the Photo icon above the keyboard and then select the photo or video file that you want to insert to your email.

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Step 8: Once you’re done attaching files, review your message and then tap the Send (Arrow Up) icon on the top-right corner to send the email to the recipient.

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Attaching captured images, videos and scanned documents from your iPhone

Taking a photo or video to attach to an email is also possible. Just open the email where you want to insert the photo or video file and then tap the Arrow back (<) above the keyboard. Take a new photo or record a video with the iPhone camera app and then select the option to Use Photo or Use Video to insert it into your email. 

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A Retake option is also available in case you want to reshoot the photo or video.

Scanned documents on your iPhone can also be inserted into your email. To do this, open the email where you want the scanned document to be attached then tap the Arrow back (<) above the keyboard. 

Next, tap the Scanner icon above the keyboard then position your iPhone so that the document page shows up on the screen. Wait for your iPhone to automatically scan and capture the page or capture the page manually by tapping on the Circle icon or pressing either Volume button. 

add email attachments iphone13 mail scan

If necessary, you can turn the flash on by tapping on the flash icon for page visibility enhancements. 

Once you’re finished scanning the page(s), tap Save. After that, the scanned document is all set to be inserted into your email.

More Details about Email Attachments in iOS 

Attached photos or videos can also be saved to the built-in Photos app on your iPhone. 

  • To do so, simply touch and hold the photo or video and then tap the option to Save Image. 

Email attachments, particularly media files can also be edited using Markup. 

  • To do this, simply open the attached file and then use Markup to write or draw on the original photo, video or PDF file.

File Attachments Limit

The main downside of recent attachments is the fact that they’re limitless. The maximum file size for a single attachment limit is typically around 25MB. 

On an iOS device, the maximum size of file attachments you can download and upload is based on the attachment limit on the device and on the email service provider.

So far, there is no file size limit for the files to be uploaded and sent as attachments on an iPhone but the device does limit the types of files that you can send.

Given the fact that iPhones don’t have a disk mode, only apps that support emails can attach files to emails. And the only app that is capable of attaching images and videos to an email message is the Photos app.

For bigger file attachments, you can use Mail Drop instead. With Mail Drop, you can send an email with file attachments of up to 5 gigabytes. These attachments can be sent straight from the Mail app on your iOS device or Mac computer. Mail Drop is also supported in on Mac and PC.

Unable to Send an Email with Attachment?

Verify the file properties and make sure that the file you’re attempting to attach to your email doesn’t exceed the recipient’s email service provider’s attachment limit. Any attempt to send a file that’s larger than the recipient’s email attachment limit will not go through even if the file is way below your service provider’s attachment limit.

In this case, shrinking or compressing the file attachment can help. If you’re trying to send multiple files, you can split the files instead.

Also verify and ensure that a valid or correct email account of the recipient is entered.

And that’s all about attaching files to an email on an iPhone 13 running in iOS 15.2.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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