How to Hide IP Address on iPhone 13 Safari (iOS 15.2)

This post will walk you through hiding your IP address when browsing the Internet through the iPhone 13 Safari browser. Here’s how to hide IP address on iPhone 13 Safari in iOS 15.2.

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One way to prevent any online entities like hackers from illicitly tracking or accessing your devices is to keep the IP address hidden. If you’re wondering how to hide your IP address on the new iPhone 13 and prevent websites from tracking your location, you can refer to the outlined steps below. Just keep scrolling to view more detailed instructions.

What’s an IP Address?

Every device used for internet or network purposes has a unique address that serves as the primary identifier. This address is called IP (Internet Protocol) address — a string of numbers separated by periods. 

Technically, an IP address is a set of rules governing the format of data that’s sent via local or internet network. With this address, data transfers and communication between devices on a network is made possible mainly through the location information an IP address contains. 

IP addresses vary depending on the type of users like consumer, private or public.

With the ever growing number of cybercriminals nowadays, an IP address is already being utilized among other tools to pose security threats. 

As a matter of fact, several instances of hacking, social engineering and online stalking are carried out through the use of IP addresses. In short, someone can find you and illicitly expose your identity through your device’s IP address.

To prevent such exploits from occurring, recent browsers are likewise programmed to let users hide the IP address on their respective devices when needed. And the iOS Safari browser also has this feature.

To give you some input on how to hide the IP address on the iPhone 13 Safari browser, I’ve mapped out a step-by-step guide as follows.

Easy Steps to Hide IP Address on iPhone 13 Safari 

The following steps are also applicable when hiding the IP address in Safari on other iOS 15 or later devices.

Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and wireless service providers so the appearance of a device’s interface may also differ.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure your iPhone’s preloaded browser settings and hide IP address in Safari.

Step 1: Open the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
hide ip address iphone13 ios15 settings
Step 2: While on the Settings app menu, scroll to find and then tap Safari. Doing so will route you to the Safari settings menu with all relevant settings and features.
hide ip address iphone13 ios15 safari
Step 3: Find and then tap Hide IP Address from the given options.
hide ip address iphone13 ios15 hideipadd
Step 4: On the succeeding menu, tap to mark From Trackers instead of OFF.
hide ip address iphone13 ios15 hidefrmtrackers

With this option selected, online trackers are no longer able to view or access your iPhone’s IP address.

Should you find the need to make your IP address visible again, just head back to the same menu and set the Hide IP address value to OFF.

hide ip address iphone13 ios15 off

That should make your IP address reappear and become accessible to both online trackers and websites again.

But then again, don’t forget to hide it back for your safety.

Aside from hiding your iPhone’s IP addresses, turning on other privacy and security settings like preventing cross-site tracking (Prevent Cross-site tracking feature) and filtering location access on certain websites can also help keep you safe from online hackers.

hide ip address iphone13 ios15 preventcross site tracking

Hide IP Address with iOS Private Relay

The IP address on your iPhone can also be hidden using other built-in intelligent tracking prevention features including the new private relay feature in iOS.

Private Relay is an iOS feature that hides your IP address and browsing activity in Safari. Any unencrypted internet traffic will be protected so that no one including Apple can see both who you are and what sites you’re visiting.

To use this feature, simply head over to your iPhone Settings and tap on your Apple ID profile.

hide ip address iphone13 ios15 privaterelay

While on the Apple ID menu, tap iCloud. On the iCloud storage menu, scroll to find and tap Private Relay then turn on the Private Relay switch to make your internet activity private.

Being prudent and responsible when following links and browsing online contents is also a key to your online safety and privacy.

And that’s all about hiding your iPhone 13’s IP address through the built-in command in the iOS 15 Safari application.

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