How to Make your Number Private on iPhone

This post will walk you through configuring the iOS settings to not show your phone number when making phone calls on an iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to make your number private on iPhone.

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Show/Hide Caller ID feature

Caller ID is one of the in-built features of the iOS Phone application. When enabled, Caller ID renders a digital display of the phone number and name of an incoming call. The information that the caller ID shows is based on online databases that serve as a repository of caller identification before anyone picks up a call. Thus, when a call is made, the caller’s number is sent to the recipient device that also supports caller ID.

Generally, new iPhones have caller identification technology (caller ID) support. However, some carriers may have disable the feature and thus, it doesn’t show on the iPhone’s Phone menu.

While this may benefit many people who opted to know who’s calling them, it may likewise yield negative outputs especially when your phone number is exposed to some key punchers or scammers. This is when hiding your caller ID comes in handy.

Hiding your iPhone’s phone number can help you prevent getting any annoying spam calls and unwanted text messages.

If you don’t want others to see your number shown on their caller ID display whenever you place a call from your iPhone, then you can just disable the feature on your device beforehand.

To access and manage this phone setting, you will need to access the stock Phone app settings menu.

For iOS starters who need some input on how to access and manage this iPhone feature, the following steps will walk you through the entire process. Just keep reading for more detailed instructions.

Steps to Make your Number Private on iPhone

These steps are based on the interface of an iPhone SE 2022 (3rd generation) device. If you own another iPhone that runs on the latest iOS version, then this method is also applicable.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure your iOS device.

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Settings to launch the iOS settings menu. If you don’t see the settings icon from Home, navigate to the App Library then find the gear icon in any of the app categories.

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Step 2: While in the main Settings menu, scroll to find and then tap Phone. Doing so will launch the settings menu for the built-in phone application.

make number private on iphone PHONE

Step 3: To continue, tap Show My Caller ID and disable (TURN OFF) the switch to prompt the system to hide your phone number when making a phone call.

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make number private on iphone OFF

Disabling the Show My Caller ID feature on your iPhone will make your phone number appear private or restricted on the device that you’re calling to.

Other Ways to Make your iPhone Number Private

The above procedure makes your number unknown, private or restricted to every device that you’re placing a call to.

If you don’t want to hide your number when calling a specific person, then you can make use of the following alternative solutions.

Using Caller ID Block Code

Caller ID block code allows you to block your caller ID on a per-call basis. 

As the name suggests, it uses a special code to serve as a prefix to the number that you want to call.

If you’re living in the US, the caller ID block code is typically set to *67. If you’re living somewhere in Europe, the caller ID block code is typically set to #31#.

These codes may vary between carriers and countries so better have it confirmed online beforehand.

Once you’ve got the correct caller ID block code for your country and carrier, you can start placing an anonymous phone call to someone by dialing (block code) + (phone number to call).

For example, *67 1234567890 (within the US) or #31# 1234567890 (in certain European countries).

To make your caller ID enabled on other phone calls, just place the call like you normally do, without the caller block prefix code.

Permanently Disabling Caller ID

Some carriers may allow a subscriber’s request to disable caller ID at the account level. There may be some extra fees imposed so better verify it with your carrier before making such a request.

Disabling the Caller ID feature on the iPhone is not applicable when calling emergency services like 911. The same thing when calling customer support service departments for cable, internet and phone service provider. That said, your caller ID will still show when you place any of these types of calls using your iPhone.

And that’s how you make your phone number private and place anonymous phone calls on your iPhone.

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