How to Accept Cookies on iPhone

This post will walk you through allowing internet cookies for your iPhone’s online activities. Here’s a quick guide to accept cookies on iPhone based on the latest iOS version.

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iPhone Internet Cookies

Internet cookies or HTTP cookies refer to tiny bits of data generated by web servers every time a user browses a website. This data or browsing information will then be placed by the web browser on the user’s device so it will be used again the next time the user accesses the website. So it’s like saving your browsing data for websites to remember your associated online activities, browsing preferences and your device in use.

There are different types of cookies stored in the browser including persistent (first party) cookies, third-party cookies and session cookies.

Generally, internet cookies benefit both internet users and website developers. Nonetheless, doubts among internet users begin to sprout following the emergence of the so-called supercookies as some of these types of internet cookies embed new types of malware and computer viruses.

Supercookies are closely similar to the typical browser cookies but are way harder to detect, track and remove from the device’s system storage.

Steps to Accept Cookies on iPhone

The following steps will help you configure the iOS Safari browser settings to enable cookies when browsing the web on an iPhone.

The entire process is based on the user interface of an iPhone 13 running on the latest version of iOS and therefore can also be used when allowing cookies on other iPhone models with the same iOS version.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to manage your iPhone browser configuration.
Step 1: To begin, launch the iOS Settings menu. Just tap on the Gear icon from the Home screen or Apps Library to launch the app.
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Step 2: While in the main settings menu, scroll to find and then tap Safari. Doing so will launch the Safari app settings with relevant options for you to manage.
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Step 3: Scroll down to locate Block All Cookies from the given options and then tap to turn OFF the switch next to it.
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All cookies are now accepted whenever you browse websites on your iPhone using the preinstalled Safari browser application. Enabling cookies also enables all types of cookies collect information from your device whenever it goes online.

When to Accept Cookies?

Generally, cookies are essential components of the internet as they allow you to browse through various websites and use their features. With cookies, websites are able to offer essential online services including e-billing and online shopping.

One of the bases for accepting or denying cookies is the website’s credibility. If you think that you’re browsing through a trusted site, then you may grant that site your permission to use cookies based on your online activities. This can help the site gauge the effectiveness of ads and web searches and thereby enhance the products and services it offers.

But if you think the website that’s asking permission to use cookies from your device is not trustworthy, better deny it for your privacy and overall online security.

Denying cookies will prevent the website from tracking your online activity. The site will also not be able to save your login credentials that you use to access your online account.

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To deny all types of internet cookies (block cookies) on the iPhone Safari, just head back to the iOS browser settings and then enable the switch to Block All Cookies.

When to Delete Cookies?

Considering the benefits of giving users a more improved internet browsing experience, accepting cookies is recommended. But then again, it’s all up to you whether you allow or deny cookies.

Browsers including Apple’s very own Safari browser app on an iPhone also allow you to delete unwanted cookies that are piled up in the browser storage. So if you later on learned that the site you accept cookies from is untrustworthy, you can always delete them. 

To delete cookies from the iPhone Safari browser, just follow these steps:
  • First, launch the iOS settings app.
  • In the settings menu, scroll down and then tap Safari.
  • On the succeeding window, tap Advanced.
  • Then, tap Website Data to proceed.
  • To delete individual website cookies, just slide the cookies to the left and then tap Delete.
  • To delete all forms of internet cookies from the iPhone at once, just tap Remove All Website Data and then tap Remove Now on the pop-up to confirm.
accept cookies on iphone 13 DELETE COOKIES

All cookies that are currently stored on your iPhone will then be removed, allowing new cookies to be saved during the subsequent internet use.

Deleting internet cookies and other unnecessary internet data from the browser regularly, like once a month is also recommended.

And that’s all about allowing cookies on the Apple iPhone device.

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