How to Buy Kindle Books on iPhone

This post will walk you through purchasing Kindle books on the Apple iPhone devices. Here’s a quick guide to buy Kindle books on iPhone.

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eBooks are now becoming part of online literacy. In fact, people are now switching to reading eBooks on an electronic device like a computer or mobile device from the traditional (printed) books. With just a single device, you will be able to read multiple bulky books of your interest. That said, information is obtainable instantly without leaving your home. 

Books on Kindle

Kindle is a handy electronic device developed by the popular online retailer Amazon. It’s basically just another version of a tablet device based on an Android OS with a color touchscreen and basic features such as video and music streaming. It also has a small keyboard that lets you perform internet searches and other relatively simple web-oriented activities.

Overall, this device is mainly designed as an e-reader and therefore it’s principal purpose is for reading eBooks. 

In order to read eBooks on Kindle, you will need to download them first. It’s the same concept when reading eBooks on a smartphone or tablet. Some eBooks are downloaded for free while others, particularly full versions are obtainable for a one-time fee. 

You can also download eBooks to your Windows or Mac computer and then transfer them to the Kindle via USB connection.

Reading Kindle eBooks on iPhone

The iPhone is capable of running a wide variety of eBook apps including Kindle books on a Kindle app.

With a Kindle app, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle, allowing you to carry all your eBooks with you, anywhere you go. Typically, a Kindle app lets you read books you buy on Amazon as well as read and listen with audible narration. 

However, Amazon has clearly stated that both the Amazon app and iOS Kindle app no longer support in-app purchasing for Kindle books. This means that you cannot buy and download Kindle books straight through any of these apps. 

This leaves iPhone owners the option to use Safari or other web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others when procuring Kindle books on their iOS devices.

Steps to Buy Kindle Books on iPhone

Follow these steps to purchase Kindle eBooks using Safari or any other browser application on your iPhone.

Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the internet and that the internet connection is stable. 

Also note that purchasing Kindle books requires a registered Amazon account, so better have your account credentials ready. If you haven’t created an account yet, then you need to create one first.

Once you’ve got your Amazon account information ready, you may go ahead and proceed with these steps to make your very first Kindle eBooks purchase straight from your iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the Safari browser app to begin. You can use any other browser app you prefer.
buy kindle books on iphone BROWSER
Step 2: Next, navigate to
buy kindle books on iphone AMAZON
Step 3: If prompted, sign in to your Amazon account using your account credentials.
buy kindle books on iphone SIGN IN
Step 4: After successfully logging in to Amazon, navigate to the Kindle Store and start searching for the Kindle book title that you want to purchase.
buy kindle books on iphone KS

Just type the title that you’d like to buy and select the Kindle format.

buy kindle books on iphone TITLE
Step 5: Set up your preferred payment method to use then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to complete your Kindle book purchase.
buy kindle books on iphone PM

If prompted, you can set the “Deliver to” from the dropdown menu options to your iPhone. This is optional though because the book you’ll buy will be available on every Kindle app and device you’re using for as long as you’re logged into your Amazon account.

buy kindle books on iphone BN
Step 6: After making a purchase, open the Kindle app on your iPhone then go to the Library view. All your purchased books will be saved in the Kindle library.
buy kindle books on iphone KINDLE APP

If you’ve recently opened a book on your Kindle app, you need to close it first.

Step 7: Open the All tab to view all available books including the one that you recently purchased.

buy kindle books on iphone LIBRARY

Step 8: Tap on the book’s cover to download it to your iPhone. 

As soon as the download is finished, you should be all set to read the book straight through the iPhone using a Kindle app. If you haven’t already, you can download an iOS Kindle app from the App Store then install it on your phone. Be sure to set up the app using the same Amazon account information as the one you used for the Kindle books purchase.

A confirmation message saying that your purchase was successful will show up after clicking the Buy now button. This is an indication that the book you purchased has been added to your Kindle library.

By then you can read all your purchased books on your iPhone even when offline.

And that’s all about buying Kindle Books straight through an Apple iPhone device.

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