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What to do if Apple iPhone calls go straight to voicemail?

When your iPhone calls go straight to voicemail, it’s either because you’ve had configured your device to do so or something has triggered it to route all calls to voicemail even when they’re not supposed to. If you haven’t set your device to carry out such thing, then you’ve got a problem to solve. Lined

How to fix Apple iPhone No SIM error [Troubleshooting Guide]

The SIM card serves as the primary key to activate network services on your phone. This small chip or smart card is usually provided by your carrier and must be inserted into your phone in order to activate cellular-based services. Once the SIM card is inserted, it allows your phone to tap into your mobile

What to do if your Apple iPhone is stuck on headphone mode

If your iPhone is stuck on headphone mode, sound and audio functions are likewise affected and may not working as well. Thus, you’ve got a problem to fix. Majority of iPhones stuck on headphone mode are due to hardware damage. If this happens, your iPhone won’t be able to play sound as its audio functions

How to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on iPhone

The ‘iMessage waiting for activation’ error on your Apple iPhone could be just a result of a minor problem with the app you use or a sign of a firmware problem. Things like this can happen anytime and all you can do about it is troubleshoot your device to learn more about the problem and

How to Find My iPhone Online [Tutorials]

One of the key features that must be activated first on your phone is the Find My iPhone app. It’s a feature that helps you trace your iPhone when you couldn’t just find it. You wouldn’t know what could happen to your hefty smartphone later on so better be sure than sorry. This post demonstrates

What to do if your Apple iPhone won’t update [Troubleshooting Guide]

One way to make things work perfectly on your iPhone is to have an updated firmware so firmware updates should work without a hitch. However, we have received reports from users who said that their iPhones won’t update or failed to update. Installing an OTA update on an iPhone is as easy as making a

How to fix an Apple iPhone that won’t backup to iCloud

One of the reasons why iPhones don’t have expandable memory is because Apple wants its users to use the cloud for their files and data but what would happen if your iPhone won’t backup to iCloud? Such is the problem with some owners and while many have reported they were able to fix the problem,

Apple iPhone iMessage out of order. Here’s how to fix it.

Wondering why you have iPhone iMessage out of order? While this may not be a big deal to some people, it certainly denotes an error that needs correction. If you’ve landed into this page while searching for relevant solutions, then you should keep reading and get help. In this post will help you troubleshoot your

How to fix an Apple iPhone that won’t connect to WiFi

There are many reasons as to why your iPhone won’t connect to WiFi. The underlying cause can be software-related, if not, due to a damaged network component. Outlined below are recommended workarounds and potential solutions to a similar issue on an iPhone. You can use these methods to rule out software-related factors that might have

How to fix App Store not working on iPhone [Troubleshooting Guide]

Some iPhone owners complained about App Store not working on their devices. This kind of problem could be minor but there were cases in the past that suggest this could also be a serious firmware issue. The App Store is where you can download new apps for your Apple device either for free or via