How to Enable Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone 13 (iOS 15.2)

This post will help activate a built-in iOS feature that automatically limits audio level for hearing safety while using headphones on your iPhone 13. Read on to learn how to enable reduce loud sounds on iPhone 13 in iOS 15.2

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Based on prior studies, the risk of hearing loss is augmented when listening to something at 80 decibels or higher for over 40 hours in a weekly basis. On the other hand, listening to over 100 decibel even for just a few minutes on a weekly basis can already cause hearing damage.

In an attempt to prevent and/or address this concern, Apple integrates a contemporary health safety feature on their recent mobile devices including the latest iPhone 13 variants.

Keep reading if you need some input on how to benefit from this health safety feature on your new iOS smartphone.

iPhone 13 Reduce Loud Sounds

When Apple rolled out the iOS 13 last year, a new hearing feature was added in the Health app on various iOS devices. One of these features is designed to help users circumvent exposure to high sound levels when wearing headphones for a long period of time. That feature is called Reduce Loud Sounds.

To put more emphasis on the potential health risk from being exposed to high volume, the said feature is retained in the succeeding iOS versions 14 and15. That said, the recently rolled out iPhone 13 series also has it.

How to Reduce Loud Sounds feature work?

When enabled, this feature prompts a noise notification if the volume levels are too high for too long. More direct noise of the iPhone’s audio accessories are also cut down.

If you’re wondering how to activate and use this feature on your new iPhone 13, I’ve mapped out a step-by-step walkthrough as follows.

Easy Steps to Enable Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone 13

The following steps are also applicable when turning on the Reduce Loud Sounds feature on other iPhones that are running on the iOS 15.2 platform.

Actual interface may slightly differ between devices given that screens and menu items vary between wireless service providers and device models.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure your iPhone settings.

Step 1: First, open the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
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Step 2: While on the Settings menu, find then tap Sounds & Haptics. More built-in audio features will load up on the next screen.
enable iphone13 reduce loud sounds ios15 soundsnhaptics
Step 3: Scroll down to the Headphone Audio section and then tap Headphone Safety. On the Headphone Safety menu, you will see the Headphone Notifications and Reduce Loud Sounds toggles. 
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Step 4: To activate headphone audio limit, turn on the switch next to Reduce Loud Sounds.
enable iphone13 reduce loud sounds ios15 turnon
Step 5: To adjust or set your preferred decibel level, tap Reduce Loud Sounds to open the decibels slider. Simply drag the slider left or right to set a new decibel level that you’d like your device to use as reference.
enable iphone13 reduce loud sounds ios15 adjust decibels

The decibel range is between 75 and 100, where 75 is as loud as a vacuum cleaner and 100 as loud as an ambulance siren.

Opting for a lower maximum decibel level is recommended for hearing safety. However, this may likewise lessen the impact of a loud section in a certain piece of music or audio track. 

Based on the system’s audio analysis on the audio played through headphones, the iPhone can automatically lower the volume whenever the sounds are already beyond the specific decibel or volume level.

That then should prompt your iPhone to analyze headphone audio and reduce any sound that exceeds the specified decibel level.

Reduce loud sound can be activated when using AirPods, AirPods Pro and other supported headphone variants.

The accuracy of headphone measurements varies between the type of headphones in use. The audio played through other headphones can be estimated based on the volume of your iPhone. Apple or Beats headphones are by far found to be more accurate than other brands.

When to Turn Off Reduce Loud Sounds on your iPhone?

There will be certain instances when the need to disable the Reduce loud sounds feature on your iPhone should be considered. For example, when the audio or sound while using a certain app, headset, or Bluetooth audio accessory seems to be very low.

This is often deemed a potential solution especially if the low to no sound issue persists even after increasing the volume level through volume controls.

You can always re-enable the feature whenever you feel the need to keep your ears safe from potential hearing damage while using specific headphones with your iPhone.

And that’s all about activating the iPhone 13 Reduce Loud Sounds feature in iOS 15.2

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