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How To Install iOS 14 On iPhone XR Without Developer Account

install ios 14 on iphone xr

This post will show you how to Install iOS 14 Developer Beta on your iPhone XR or any iPhone for that matter. The steps are pretty easy to follow as we included screenshots, but it may take almost an hour before you can use your iPhone again. The iOS 14 Developer Beta is now available

How To Fix iPhone Battery Drain Issue After iOS 13.5 Update

iphone battery drain issue

Many owners claimed that shortly after updating their iPhones to iOS 13.5, their devices reportedly started to drain the battery quicker than before. The iPhone battery drain issue is not new but it seems like the new update made things worse.  In this post, I will guide you on what you should do to improve

How to Download and Install Firefox on MacBook

install firefox on macbook

Your MacBook already has a pre-installed web browser called Safari. While Apple did a good job in improving it, there are many of us who prefer to use other browsers. I personally am used to having Firefox on my computers so when I bought my MacBook, the first thing I did after the setup was

How To Change Your MacBook’s Name

change your macbook's name

When I first set up my MacBook Air and tried to AirDrop some files from my iPhone, it’s name was actually the first name I used when I signed up for an Apple ID. So I thought that’s the way it should be and that you could never change your MacBook’s name into something cool.

How To Delete iPad Albums And Pictures To Free Up Storage Space

delete ipad albums featured image

One way to free up some storage space on your iPad is to delete iPad albums but some users get confused, especially the ones who are new to Apple devices, because even after deleting some pictures, the storage is still the same. The thing is after you delete the pictures, you still have to do

My iPad Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi. Here’s The Fix!

ipad can't connect to wi-fi

Network issues occur every now and then. Even Apple devices succumb to these kinds or problems. That’s the case with some owners who reported that their iPad can’t connect to Wi-Fi network anymore after the recent iPadOS update. We would like to help our readers who contacted us regarding this problem. So, we outlined a

How To Reset Network Settings on iPad

reset network settings on ipad featured

To reset network settings on iPad means to bring all its network services back to their default values. It also means to delete all existing wireless connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. As an owner of a device like this, you should learn how to do this procedure as it may save you from a

How To Lock Notes on MacBook And Protect Them From Anyone

lock notes on macbook locked

Apple’s Notes app is one of the best ways to store information. Aside from the fact that it’s interface is quite simple and straightforward, it can cater to texts and media files. But for me, the most important thing is you’ll be able to lock notes on MacBook, so that others won’t be able to

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC

transfer photos from iphone to pc

To transfer photos from iPhone to PC is easy, despite the fact that some iPhone users have encountered issues while copying some pictures to their computer. Regardless of the system one is using, transferring files from mobile to a computer shouldn’t be that hard. Well, it’s really not. It’s just that most of us don’t

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To MacBook Using AirDrop

transfer photos from iphone to macbook select check mac

Transferring photos from an iPhone to a MacBook is a lot easier using AirDrop than any other methods. Apple did a great job in making sure that its devices can communicate properly with each other. In this post, I will be showing you how to transfer photos from iPhone to MacBook using Apple’s AirDrop service.

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse to iPhone with iOS 13

connect bluetooth mouse to iphone touch

When the iOS 13 update was rolled out, one of the features that many owners found useful is the ability to connect Bluetooth mouse to iPhone. The feature is actually an expansion of AssistiveTouch that many users have been enjoying, especially the ones who have encountered issues with the Home button. Since it’s the expansion