Apple iPhone SE 3 (2022) keeps lagging [Quick Solutions]

Is your new iPhone SE 3 performing very slow? This post highlights potential solutions to slow performance-related issues on the new special edition 3rd generation iPhone. Read on to learn what to do if your iPhone SE 3 (2022) keeps lagging.

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What makes an iPhone lag?

Slow performance issues in iOS devices are often due to some rogue apps, settings conflicts, faulty updates, memory problems, and data corruption. In some cases, an iPhone is slowing down due to hardware damage.

  • Rogue apps. Your iPhone may be performing slowly because a certain app is misbehaving. The culprit could be a downloaded or preloaded app.
  • Settings conflicts. When your iPhone slows down after altering some system settings. The recent changes made to the iOS settings might have inflicted some conflicts that result in system  instability.
  • Faulty updates. Some updates may contain unforeseen bugs that eventually ruined some apps or the entire system operation. Software update bugs are typically addressed by follow-up updates containing the required fix patch. In the case where an iOS bug is at fault, restoring the iPhone to a previous iOS backup will likely solve it unless Apple rolls out the required patch.
  • Memory problems. Any device with memory issues like when the storage is running low would normally slow down. This is a typical behavior among electronic devices including computers with low memory.
  • Data corruption. This is when you downloaded a file or app then it turned out to be broken due to erratic downloading. As a result the file/app gets corrupted. When this happens, there’s a good chance that the entire system gets affected especially when you attempt to load up the damaged file/app on your device.
  • Hardware damage. Lags can also be a direct indication that a faulty hardware is present on the device. This is usually the case if there were previous incidents of dropping or liquid exposure that eventually damaged your iPhone’s physical components.

Highlighted below are potential solutions to a relevant issue on the new 3rd generation special edition iPhone. You can try these methods before heading over to the nearest Apple Genius bar for iPhone repair.

Troubleshooting iPhone SE 3 (2022) keeps that keeps lagging

Performing the following solutions will help eliminate common factors that can slow down the iPhone system. These steps are deemed effective solutions to software-related performance issues including those that are attributed to internal storage.

Getting your iPhone back up and running fast and smoothly after applying these subsequent tweaks is highly attainable unless hardware damage is present.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to troubleshoot your iPhone SE 3.

Solution #1: End all background apps then restart iPhone.

If this is the first time you notice that your iPhone is slowing down, then it could be due to extensive CPU usage. This is usually what happens if you’ve previously opened or used multiple apps and you did not close them and let them stay in the background instead. 

While keeping apps in this state benefits in terms of multitasking, leaving them running in the background for too long may eventually cause conflicts to other apps and system services in use. 

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging endbgapps

Furthermore, the more apps are left running in the background, the busier the iPhone’s processor becomes. Eventually, the system slows down.
Thus, the first recommended solution is to terminate/end all background applications on your iPhone. 

Here’s how it’s done on the iPhone SE 3:
  • First, navigate to the Home screen and then quickly press the Home button at the bottom twice.
  • To continue, swipe the screen left or right to view the list of apps.
  • To force close or terminate an app, just touch and hold the app and then swipe it up and off the screen.

If terminating background/running apps doesn’t do any good and your iPhone is still performing very slow, give it a quick restart via soft reset.

Just follow these steps:
  • Press and hold the Side button on the top-right edge and then release when the Power off slider appears.
  • Drag the Power Off slider to the right. Doing so powers off the device.
  • After a few seconds, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

A soft reset/iPhone restart is also an effective way to clear out any errant residual data that are accumulated in the system cache. 

This process does not affect any user data from the internal memory so nothing will be deleted in the process.

Solution #2: Disable auto-downloads and automatic updates.

Other iPhone users would opt to keep automatic updates enabled to ensure that all their apps and services are updated with the latest fixes and features.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging DISABLE AUTO UPDATE

Although auto-updates are useful, they can also make your iPhone slow as the device installs every new software update available even while you’re using it. This therefore gives the processor more workloads to execute and complete. The same thing happens when automatic downloads are enabled.

Disabling automatic updates and downloads is therefore deemed another potential solution that you should try on.
  • To disable auto-updates and downloads on your iPhone SE 3, just head over to Settings-> App Store menu and then turn off the switch for Apps and App Updates. You can find this option under the Automatic Downloads section.

After turning off auto-updates and downloads, restart your iPhone and then see if it’s performing better already.

You can always turn automatic downloads back on when needed.

Solution #3: Install pending software updates.

Software updates rolled out by software developers aren’t only bringing in new features but also contain essential patches to get rid of any transpiring bugs that are making apps unstable. The same thing with iOS updates from Apple.

That being said, keeping apps and your iPhone’s software updated is highly recommended to ensure optimum system performance.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging UPDATE

Updates can be installed manually or automatically if automatic updates and downloads are enabled on the phone.

For new updates to be successfully and properly implemented, your device must have a stable internet connection and ample storage space.

If auto-updating is turned off on your iPhone, you can manually update your apps and iPhone system.
  • To manually check for new updates on the iPhone SE 3, just head over to Settings-> General Software Update menu. Wait for your iPhone to check for new updates. If available, tap Download and Install then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions.

After updating, restarting the phone is necessary to ensure all recent software changes and patches are properly implemented in the apps and iOS.

Solution #4: Optimize iPhone storage.

Many iPhone owners who experienced performance-related issues including lags found out that low memory is the underlying cause. While this seems a bizarre issue amone new devices, it’s very possible especially if you’re fond of downloading huge apps and multimedia files.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging STORAGE
Typically, your iPhone will notify you if its storage is already running low. But to make sure, you can do a manual storage check.
  • To check and manage storage on the iPhone SE 3, just go to Settings-> General-> iPhone Storage menu and then see a list of recommendations for optimizing your device’s storage.

You can refer to the actual details regarding the amount of storage utilized by individual apps to determine which from among your apps needs to be optimized.

Deleting old and unused apps and files is recommended to free up some space and give some for new content.

Solution #5: Reset all settings.

Performing resets is usually regarded among the last options when dealing with complex system issues that could not be remedied by prior solutions. The iPhone has different types of reset options that you can tap but the most relevant and applicable reset in this case is the option to reset all settings.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging RAS

As the name implies, this reset deletes all recent changes made to the iPhone system including default apps, customized networks and other relevant information without affecting any user data from the internal memory. 

That said, you can execute this reset even without creating backups of all your files. Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to proceed.
  • Go Settings-> General menu.
  • Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • On the next screen, tap Reset to continue.
  • Select Reset All Settings.
  • Read the reset details then tap Reset settings.
  • On the final warning prompt, tap Reset settings to confirm.
After the reset, your iPhone reboots on its own. As soon as it boots up, all default settings are restored to factory defaults. This means the need for you to re-enable features that are disabled by defaults so you can use them again on your phone.

Assigning default apps to process a certain file type or data protocol is also needed just like the first time you open a file.

Solution #6: Restore factory defaults (factory data reset).

A drastic solution to many iPhone issues attributed to fatal system errors that result in a sluggish system performance is a factory reset.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging FACTORY RESET

This reset will wipe everything from the iPhone system including stubborn bugs and malware that are causing system conflicts and make iOS apps and system services unstable.

Should you wish to proceed with this reset, be sure to back up all your important files beforehand. Failure to do so would result in permanent data loss.

There are two ways to factory reset an iPhone and that’s either through the settings menu or using iTunes on a computer.

If your iPhone is still able to respond properly, then you can do a factory reset through the settings menu. Here’s how it’s done:
  • Open the Settings app then go to General-> Transfer and Reset iPhone menu. Select Erase all Content and Settings from the given options then tap Continue on the succeeding window.
  • If prompted, enter your device PIN/passcode and/or Apple ID Password then tap Turn off.
  • Follow the reset of the onscreen prompts to wipe your iPhone and put everything back to factory defaults.
To factory reset unresponsive iPhones, you will need to do it with iTunes. This means the need for you to secure a Windows or Mac computer with the latest version of iTunes app or Finder.

Once you’ve secured the device, connect your iPhone to the computer using the Apple-supplied lightning cable, launch iTunes and Finder then start restoring your iPhone to factory defaults using the built-in commands.

Is your iPhone SE 3 still lagging?

Try to determine whether or not the problem is network-related. For instance, is your device slowing down only when browsing through the web or using internet-based apps? If that is so, then there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with slow internet instead of a sluggish operating system.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging BROWSER CAHCE

If the problem occurs when browsing the internet, clearing cache and cookies from the browser app can help. Browsers usually slow down when more cached and internet data have piled up.

Meanwhile, if the problem occurs only when using a specific application, offloading or reinstalling the problematic apps would often fix the problem.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging OFFLOADING

Another factor that you should consider ruling out are corrupted files stored on your iPhone including downloaded files like photos, videos, songs and documents. Consider deleting any of these files if your iPhone suddenly slows down after downloading them.

Resorting to some third-party iOS restore/repair apps can also be regarded among the last potential solutions to performance issues tied to system bugs.

fix iphone SE 3 2022 keeps lagging IOS REPAIR

There are plenty of iPhone repair software that you can use to rule out software-related bugs that makes the iOS slow down.

Hardware solutions

Consider taking your device to the nearest authorized Apple service center if you suspect that the slow performance issue you’re dealing with is hardware-related. This is highly recommended if your iPhone slows down after liquid exposure or dropping incidents.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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