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This post shows how to view the SIM number on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help finding your own phone number or SIM card number on your new iPhone without having to go through a long list of contacts.

iPhone SIM Number

So you just bought your new iPhone and installed a new SIM card in it but only to find out that you haven’t jot down the SIM number. While this may be a no-brainer task for iOS loyalists, this can be a bit of a challenge especially to those who just made a switch from Android to the iOS platform. 

This content is therefore created to help those who need some input on how to access this information on their newly procured iPhone.

The iPhone’s SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module card serves as the primary key to create a unique connection between your phone number and the device itself. This means that your iPhone will not be able to place or receive calls, send or receive texts, or access the internet via cellular connection without a SIM card installed in it.

Finding the SIM card number in both Android and iOS devices does not require removing the SIM card from the tray. All you have to do is to access the settings that stores and shows that information.

In iOS devices, the SIM number or phone number information is accessible from the Phone app settings. And here’s how to view your own phone number on your iPhone 12 smartphone.

Easy Steps to View SIM number on iPhone 12

The following steps depict the standard process of viewing the iPhone 12 SIM number. This method is also applicable when viewing the SIM number on other iPhones that are running the same iOS version with the iPhone 12. Actual menu and screens may vary between device models and carriers.

1. To get started, unlock your iPhone to access the Home screen. While on the Home screen, tap the Settings icon. Doing so will load up the main settings menu on the next display.

view SIM number iphone12 settings

2. From the settings menu, scroll down to locate and then tap Phone.

view SIM number iphone12 phone

Another window opens, prompting all relevant information.

3. To view or access your own phone number or SIM number, scroll down to My Number. 

view SIM number iphone12 mynumber

The phone number or SIM number is typically displayed next to that label.

4. To access and edit the information, tap on My Number.

view SIM number iphone12 tapmynum

On the next screen, the SIM number appears in editable mode. This means you can update or change it using the number or dial app. 

5. However, I strongly suggest not changing anything to avoid facing some issues or errors afterwards. You can always give your carrier a call in case you need to update your SIM or phone number.

view SIM number iphone12 back

That said, just leave the phone number as is and then tap the Back key on the upper-right corner to return to the previous menu.

And that’s how you access and view your own number or SIM number on the iPhone 12.

iPhone Error: SIM Number Not Available

If for some reason the SIM card number isn’t shown even with the SIM card inserted in the phone, removing and reinstalling the SIM card can help.

SIM card issues are typically rectified by this workaround. 

Before removing the SIM card, you will need to turn the phone off completely. 

Once the phone is turned off, use the SIM ejector tool to eject the tray and then remove the SIM card. Be sure to place it back in the slot properly. 

After securing the SIM card back in place, turn on your iPhone and then wait for it to re-establish connection to your cellular network.

Also be sure to keep your iPhone software update. Installing available carrier updates is also recommended. Updates released by carriers also embed some patches to fix existing bugs that made network-related features become erratic.

Seeking more help from your carrier or network service provider is also recommended, especially if the problem isn’t resolved on your end. You can request for a new SIM card replacement from your carrier, if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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