Tips and Tricks: How To Use Ultra Wide Camera On iPhone 11 Lineups

One of the most significant and noticeable addition with the iPhone 11 line up is having an Ultra Wide Angle Camera lens. It allows Apple users to capture an image with a much greater view without the need to add on an eternal lens. Since we all know that no matter what iPhone 11 lineup you have i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, their greatest upgrades are their cameras.  In terms of specs, all three latest iPhone have a 120-degree field of view with a 5-element lens and an aperture of f2.4.

So when to use the Ultra Wide Angle Camera does? Well since it is the starting point for capturing an image, switching to Ultra Wide Angle Camera captures outside the frame of that particular image. It is preferably used for a more scenic landscape view of a photo because of its 120-degree field of view to create a strong sense of scale and perspective of an image. Also, when you want to capture a photo with a large group but has limited view on the camera, switch to Ultra Wide Angle Camera instead to fit everyone in to be included on the shot. No one should be left out when capturing a photo with a large group. 

An important thing to remember though is that the Ultra wide camera on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max is does not have a built in OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer). It means that you must have a steady hand when you want to use the Ultra wide angle camera feature lens. With that in mind, you’ll get better results of the image that you want to capture. To add on, Night Mode feature on your camera will not work with the ultra camera lens of your iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Read on below to be able to know how to use Ultra wide camera on the latest iPhone 11 lineups.

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Step 1: Open the Camera App on your iPhone.

Step 2: To switch to the Ultra Wide Camera, tap on the “0.5” located just above the shutter button.

Step 3: Steadily hold your iPhone focusing on the subject

Step 4: Take a shot

Note: You can also press and hold the zoom button to manually dial in the length of the lenses

Using the Ultra Wide Angle Camera can be confusing and overwhelming at first, especially if you’re used to the usual camera lens of previous iPhone models but at time goes by, you’ll find it easier and appreciates it even more because of its output on the photo.

To get better results using the Ultra Wide Angle Camera on iPhone 11 lineups, keep in mind that you must have a clear and precise subject to take a shot at and keep your hands as steady as possible or better yet use a tripod for a more stable way of taking a shot. 

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