Solved Apple iPhone 7 Accessory May Not Be Supported Issue

The #Apple #iPhone 7 is a 2016 phone model that introduced several new changes to the iPhone design. The first thing that you will notice on this phone is that it no longer has a 3.5mm audio port. Some people don’t like this design change while other people liked it. The other changes that are not easily noticeable is that the phone does not use a mechanical home button ( which now minimizes the home button not working problems). The phone also has water resistance making it usable in wet conditions. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain accessory issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the iPhone 7 accessory may not be supported issue.

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iPhone 7 Accessory May Not Be Supported Issue

Problem: Iphone 7 has been suffering from charging issues. It started about a 2 months ago, and I would occasionally see the error pop up “This accessory may not be supported.” I don’t think twice – I was going to clean out that charge port and research some other articles and troubleshoots on the internet. I cleaned out the device using a very soft toothbrush (brand new). It was a very temporary fix, maybe in the next three time I tried to charge the phone, the same error came up…. I thought that maybe the error was due to unauthorized Apple products, and surely as I found it was the case and although I only buy MFI certified Apple products, it turns out that Apple does not directly agree or “authorize” these products… The Apple store said to use only what products they carry in their stores, so I got the cables and chargers that came with my IPhone 7. Tried those and still I got the same message. I wanted to be extra sure that there could not be ANYTHING wrong with my cables and chargers, so I tried everything we have around the house. That roughly 10 cables and 15 charges + whatever USB ports I could find – NOTHING. Every other phone or device around the house using a lightning port would charge with every permutation that I used. (I’ve grown very frustrated at this point) The Apple customer service ran some remote diagnostics on my phone and battery (I already did this on my own – everything looked great. The battery charge was draining as if it wasn’t charging even though it was on a charger). They ran their diagnosis and said that I could get a battery replacement for $29.99 plus tax, with my money back if it doesn’t work, but was then lead that would not likely solve the problem but would only replace the battery, not a solution to my charging issues. By the way, I had official Apple IPhone 7 battery case and was impressed that this was the concern but I’ve replaced it twice and both have the same effect. Oddly enough, the battery case when plugged in to the phone provides the lightning (charge icon) in the top right corner. I didn’t understand why it would say that but not charge though… so i did some research into how the lightning port and the corresponding pins worked. There’s a ground, 2 positive pins, 2 negative pins, and a power pin (if I understand correctly). This got me thinking that I could troubleshoot those individual pins and their connections being made with my phone. I plugged it to my computer with a OEM Apple lightning cable and it connected right into iTunes. I was impressed, until the phone quit charging after a couple of seconds. the computer was till making that connection in iTunes although the phone was not charging…

I was able to restore and backup my phone 2 times before connecting to the computer, and during this connection I even ran the restore through the computer and backed it up the same way.

My phone has completely discharged and recharged entirely after it died twice, but still only a temporary solution. I was told that this could be a IOS 11.3 update problem, but I have yet to hear or read of any one experiencing these problems. The only fixes I’ve seen are when you can clean the charge port and suddenly lint and debris come out and your phone acts like new. I took it to Apple twice and both technician gave me different answers – the latest diagnosis was to replace the battery for the $29.99 and asked if they replace the charge port (they wouldn’t do the charge port). the technician looked inside and said “everything looks alright, but that doesn’t always mean that it is.”

I feel like I’m a very tech savvy troubleshoot before diving into actually tearing the devices apart – I usually leave that up to the pros. I’ve exhausted what I believe is every possibility or permutation to my solution but with not avail. I now have a dead phone and am in desperate need of attention.

I’m looking for any feedback into finding a solution for this if it’s replacing the charge port or anything else that could help me. Also replacing the phone is a viable option but I did only buy this 14 months ago and still owe money on it. Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

Solution: It looks like the problem is already caused by a faulty charging port. If you have already made sure that the port is free from any dirt or debris and the issue still persists then having the charging port replaced is most likely going to fix the problem.


You can check out this guide on how to replace the charging port of your phone.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself then I suggest that you have the port replaced at a service center to fix an iPhone 7 accessory may not be supported issue.

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